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Saxgourmet Replacement Neck
For Buescher Tenor Sax


I measure the Outside Diameter of the tenon to be about 28.3 mm or 1.114 inches.
That 1.114 measurement in inches isn't accurate to the thousandth of a inch. I just converted the mm measurement to inches.
It fits snugly, with no leaks when testplayed on this Buescher Aristocrat.
There IS enough variation in neck receiver(socket) sizes, that this may need some some adjustment to fit as well in your Buescher.

And it sounds great. I can't really tell the difference between it and the original neck.

This neck is customized to work better with the Buescher than when it came from SaxGourmet.
HERE are pictures of the stock neck.
The original octave key arm stuck down past the octave mechanism interface and the “tongue” in the center of the key arm was hitting the mechanism.
The custom modification is higher up to ensure the neck octave pad opens as far as on the original Buescher neck.
The original cross piece, rather than nicely rounded on the interior was basically two thick straight arms. It was also so far from the pivot that the pad didn't really open far enough.
The new cross piece has been carefully arc’d so that the lever on the mechanism has the same clearance as you rotate the neck in the socket.
It’s also rounded so that there’s one point of contact for minimal friction on the body octave lever.
And finally, the original had a felt bumper which served no function at all since the movement of the lower part of the arm was limited by the pip pad. The bumper has therefore been removed.
It must have been spec'd out incorrectly or engineered wrong or the manufacturer in China misunderstood.

Further, the so-called "Enhancer" has been removed from the corked end of the neck. It tended to distort the natural timbre of the horn.

As far as the other features of this neck, you can refer to the original vendor's WEBSITE.
And I'll confess...I am dubious about the claim that the three large brass nodules "adding mass at key points, response is improved, particularly at the troublesome note D2 and throughout the altissimo range." But, on the other hand, I didn't bother to do any tests.

Cash or Check is fine.
If PayPal, I'll ask you to pick up the PayPal fees.
Credit Cards are a financial anathema.

SaxGourmet Replacement Neck for Buescher Tenor


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