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Vito Tenor Sax

Serial Number 000954


This low serial number Vito Tenor has a lot of Yamaha (Japan) features, more specifically, YTS-21 features.
The keyguards with geometrical cutouts (even if they are shaped like "V's" for Vito), the side low F#, the side Bb and C key linkages, etc.

But the oval left-hand thumbrest and the bell engraving say "Kenosha".

And nowhere on the horn does it say "Made in Japan".
Consequently I am guessing it is made in the US out of Japanese parts.

The stack keys have adjustment screws, the lower stack linkage to the G# and Bb have corked adjustment screws, and the keyguard bumper felts are adjustable (push through). Oh yeah, and a bodacious adjustable right-hand thumbhook.
Also note that the Bb pushes down on the B, not only at the fingertouches, but also at a linkage between the keys at the keypans as well.

This sax is in good playing condition. I replaced the three palm key pads and the low C# pad. I also did a lot of key leveling and regulation, etc.

The body tube, having the lefthand bellkeys, may be from Kenosha. Hard to say.

There are some dents in the bow, but the guard on the bottom of the bow retains it's original geometry which is an indication the bow is still nice and round.
The bottom post of the low C# has been resoldered...appears nice and solid, but there is lacquer loss.
There are a couple slight dings in the neck.
On of the posts holding the pants guard is gone, but the guard is included. The horn plays fine without it. You can pay me to fabricate a post if you want. Also, the nickel-plating on the keys is a little cloudy, I can polish that up. I already polished the keys that I had off to repad.
The back rim of the bell was bent down. I bent it back up but there are still ripples and the lacquer is gone there now from the stress.

The case is orginal, pretty solid but the lining is raggedy in a couple of spots.
Maybe I shouldn't list this stuff out...makes it sound worse than it is.

As usual, I've tried to document it all with the pictures below. I enjoy taking the pictures, but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to look through them all.
Enh...I guess if I was going to plunk down my hard-earned dollars I would take the time.

The bottomost picture is that of a local saxplayer who borrowed this Vito for a gig while I worked on his 10M.
He said it worked great.

Vito Tenor Sax


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