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SML (Beaugnier) Baritone Sax

Serial Number 20709

This has an unique double key for the Low C.

The owner lives in Holland, he says:
"Now for the saxophone itself. I bought it from a man that collects old french saxes, especially Beaugnier. He says the two companies SML and B[eaugnier] worked together on this (proto?)type. "

This is what I said to him:
"It looks very much like Vito Bari serial number 21908
As you can see in the this picture. It has a similar (or identical) double key on the low C.
I think this helped the low F, E, D, C speak more clearly.

This Vito sax serial number 18582 had an interesting mechanism the held the Low C# key open until reaching Low C.
You will see it in this picture.
which is a closeup of the special C# mechanism, but I am afraid it is difficult to understand the mechanism from that photo.

Beaugnier must have abandoned the C# mechanism in favor of the double C key.

I do believe your horn is made at the Beaugnier factory."

SML (Beaugnier) Bari Sax


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