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  Vito Saxes
Alto Saxes
Vito Deluxe Alto - SOLD
Model 35 - SOLD
Vito Transitional Alto - SOLD
Vito "Special" Alto-Sold
Vito VSP Alto- Not for Sale
Vito Kenosha- Not for Sale
Vito Japan - SOLD
Model 35 - Sold
Vito Kenosha - SOLD

Vito Japan - SOLD
Vito Model 35
Vito Kenosha - SOLD
Vito Student Alto
Vito Kenosha Alto
Vito Kenosha Alto
Model 35 - SOLD
Model 35 - SOLD

Tenor Saxes
Vito (Yamaha)
Vito (KHS)
Vito (France) s/n 22494
Vox "Duke" s/n 19564
Vito s/n 17406 - SOLD
Kenosha s/n 966A - SOLD
Duke Special - Sold
Vito Noblet - SOLD
Vito (Yamaha)-SOLD
Vito Tenor s/n 000954 - SOLD
Vox (Duke) Tenor
Title X
Title Y
Title Z

Soprano Saxes
Vito Japan Yanagisawa
Vito French Soprano-Sold
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5

Baritone Saxes
Help me ID this Vito Bari
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5

Title 6

Vito Serial Number Chart

Vito Deluxe Emblem
Here is a Vito Saxophone Catalog..

Also check out the Noblet saxes. These Noblets were made by Beaugnier and thus are markedly similar to the French made Vitos.

In the meantime, here is a TABLE which is the beginning of a list of Vito Sax serial no.'s, manufacture dates, manufacturers, country of origin, etc. There doesn't seem to be a reference table...leastways not one that I have found. I also want to compile similar tables for the whole LeBlanc family...LeBlanc branded saxes, Noblet, Beaugnier, etc. I need to do some more formatting on the table to make it easier to read. I'll eventually segregate the Yamaha-made from the Kenosha-made from the France-made etc. making it easier to see what's what.

Here's a manual in PDF format, detailing the fingerings for the Vito Model 35 (LeBlanc Rationale style keysystem).

Woodwind Forum - French Vito Saxes Gallery

History about LeBlanc and Vito Pascucci (SOTW)

Please feel free to send me additional information I will add to this table and make it freely available to all.

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