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  Sax Mouthpieces
Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Brilhart Ebolin 5 & 5*
Brilhart Ebolin 5
Brilhart Tonalin 3
Brilhart Ebolin 3* -Poor condition, but playable
Brilhart Ebolin 3 "Designed by Arnold Brilhart", Great Neck
Brilhart Ebolin 2* Hard Rubber
Gregory Model A; 4A-18
Link Tone Edge HR 5* & 6*
Vintage Link ToneMaster 4
Link Early Babbitt Tone Edge 5*
Link Early Babbitt Tone Edge 7*
Huastar Jazz Alto 7
Meyer 6MM - New
Meyer "G" 7M
Sigrud Rascher Alto
Reglein J6
Runyon 'Model 22'
Runyon 'Custom' w/ Spoiler
Runyon "Custom" w/ spoiler - Blue 6 and 7
Runyon "Custom" w/ spoiler - Black 6
Runyon "Bionix" Black 12
Runyon "Bionix" Alto - Red 6, 7 and 8
Selmer S-80 C*
Selmer S-80 "D"
New Selmer S80 "E"
Selmer S-80 "H"
Selmer Super Session "D"
Selmer Soloist Shortshank "E"
Vandoren V16 A6S
Vandoren V16 A7S
Vandoren Jumbo Java Sax A55
Vandoren Java A55
Vito Torpedo
Title X

Tenor Sax Mouthpieces
BARIWoodwinds Hybrid 8
Brilhart Ebolin 5 & 5*
Brilhart "Carlsbad" Ebolin
Brilhart "Great Neck" Tonalin 0.076"
Brilhart Powertone
Britone - Not Available
Conn Standard Steelay
Dukoff SPC D7
Graftonites - I got all of 'em
Kalashen's Kleartone "87"
Keilwerth Jazz 7
Claude Lakey "Apollo" 7*
Berg Larsen Metal 110/2 SMS (new)
Berg Larsen 100/2 SMS (new) HR
Berg Larsen 95/2 M (0.100") HR
Berg Larson 95/2 (0.108")
Berg Larsen Metal Scoop 95-2-M
Berg Larsen Metal Scoop 110-2-M
- Vintage Berg Ebonite 95/0/M
- Berg Metal Tenor 100/2/M "New" style (straight baffle)
Link 4**** Model
Link "Super" Tone Master 5
Link "Super" Tone Master 6
Link "Super" Tone Master 9
Link Early Babbit STM 8*
Link ToneEdge HR
Link "Vintage" ToneEdge HR
Link STM "8"
Lyon & Healy
Martin Tenor
Jean Martin
Meyer 4M
Noblet Paris Torpedo
Penzel-Mueller Artist
Sigrud Rascher Tenor
Rousseau 2C
Runyon Quantum "10"
Runyon "Bionix" - Black 12 (0.095")
Runyon "Bionix" - Blue 6 & 7; Red, 9
Runyon vintage SmoothBore 5
Runyon Model 22_Special
Runyon 'Custom' w/ Spoiler - Amber
Runyon "Custom" - Black
Selmer 'Jazz' (metal) 'D'
Selmer USA HR (0.089")
Selmer Soloist Short-Shank 0.102"
Selmer AirFlow Metal D
Selmer Soloist Longshank C*
Vandoren Jumbo Java T75
Vandoren T101
Woodwind Co. Steel Ebonite
Yamaha 4CM Custom
Yanagisawa 880 "L4"
Title X

Soprano Sax Mouthpieces
Selmer C* - SOLD
Otto Link (HR) "8*"
Otto Link STM (Metal) 6*
Runyon 'Custom' 7, 8 or 9
Runyon 'Quantum' 10
BARI Woodwinds .074 HR
BARI Woodwinds Esprit (0.058")

Bari Sax Mouthpieces
Runyon Model 88 - #8
Runyon "Custom" #11
Runyon "Smooth Bore" #14 (0.126")
Bundy S-Line
Otto Link ToneEdge (HR) 7
Otto Link - Early Babbitt - ToneEdge 5
Rico Metalites (New)
new Berg Larsen 105/1 SMS Ebonite
new Berg Larsen 110/0 SMS Ebonite
new Berg Larsen 115/0 SMS Stainless Steel
used Berg Larsen 105/2 M Stainless Steel
Vandoren V16 Ebonite "B7" (0.111") - New
Rico Graftonites (New) - $24
Yamaha 5C (New) - $40
Wolfe Tayne '7' (metal)
Selmer Air Flow C
Selmer Soloist "Smoothshank" 0.105
Selmer Soloist "E" - SOLD
Berg Larson 135/1- SOLD
Greiffenhaggen - SOLD
Title X

C-Melody Sax Mouthpieces
Runyon #7 (.093") w/ Spoiler - $75

Modern C-Mel (.066") - $25
Vintage Conn "Eagle"

