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Yamaha YAS62
1993 Purple Logo
Pro Alto Sax

Serial Number 020373A
Dated by Yamaha people as made in 1993 and assembled in the U.S.

SOLD - October 2010

It might sound trite, but this is a player's horn. That is an overused phrase, but the horn plays very well and easily...very responsive.
It is the sort of horn that a professional might well select to play.

This YAS-62 horn was probably one of the last few made before they "watered down" the 62s because the 875 Customs were coming out.
This was their top model at the time, replaced later by the 62-II.
All this info was confirmed by the Yamaha people.

The play-action is very Mark VI-like.

Recent overhaul with plastic dome resos. The pads look great...the owner says it has had very little playing time since the overhaul.
Original lacquer, original neck, no pull-down.
This is one of the red (brown, maroon) label horns that many pros prefer over the
Below are two mp3 sound bites of the Yamaha playing, recorded by the owner. The first is classical. The second is jazz.

I wasn't satisfied with the sound recording quality, so here is a new sound sample (click the "Play" button) of this horn, recorded June 21, 2010:

It also has a custom-made extension of the left-hand thumbrest (looks like teak, solid wood).
I and others who have played the horn consider it an improvement -- easy to remove, though.

The pics show that this horn has been played, it has scratches, the bell may have been worked on (possibly trued bell-to-body brace resoldered).
The horn shows no signs of trauma though.

The neck is original and shows no signs of pulldown or other abuse.

This horn comes with the SKB case pictured.
This is a pro-level horn in excellent playing condition, with no pad work worries for years to come and that will hold its value... and is suitable for classical as well as jazz...

Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax


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