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Yamaha YAS-62
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 065053


I will go on record as saying that I don't know when this horn was made.
It is however in great cosmetic and mechanical shape.
Great tone...strong and rich and vibrant.

I've replaced a couple of pads and adjusted the horn so it is in excellent playing condition.
The pads are in good condition and you should get many years of service from them. I guess it depends on how much you play.
Lacquer is at 98.75%....excellent condition.
Plays great...feel good under the hands.

This is being sold by a Univ. of Wisc. student from overseas who is returning home.
He has more than one horn and just can't take them all on the airplane with him.

I found only two small things to detract from the horn.
The is a solder blemish at the bottom of the rib where the right hand side keys posts are. Is that confusing? I took three photos:
The guy selling it didn't even notice it...but I did.
The key post right above the solder blemish is one of the two posts that hold the low D# and low C keys.
The keys seal fine, I can't find a problem. I am calling it cosmetic.

The other problem is that the neck octave key saddle has been dented slightly into the neck.
HERE is a picture of that.
Not all that easy to see and I can't tell the difference when playing it, but...if you are like me...one of the first questions I ask when buying a sax is: "How's the neck? Any dents or is it bent down?"
As a consequence, I will offer as an option a Yamaha G-1 neck with this horn.
HERE it is. These sell new at WWBW for $259
I am selling it for $199 seperately.
But if you buy it with this YAS-62, I will let it go for $150.
That's $1799 + $150 = $1949 for this YAS-62 plus the G-1 neck.

Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Sax


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