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    Saxophones for Sale

Doctor Sax offers a variety of saxophones for sale, mainly vintage, for student through professional.  These saxes are in a variety of conditions, pristine museum quality to beaten dogs.  Consequently these saxes are at a wide variety of price points.

Here's my current INVENTORY of Saxes.

I've just emerged from a Martin phase and now I am interested in Vito's, Noblets and Olds...particularly the vintage saxophones made for those companies by a couple of smaller French manufacturers, Beaugnier and Pierret.  I am also interested in Vito's that were made in Kenosha, WI 

The condition of the saxes are described to the best of my ability and there are a variety of pictures, but the true measure is in seeing the instrument up close and personal and, ultimately, playing it.  Some horns are refurbished, others have had repads, others have been 'play conditioned'.  The latter, 'play condition' means to make a horn playable...usually as quickly and cheaply as possible.   Not sure if it will strike you as odd, but sometimes a refurb is easier than a play condition.

So give me a call and come by and check 'em out.







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