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Vito SPECIAL Alto Sax

S/N 200xx (Doctor Sax stock #1047)

Lots of pictures, check 'em out below

Genuine French-made alto!

The cognoscenti of the Beaugnier atelier output are keen after these Vitos with the right-hand bellkeys.
They are most highly prized for a unique ‘French’ sound.
This original lacquer, French-made Vito SPECIAL has a serial number of 200xx.
If you can tell me when it was made, I will add the info to the Vito Serial number reference I have been working on.

Here are some of the highlights of this sax:

  • The B and Bb keys are linked together at the keypans instead of up on the ‘pinkie plateau’
  • Adjustable bumper felts on the low Bb, B, C and D# keys
  • Pivoting F#-G# Adjustment arm
  • Adjustable linkage between G# lever and G# key
  • Adjustable linkage between C# lever and C# key
  • Side Bb and C keys have forked linkage

Distinguished from earlier Beaugnier output in that this Special has:

  • Oval G# keytouch instead of the more triangular earlier keytouch that persisted into the Kenosha-assembled horns
  • Oval plastic thumbrest…I’ve seen them in white and black…this one being white
  • No G# articulation selector lever
On the negative side:
  • There is a shallow dent and some ripples in bow (see pictures)
  • Bell brace was resoldered by someone. The bodyside foot of the bellbrace has solder showing under it.
  • Lacquer loss around engraving, on some keytouches and elsewhere
  • Scratches under thumbhook and elsewhere

All new pads with flat metal resonators for good projection. New felts and corks.
All the keyguards are in place. None of the guards or keyposts are dented into the body.
Regulated and adjusted...ready to play.

Comes with neck, neckplug and case.
Case exterior edging is coming loose from wear.
Latches latch securely. Case hinges, feet and handle in good shape.
Red interior plush padding is stained, but nothing gross.


  Tell me again why you are renting an instrument?

The fellow that bought this sax (Rob Fleming) says:
"The Vito Special is winning the day..... I've been using it for the college jazz band, Pops band and Swing Band lead alto positions for the past two weeks and it just sounds better than my other sax. Don't get me wrong, my other sax is a beautiful sax with excellent performance characteristics, including ergos, but the tone is the thing. To the trained ear the Vito's tone has more color, an elusive quality difficult to describe, but I'll bet harmonics has a lot to do with it.
I'm keeping my other horn, but the Vito Special, followed by the Vito Model 35 that you're restoring for me, probably will be my primary alto."

Vito Special Alto Sax


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