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Vito Alto Sax
Serial Number V3300


This is sax is made in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA and is engraved as such.
This original lacquer horn has a lovely engraving as you can see in the photos below

It is one of the "V" serial number Vitos. If you look at my Vito Serial Number List and scroll down to "Table 1d", you will find a few other such horns.

This horn is refurbished: tone holes leveled, key pans leveled, all new MusicMedic "Precision" pads (with oversized flat metal resonators), new felts and corks, key action regulated, key heights adjusted.

It is an "eager" player with a strong sound with a centered core, more like a Conn than a Selmer.

One unique feature of this horn is the neck receiver...the socket into which the neck (mouthpipe) fits. In addition to the normal compression fit with a thumbscrew, it has a rubber O-ring let into the inside of the receiver.
I have a series of pictures below, detailing this, the two lines of pictures above the photos of the carrying case. A couple of the pictures are out of focus, sorry.
The receiver without the O-ring.
Receiver, O-ring and neck
Showing the O-ring is a tight fit on the tenon.
The O-ring seems too big to fit in the receiver.
But it does fit snugly into its slot.

The case is pretty lame. It works well enough, but ..... I took a couple pictures of the outside, but I forgot to vacumn it out before the photo session, so I took no pictures of the inside.

Vito Alto Sax


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