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Vito Model 35
Alto Saxophone

In addition to regular fingerings, this sax has alternative LeBlanc Rationale fingerings.

Serial Number 486A


This may be your only chance to get a great-playing Model 35 priced under $500.
You can play this sax just like any other sax, but it DOES have additional alternative fingerings if you see fit to use them.
The only thing truly non-standard in regards to fingering is that the high F# is up by the left-hand palm keys.
Here's a manual in PDF format, detailing the fingerings.
If you're anything like me, you'll have to print it out to be able to read it.
This sax adheres more closely to the Boehm-based keyhole layout...that's why the G# is moved around back...to allow for the toneholes to be more accurately placed for the instrument to play in tune.
This sax also has a forked Eb key to give you choice of playing D#/Eb with either your righthand pinkie or the middle finger of your right hand.

I did a fairly major 'play condition' on this horn and it is now playing well.
Playtesting it with a variety mouthpieces, I really liked the Runyon Model 22 "6" mouthpiece on this horn, using a fairly soft (2.5)Superial DC reed.
With this setup, it spoke clearly and precisely, and with good authority.

As mentioned, the G# tonehole is on the back of this horn. If I have some downtime I may augment the G# keyguard with a design I came up with several months ago, and add $50 to the price of the horn.

"Professional" horn?
This horn was designed by LeBlanc - Vito as a professional horn.
Keyed to high F# before it was common, great intonation, the option of alternative fingerings to tackle tough passages.

There has been some dentwork to the bow.
There was a small crease in the neck that I largely got out.

I am not sure about what sort of case to put this in...so be aware...as it stands, it has no case!

Vito Model 35 Alto Sax


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