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Vito Model 35
Alto Saxophone
- LeBlanc Rationale Style Keywork -

SOLD - March '09

This is one of the cleanest Model 35's I have ever had the pleasure to work on.
Any saxophone, after it gets to be 20-30 years old, is going to get scratches and dings, if not full-blown gouges and dents. This horn is pretty free of those signs of wear.
There are scratches right on the "VITO" engraving on the bell. There are a few lacquer flaws, like on the High F Palm Key fingertouch. But really, this horn is in remarkable good condition. For instance, bow is very nearly blemish free.

This horn has been fully repadded with Music Medic 'Precision' pads with oversized flat metal resonators.
The 'Precision' pads are thin pads with high quality leather and firm felt. I selected the resonators one at a time to be as large as would fit in the tonehole. I believe these horns came from the factory with oversized flat reso's. They give a little extra boost to the volume, without intruding into the body too far.

The Model 35 has LeBlanc Rationale-style keywork. Don't worry though, all the notes are fingered the same as regular saxes, it just allows for additional alternative fingerings if you choose to learn and use them.
-The major difference is that the High F# key is up by the lefthand palm keys.
-The G key consists of two pads, as found on some King horns and elsewhere. This is for better intonation.
-As a consequence the G# key opening is on the 'back' of the horn, nearest the player, instead of compromising its position to fit in amongst the stack keys.
-The horn does have the 'Forked Eb' in the lower stack....allowing that alternative finger if desired.
-The horn has an articulated low C# which is closed by the low B, just like the Selmer horns and their various clones
-And of course it has the alternative Rationale fingerings if you choose to learn and use them. There is some documentation on this site elsewhere (e.g. Fingering Chart) and here is a YouTube video about the Vito Model 35 which he calls a Vito Rationale. And finally, here is a page from a sales brochure talking about the Model 35.

Vito Model 35 Alto Sax


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