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Vito Tenor Sax
(Yamaha YTS-21 Stencil)

Serial Number 010723


This is a clean, good-playing student tenor.

It has some interesting Yamaha innovations for the day.

It was missing the left-hand thumbrest, so I have added, free of charge, a polymer faux tiger-eye oval thumbrest.
I make these thumbrests myself. They are shaped like the traditional Vito oval thumbrests. The polymer is the consistency of hard rubber...fairly stiff, but with a little forgiveness. The surface is less slippery than the hard plastic Vito or Yamaha thumbrests. And it is a very attractive faux tiger-eye material. You won't find these anywhere else unless someone starts copying me!

The right-hand thumbhook has a soft rubber cover.
The nickel-plating on the keys and keyguards is very nice.
I put in 4 new pads...used the Yamaha/Selmer domed brown plastic pads to match the existing pads.
The neck is in very good physical shape. The lacquer color looks lighter than the rest of the body, so it may not be original to the horn, but it does look like a Yamaha neck, so it is likely a replacement neck that is newer than the horn. I'd consider that a plus...especially compared to an old beat up neck.
There is a fair amount of scratches on the body of the horn, especially around the neckstrap ring. Please everybody, when you get a new horn, don't use a neckstrap with a metal hook!
There's been dentwork done on the horn, most notably at the bow.

The sax comes with a nice, blue case, that I assume to be original to the horn.
The case has two stickers on it.
One sticker is Boy Scout sticker. I assume that means the prior owner was a boy scout.
The other sticker is a bratwurst sticker. I assume that means the boy scout owner was a Wisconsin native.

Vito (Yamaha) Tenor


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