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Yanagisawa "Whitehall"
Soprano Sax

Serial Number - 10753187
I take it that the 3rd and 4th digits, "75" means it was made in 1975.

SOLD - OCT. 2009

This is a vintage, handmade Yanagisaw Bb Soprano Saxophone with fantastic tone/timbre.

The serial number is 10753187, which I think indicates 1975, but I am just working from memory.
These sopranos were modeled after the Mark VI soprano.
But nowadays, Taiwan is copying the Yanagisawa horns.
Some small lacquer blemishes and playwear, but not much at all for a 30+ year old sax.
I would put the lacquer at 95% or better, but I hate putting a number on it.
Seems like this soprano was not played much.
The pads are in great shape and they have seamless domed metal resonators.
Adjustment screws on the F#-G#-Bb bridge.
Double C key on upper stack for improved upper register intonation.
Hand-engraved bell.
New neck cork.
This horn is in original condition with no sign of damage or repair.
These were exacting copies of the Selmer Mk VI but many people considered the Yani to be the better sax.
Yani Workmanship is of the highest quality.
Many of the keys have the final 3 digits of the serial number engraved on them, like the G# Key.

This horn has a lively, powerful, full-bodied sound.
Easy to play...this soprano is one of the most fun to play I have ever tried.
Pads, felts, corks are all in great shape.

This Yani is being sold to finance an Eb soprano clarinet.

It comes with the original black hard case with hot orange-red plush interior, in very good condition, with good clasps, hinges and handles.
I can throw in a Selmer C* mouthpiece if it is purchased before my birthday, Oct. 20.

Swing by and test-play this horn today. You'll be hard-pressed to find as good a soprano sax at this price.
Since this is a consignment sale, this is being sold No Return, No Refund unless the buyer negotiates a trial period ahead of time. Thank you.

"Whitehall" Soprano Sax


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