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Yamaha YAS34II
'Allegro' Alto Sax

Serial Number 018xxx


This is a fine, clean intermediate Alto Sax, at a price just a little more than that at which I sell student saxes.

Not exactly sure where this falls in Yamaha's line-up of models.

One guy said: "It falls in between the 475 intermediate models and the pro 62s sharing features of both."

Another guy said: "The Allegro was the replacement for the 52 but has been replaced by the 475."

Another guy: "The only difference between this model and a YAS-62 (besides the engraving) is plastic touch points instead of mother of pearl"

This has a high F# key, left-hand pinkie has the tilting tableau for the bell keys.
Full complement of adjustment screws.
The great ergonomics and intonation for which Yamaha is world-reknowned.

I took off all the keys and cleaned them and washed the body.
The last 9 photos are of the horn taken apart.

This sax doesn't have much play time on it...it's in great shape.
The pads are in very good shape. I swapped out just one, the low D#/Eb.
It has some light scratches, mainly on the bell and bow.
It has one 'ding' in the bell lip of which I tried taking 3 or 4 photos.

I know a fellow, a music major, who used one of these Allegros all through UW, and he still uses it, playing gigs around town. It is a fine sax.

If taken care of, this sax will retain its value very well.

Yamaha YAS34II


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