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Vito Alto Sax

Serial Number 402523


This will be a great one for the student. Excellent ergonomics, easy-to-play....and the price is right.

Adjustable thumbhook, F#-G# adjustment arm with adjustment screws, articulated Low C# (holds the C# closed when playing Low B/Bb), newer pads, bottom of the bow showing no dents.
There is some lacquer wear and the bell shows ripples from dentwork.

This horn would be an excellent proving ground for your student to show they are serious about play. Easy-to-play, so they won't get frustrated trying to play the horn, it all comes down to them. If they prove themselves, then you can think about buying them an intermediate or semi-pro horn. If it doesn't work out, you can most likely resell this horn for a good percentage of what you are paying for it here.

Comes with a good case, neckplug, mouthpiece, ligature, mpc. cap, swab and one reed.

Vito Alto Sax


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