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Selmer Reference 54
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number "N.648500"


This sax has a 'brushed' finish and matte lacquer, with some playwear at the usual spots.

It has a dent on the bow ...right on the bow brace.
No other dents or repairs that I can see.

The plastic resonator pads are in good condition.

It is keyed to High F#.

"...inspired by the Mark VI model released in 1954, the Selmer Model 74 - "Reference 54" tenor saxophone is a professional tenor saxophone that integrates the Mark VI's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern key work and more stable intonation. A favorite among jazz saxophonists, the Reference 54 tenor saxophone offers a rich throaty sound especially well in the lower register. The keywork of the Selmer 74 tenor saxophone is fluid and responds well to even the most tortuous passages.

Using a hammering process, the neck, body, bow and bell are created from a special brass alloy with a higher copper content, which softens the metal for a richer, warmer sound. Use of kid leather pads with plastic tone boosters projects the sound and adds flexibility. The Reference 54 includes the traditional pearl key for front F, while the compact design makes the keys feel closer to the body of the instrument. With a brushed finish and matte lacquer on both the body and the keys, the Reference 54 has a vintage appeal."

You can find the Reference 54 tenor, new, discounted to around $5900, on Woodwind and Brasswind (www.wwbw.com)
This will be a rare chance to get one for half that amount.

This sax comes with a new Pro-Tec gig bag as pictured.

This horn is a consignment, so this will be a no return/no refund auction.

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Selmer Ref. 54 Tenor


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