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Vito Alto

Serial Number 1247 A

This Vito looks to be a hybrid of Yamaha Japan parts and Vito Kenosha parts.

The Left-Hand pinkie key cluster, the Octave mechanism fingertouch, the neck octave key, the linkage on the side C and Bb....all this looks very Yamaha to me, more like a YAS21 than a YAS23.

The Left-hand thumb rest and the keyguards looks like Vito Kenosha to me.

The bell brace is sort of unusual, I've seen it on just a couple of Vito horns. It may just be a transitional thing.

It might be valid to guess that this horn was made in a transitional period just prior to LeBlanc fully outsourcing Vito alto sax production to Yamaha.

This would, by inference, be a strong indicator that Vito did not follow a chronologically numerical sequence with their serial numbers.

Vito Alto 1247A


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