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  Selmer Saxes
Alto Saxes
1934 Radio Improved
1952 Super Balanced Action
1954 Mark VI- Sold
1938 B.A. Alto
SBA Alto - Not For Sale
Title X

Tenor Saxes
Serie II Tenor
Balanced Action - New Pads
SA-80 - Serie II - SOLD
BA Tenor - Not For Sale
Series III- SOLD (7/08)
Reference 54 - SOLD
Selmer BA Tenor - Not for sale
Selmer La Voix - SOLD

Title X

Soprano Saxes
Title 1
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5

Baritone Saxes
Title a
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5

Title 6

SBA "Keyfingers"

Here is a comparison of two 1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenors.

Selmer Tone-X Metal Resonators

I have a rare Selmer Mark VI Alto neck for sale. It is an early "Double S" model.

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