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Yamaha YAS-82Z

Serial Number - 157xxx
I checked with Yamaha and they said it was
Manufactured in 2003

Sold - Feb. '08

This is a sweet professional Yamaha alto sax.
It has the G1 neck, hydroformed bell, annealed body, High F#, hand engraved bell, you-name-it.
(I neglected to photograph the G1 marking on the neck, but it is there.

This sax was owned by a young Madison tenor saxplayer who is now in NYC.
His primary instrument is a tenor and this was purchased as a supplemental horn for him.
He's looking to 'liquidate' this horn to aid his search for the "Perfect Tenor."

This horn was manufactured and purchased as a bare brass horn and is consequently not as shiny as a lacquered horn.
It is nonetheless painfully beautiful, truly a player's horn. No dents, no solder repairs, just a few scratches.

Keyed to High F#, this is a fully professional horn. Fast action, great tone, excellent ergonomics.
Here's Phil Woods playing one and giving a testimonial for the YAS-82Z.

It comes with the original case, also in fine used condition.
It is ready to go all the way...no looking back.

One local player says:
"Same as mine, the 82Z has got a good rep as a less expensive pro level horn. Nice patina! I'd almost think you could ask a few more bucks..."

A different local player, who is a pro and teacher, says:
"It's very much like my Mark VI. If anything, the intonation and response is more even. An excellent playing horn...a near-perfect horn which would be about the best choice for someone who can't shell out the $5,000-plus for a vintage Selmer."

You're going to be very hard-pressed to find a finer horn at a better price.
This horn is $800 cheaper than the $2795 price at www.wwbw.com [use the dialogue window to scroll down to the unlacquered version].

Here's new one for sale at USA Horn for $3350.

Here's a lacquered 82Z on eBay which appeared Friday.

Yamaha YAS-82Z


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