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Share workspace/Storefront?

May 2007 - I am dying to move into a storefront near here...lord knows there are a fair number of spaces that come open here on Atwood.
My workshop is currently about 21 x 23 feet…a little under 500 s.f.
Maybe a nice little storefront with display windows and display space in the front and room for my workshop in the back.
I'm getting closer to being financially able to do this.

It would be cool to share the space with someone…not necessarily having to do with musical instruments, could be a bike shop or bookstore or ….. ?

If someone else is looking to share space in the area, feel free to contact me.

Contact Info:

2209 R Atwood Ave.

Madison, WI 53704

In the rear of the building housing Tex Tubb's Taco Palace. Use the service door in the rear of the Taco Palace, or, if the door is locked, there is a doorbell even further back, in the parking lot by the bike rack.

608-279-9744 - Please call to make sure I am there and you don't waste a trip..

E-mail: doctorsax@charter.net

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