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Vito Alto Sax s/n 1439A

All new pads (thin, flat metal resonators), corks and felts.

This is an older Kenosha Vito. Made largely with brass parts imported from Beaugnier in France.

I'm having a lot of trouble keeping these in stock.
SOLD - DEC. '09

I'll try to fill in details how this earlier Kenosha Vito is different from later ones.
Like for instance, here the Low C# keyguard is so close to the Bb & B keyguard that they are actually touching and they share a screw (awww, isn't that sweet?)
Also note how the Low C# key pan pivots on the same screw rod (arbor) as the lower stack keys.
This one also has nice adjustment screws on the F# - G# adjusting arm.

This is not the original neck. It came to me with a Yamaha neck. I have replaced that with a genuine Kenosha Vito neck I obtained from a parts horn. Elsewhen, I tried to buy a Vito Kenosha neck from a music store on the East Coast but he wanted $150. I imagine it is still sitting on his shelf.

Mother-of-pearl fingertouches. Amber rollers...not sure if they are MOP or ....?

Look closely, the 'foot' of one of the palm key flat springs is not in its 'box'. I didn't notice until reviewing the pictures.
I have subsequently put it where it belongs.

The bottom post of the low C# had been resoldered with a wad of solder under the post.
I removed the post, melted off the solder, raised a dent, cleaned it up and resoldered the post.
The bare brass is kinda shiny now, but it will tone down as the months go by.

Ooops, forgot to take pictures of the case.
It is most likely the original case, marked LeBlanc. It was once a very cool two-tone case, but it is now irremediably dirty. Not disgusting, just dirty. It is solid...latches and hinges are good. It will work fine for carrying or storing the sax, but if it was me, I'd find a prettier vintage case.
Comes with what I believe to be the original neck plug.

Lots of scratches on the bell from a sax stand.
Very difficult to take pictures of the engraving as it is considerably worn down.
Lacquer is at 20%, 15%...something low. I hate assigning percentages...makes it sound all quantified and objective when in reality it is subjective.

Some pix of the keys at the end for your perusal and amusal.

Vito Alto s/n 1439A


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