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Vox Tenor Saxophone
Made by Beaugnier in France

Serial Number 19529

SOLD - SEPT. 2009

Does it go without saying that I have been wanting to get my mitts on a "Vox" sax for some time now?
Well, lo and behold, one was delivered, unbidden, to my door, like a bolt from the blue, just a couple of weeks ago.

I really had no idea what the Vox sax was all about until I saw that the case was badged "Vox Ampliphonics".

Vox Ampliphonics is perhaps best known for providing equipment to the Beatles.
You can google information on Vox Ampliphonics like THIS or THIS

All of a sudden it made total sense that the neck of this "Vox" is fitted with a port for an electronic pickup or mike.
It could be wired to a Vox Ampliphonic "Multi-Voice" or "Octa-Voice". I see 4 or 5 of those units for sale on eBay right now.

So, the sax itself was made by Beaugnier in France as a 'stencil' for Vox Ampliphonics.
Not sure if LeBlanc put the name on the sax and was selling a 'Vox' electric sax or whether Vox Ampliphonics was.
Beaugnier made saxophones for Noblet, LeBlanc, Vito, etc. and these horns have a deservedly good reputation.
This particular Vox sax also has the word "Duke" engraved down by the serial number. So I assume that it is in most, if not in all, respects the same as the Vito "Duke Jazz" sax, also know as the Model 39. with more details on the Model 39: HERE

There weren't a whole lot of these horns made and only a small fraction of those were stenciled "Vox".

This original lacquer horn is in great shape.
The engraving is somewhat reserved, but quite distinguished.
The pick-up port is filled or plugged and may have to be drilled out if you intend to use it.
One foot (the lower foot, closer to the bow) of the clothing guard was dented into the body and clumsily soldered to the body. I removed that foot, raised the dent, resoldered it and spot lacquered it. The screw holding that end of the pants guard is oversized, so evidently the screw thread in the post was retapped at a larger size and a replacement screw was fitted.
The guard strip on the bottom of the bow is slightly flattened on the bottom.
The lacquer is "bruised" on the bell near where it joins to the bow where a dent was lifted.
There was also a dent removed from the side of the neck, not far from the octave pip.
Beaugnier horns of this vintage have cunning little adjustment arms for the low C# and G#, but I did not successfully get a good picture of them.
The horn has screw-in adjustment felts on the low Bb, B, C and D# keyguards
The linkage between the low Bb and B is down at the keypans with an arm running from the low Bb keypan to the B keypan, instead of up at the fingertouches, sort of like a Selmer Super Balanced Action, except the Vox has an adjustment screw in the arm.
The lefthand pinkie cluster is compact and precise...elegant enough to have earned a place in my Keycluster Gallery The pads are in good playable condition...I think all of the pads have flat metal resos, the bulk of which are oversized, except the High F which looks like a new plastic reso pad had been put in before I got it. I believe these horns came from the factory with oversized flat metal resonators.
I replaced several corks to get it into regulation.

This consignment horn is, of necessity, sold as a no return, no refund transaction.
Local players are welcome to come in and test-play it.

Vox Tenor Sax


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