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Vito French Soprano

The engraving and the appearance of this horn is superb.
The key action is fluid and very positive. My hands are big and I didn't have that cramped feeling that I sometimes get on a soprano.

Sorry, this horn has been sold to a devotee of French Vitos!

Original Lacquer I looked long and hard at the engraving and I don't see any signs that the horn has been buffed, which is usually the easiest way to tell whether it has been relacquered.  And, I don't see any lacquer drips or runs.  It does look like there may be some lacquer on the pads.... the pad leather has a shiny look as though lacquer got on them.  If I look real close, it looks like the keys that are normally open at rest have lacquer on the entire pad, while keys that are closed have lacquer just on the part of the pad that is exposed while closed.  The flat metal resonators on this horn look really large too...like resonators I have seen on horns from France. Sometimes they do the final engraving to the horn after the keys are on and then spray a final coat of lacquer on it.  Could these be the original pads , put on in France? Hard to believe, but if so, they are in great shape.

This horn could use some fine regulation to optimize the key action. But even as is, it plays easily from top to bottom. It would make sense that this horn may have been stored for a long time without being played...it looks as though it has very little wear...as though it hasn't accumulated the innumerable little bumps and nicks that a horn being played every day inevitably gets.

Most of the corks, perhaps with the sole exception of the neck cork, are well-formed and clean-looking as though new. Neck cork looks as though it has had use.

 The only damage I can find to this horn is that the bell flare took a knock on one side and is flattened.  As you might suspect, it rocks if you sit it bell down on a flat surface. I don't think it has any acoustical impact and really, a minimal aesthetic impact. I took some pictures of the bell, but you can't really see what I am talking about. If time permits, I will try taking more pictures (but don't hold your breath). You can request pictures if you want. Speaking of pictures, in some of the pictures the mother of pearl key touchs looks like flat white plastic...that is not true, in person they appear to be normal mother of pearl.

The case is in great shape too.

Vito French Soprano


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