Noblet Torpedoes


July 11,2011 - Are you interested in Peter Ponzol saxophone mouthpieces?
My distributor started carrying them. I am going to try something different.
Usually I order one or two and hope I get the right sizes in the right material for the right instruments.
This time I am going to let you order them from me and I will ship them direct from my distributor.
Usually, when I have them in stock, I check them out, playtest them, take photos and write a webpage.
But for these Ponzols, I will never see them, they will ship direct from my distributor to you.
You can take a look at what is available
If you want to order something, drop me an e-mail: Kim@DoctorSax.biz
I can send you a PayPal invoice. When you pay it, I will have my distributor ship the mouthpiece.
I am going to charge $8 shipping, in addition to the price listed.
If this proves to be popular, I will implement some shopping cart functionality to streamline it.
The down side? I have not checked these out for quality control or playability. And there are no returns.
The plus side? These look to be cheaper than most places I checked.
These mouthpieces have not been picked over like the ones you might order from WWBW and other places. It is very likely that those mpcs. have been shipped out for innumerable trials and the good-playing mouthpieces have been purchased while the poor-playing ones have been returned to be shipped out again.
You can go to the Ponzol website or other places if you want info.
But I have never seen these mouthpieces in person, so I don't have much to say about them.

Ponzol Mouthpiece Products Quick summary:
2 types available for S-A-T-B
Stainless Steel
1 additional type available for Tenor only
Gold anodized aluminum

Soprano - 65 (Similar tip opening to a Link 6*)
Alto – 85 (Similar tip opening to a Link 7)
Tenor – 105 and 110 (Similar tip opening to Link 7* (105) and 8 (110))
Baritone 110 (Similar tip opening to a Link 7)

Why Stainless Steel?
Ponzol uses surgical-grade stainless steel because it is completely safe to work with and put in your mouth. It is not lacquered or plated and does not need to be for protection to the player.
Why Delrin and not Hard Rubber?
Delrin is much safer to put in your mouth because there is distinctly less sulfur in its compound than Hard Rubber. It is also much easier to machine which makes the mouthpieces more consistent in measurement.
Why Anodized Aluminum
Anodized Aluminum is also safe to put in your mouth and provides a completely different sound than Stainless Steel. It is also incredibly lightweight.

What do the 3 types feel like from behind the horn?
Stainless – is extremely comfortable to play and because of the machining it is very even. It accepts many types of reeds well. They have a lot of punch and a lot of core in the sound (in EQ-speak they have more mids than anything else, followed by highs and then lows).
Delrin – feels more like a hard rubber mouthpiece but with more reflection. This is a result of the compound which is much harder than hard rubber. The sound is a bit drier than its stainless steel counterpart but still has a lot of core.
Anodized Aluminum – is the “quickest” responding of all three. Very fast, fluid and even. One would think they would be the brightest as well but they are just as dark and warm as the stainless mouthpieces.

Does the mouthpiece come with a cap and ligature?
-- Yes, all Ponzol mouthpieces come with a Rovner Star Series ligature and cap.
Do the mouthpieces have a baffle?
-- Yes, but this particular combination of baffle, chamber and tip opening do not behave like typical metal mouthpieces. These are dark and warm-sounding mouthpieces.
What shape is the entry chamber?
-- Circular on all mouthpieces.
Where are these made?
-- They are made 100% in the United States. Peter personally inspects each mouthpiece.
I want to geek out on these even more, how do I do it?
-- Go to www.PeterPonzol.com and go crazy.

Svanoe on Selmer Soloist mouthpieces (scroll shank).

Primordial Mouthpiece from the 'Mists of Time', back when Jazz was driven by a jungle beat and the horns were made of wood.


I have a full selection of Rico Royal Metalite and Graftonite mouthpieces. These are decent mouthpieces with prices in the $20-29 range. Here is a CHART of Metalite and Graftonite facings.
Check out this review of Graftonite mouthpieces. This guy thought they were especially nice for Bari Sax.
Pictures of Metalites

Info about the British ROC Britone mouthpieces

A fellow wrote back to me about looking for a mouthpiece for a Noblet Tenor sax I sold him. I added his comments on the webpage for the Noblet. His comments are in brown.

Here are some measurements of the I.D. (Interior Diameter) of sax mouthpiece shank bores, where the corked sax neck is inserted.
And HERE is information about the taper of sax mouthpiece shank bores.

PDF on Runyon mouthpieces and other products.
Runyon Website.
Runyon chambers cutaways.
Runyon Factory Tour.

Brancher Mouthpiece Info

And here are Brilhart Ebolin Mpces. - Tenor Sax 5 and 5*; Alto Sax 5 and 5*; and Bb Clarinet 5 and 5*

Tenor 5 - 0.075" - $45
Tenor 5* - 0.075" - $45
Alto 5 - 0.083" - $39
Alto 5* - 0.080" - $39
Clarinet 5 - 0.050" - $34
Clarinet 5* - 0.050" - $34
The facing length with the * (star) is shorter.
The facing length without the * (star) is longer.

Kanee Custom Model "Z" Hand Selected HR Alto Sax Mpces.

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