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Vito Contrabass Clarinet

Serial number 4131D

Apr. '08 - Sold to a Woodwind Shop in Singapore

One full octave below the bass clarinet----it's lowest tone is Eb on the clarinet scale---I guess that's a low Db concert pitch.

This is a consignment and it is just killing the owner to part with it. But, the landlord is getting cranky.

This is an ebonite Vito ContraBass Clarinet.

It is a great-playing, well-adjusted instrument. Pads are in very good shape.

The metal-work...that is to say the neck and bell are in very good shape.

You can see it is banded at one place. A repair that was done by the well-respected Charles Fail (I believe).
It looks like it can be separated into upper and lower sections, but it never has been as long as this player has owned it.
It fits into the case as one length, with the bell and neck removed.

It is keyed to low BBb.

Comes with a nice Leblanc mouthpiece and a metal ligature (not shown)

It'll cost you at least $65 to ship this beauty.
We'll take PayPal if you split the fees with us.
Check, m.o. or cashier's check will work if you can wait the two weeks for it to clear.
Last time I got a U.S. Postal Money order, my bank put a FOUR WEEK hold on it because they had been hit by a rash of stolen postal money orders. Sigh.
Don't be shy, we can work out the payment details.

I cropped the owner out of all the pictures except the last one. He'll probably make me take it down.

Vito Contrabass Clarinet


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