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Vito Kenosha Alto Sax

Serial Number 10484A

No longer available

All new corks, felts and MusicMedic "Precision" pads with oversized hand-fit flat metal resonators.
The so-called "oversized" resos are closer in size to the originals.
The bottom row of pictures show examples of the resonators.
The first picture (bottom row) shows the new "Precision" pad with oversized reso and rivet (on the left), the old pad in the middle, and on the right, a standard new pad with preinstalled flat reso which is smaller than the original or the oversized new one.
The objective was to best match the factory resonators.
Picture 2 is the old pad. Pict. 3 is the standard pre-installed reso pad. Pict's 4 and 5 are the hand-selected resos.
I compare each resonator to its tonehole to make sure it sized to best cover as much of the tonehole opening as possible.
And finally, I used black kangaroo hide pads on the G#, octave pips and the C key at the top of the upper stack.
This is to prevent pads from sticking to the toneholes, most particularly the G#.

How much do you want to know about Kenosha Vitos?
This one is a later Kenosha Vito.
For reference, I have a couple earlier ones up for sale:
Serial Number 1083A
Serial Number 1439A
These older Vitos have the G# articulation on/off switch, individual post construction, teeter-totter octave mechanisms, rounded low D# and low C fingertouches.

This later 10484A horn has:
-Ribbed post construction
-No G# articulation switch
-Triangular Low D#/Low C fingertouches
-Entirely different octave mechanism
- One-piece keyguard over Low Bb, B, and C#

This horn also has a faux Tiger-Eye thumbrest, shaped in the traditional Vito oval shape.

This is a clean, good-looking, original lacquer, Made in America alto saxophone.

It comes with the shown ProTec case (second row from bottom of pictures).

Vito Kenosha Alto


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