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"The Martin" Committee Tenor Sax

Vintage - 1945

Dark Honey-Colored Original Lacquer

Doctor Sax Stock Number #1006

Serial Number 1536xx

Responsive, full-throated, commanding tone.

The bottom end will curl your toes. The intonation is good.

You know you want it. 

You're too late to own this horn.
A local player here in Madison has purchased it.
I let him take it home to try it out and he liked it so well he never brought it back.
One reason he liked it was that there is no need for electronic amplification...he can rattle their teeth with plain lung power.

It has the reknowned Martin beveled, soldered-in tone holes. Solid, solid, solid.

There was some dent work done:

    • On bell, opposite side from bell keys, below where "The Martin Tenor" is engraved. This dentwork has ‘bruised’ the lacquer, but it still is intact a looks pretty good. 
    • On front of bow and on middle of bow, opposite the #19 key, also some scratches on bow
    • Small dents by thumbhook
    • Dentwork was also done on a dent a little higher up than the stack octave pip and on the opposite side from the pip. If you stick your finger inside the horn and feel where the dent was, it is now quite smooth and you can feel almost no residual rippling.

All this mentioned dentwork is pictured in the high resolution pictures below.  The dentwork has been well done.  Cosmetically, it isn't very apparent (except the work on the bow).  Acoustically I think it is immaterial. 

I see no evidence of posts, keyguards, tonehole sleeves or bell brace being pushed in or resoldered. The neck (crook) looks dent free.  Actually, the neck seems solid enough to drive nails with it

 Overall, the integrity and the geometry, if you will, of the body tube appears to be very good. And….it is a very good-looking horn. If you were looking at the horn in person you probably wouldn’t notice half the stuff I point out here.

The bell keys and the Low C had cork bumpers when I got it.  They went 'clunk'  when they hit the bumpers.  I fabricated some felt bumper holders out of brass for the bell keyguard.  I soldered them on and relacquered them and put felts in.  On the low C there wasn't enough clearance for a felt bumper holder, so I attached the felt directly on the guard where the cork used to be.  The last four pictures are after I replaced the cork with felt.  If you are particularly astute you will notice that I took the pictures before putting in one of the keyguard screws.  I noticed after I took the pictures and put the screw back on.

I didn’t replace the pads, they were in good shape…just replaced some of the corks to regulate the action. It is ready to play. 

Original Martin Case is in good shape. Exterior shows wear, but is solid. There is a crack in the edge nearest the middle of the three latches. Has metal Martin emblem on exterior. Apparently the exterior was painted brown. The case interior is surprisingly nice…looks like the interior was relined at some point with blue-gray colored plush cloth covering the interior case padding.

I will give a full refund of purchase price if the horn is substantially different from the way I described and pictured it.

Picture one...Characteristic Martin bell key guard...


Picture two...Flipside...engraving.

Picture three...Closeup of engraving. Pads look good.

Picture 4...There was some dentwork done here...the lacquer is bruised, but it is good work.

Picture five - Inside of bell, pinkie keys, palm keys, upper stack.

The case looks pretty scuffed and beat here, but it is not that bad. Seems solid.

The case lining color is nicer in person than in this picture.

Picture 8 - Lacquer blemish and scratches on bow. See the cork bumper?

Picture 9 - Here's the new bumpers.

Picture 10 - If you are on the ball, you noticed I forgot to put the keyguard screws in before taking the pictures.

Picture 11 - Here's the felt bumper for low C. Much less 'clunky' cf. the cork bumper.

Picture 12 - Different view.

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