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Vito Tenor Sax s/n 18504

Engraved "Special" and "Duke"


This is a French-made Vito Tenor saxophone. It is a very well made horn. It is stamped "Special" on the bell. The back side has the serial number, 18504, and is also stamped "Duke". Fancy engraving all along the bell down to the bow. It has right hand bell keys. It has an unusual bell design that curves up slightly to the right.

The Low B and Bb are linked at the keypans, down by the toneholes, not at the fingertouches like most saxes. There is a "finger" that is permanantly attached to the Bb key and runs to the B with an adjustment screw on the B.
Kinda reminds me of a Selmer BA or SBA in that respect. That makes sense because this was LeBlanc's answer to the Selmer horns.

These tenors are extremely popular with players looking to achieve a 'French' sound without paying 'French' prices.

Vito Tenor - Duke Special


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