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Vito Alto Sax
Made in Kenosha, WI
from French components

Serial number 1083A

SOLD May '09

This is a very nice-playing Vito. Easy-to-play ergonomics, good tone...a clean. good-looking sax.

The pads are in good shape...this horn is ready to play.

There are some esoteric touches that appeal to fans of Kenosha Vito horns:
The G# articulation on/off switch
The rounded (vs. triangular) low D#/Low C fingertouches
The articulated low C# pivots off the bottom off the lower stack
Teeter-totter octave mechanism
Amber key-rollers

The is a dent on the guard at the bottom of the bow.
And I just noticed that the initials "M R" are scratched inside the bell, about 1/4 inch high letters.

The case is in good shape. This'd be an excellent choice for an advancing student, for about the same cost as renting for a year.

Vito Kenosha Alto Sax


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