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Vito VSP Alto Sax

(Customer horn - Not For Sale)

The pictures are below.
After you click on the thumbnail, you might have to click on the picture itself to get it expanded to all its glory.
I did not take these pictures, though I wish I could say I had.

The owner acquired the following information about this horn:
It was made by Yanagisawa in April 1980, and its model number was A-600. Only fifty A-600s were ever made.
I have never seen a reference to that model ever before (probably not surprisingly!)
It goes on to say that it is a standard model like A-901. Only the material of G key bar is different and is made with German Silver but not brass. (I think that reference is to highlight that A901 is the basic model currently, rather than suggest any other association with the A901 which did not appear 'til the 1990s).

Vito VSP Alto Sax


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