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August 30, 2013 -
Former client has his lovingly cared-for Mark VI Tenor up for sale

Gold-plated Martin Handraft tenor sax.

Aug. 12 - I've gotten in a couple of alto saxes and one tenor sax on consignment recently, but have not had time to take pix and do a write-up.
Here they are:
- Buffet 400 Alto - Very nice, modern made-in-Taiwan horn, with modern ergos and Hi F# key - $950
- Evette (by Buffet) Alto - Excellent starter horn. Also made in Taiwan. $395
- Selmer Signet Tenor - Serial number 447xxx. Relacquered. $450
I plan to get these added to the inventory when I get caught up with back-to-school activity.

Aug. 10 - Yanagisawa T992 Bronze, underslung tenor neck.

July 17 - Pawan Benjamin playing Bansuri Flute at Dobhan on July 28.

June 29 - An Erik Greiffenhagen implementation of his "double chamber" on a Vito Bari mouthpiece.

June 23 - Armenian Duduk.

June 20 - Wallmann and Ellington: Jazz Notes from UW-Madison Today! Live! WPR! Featuring Eric Koppa! Noon-1:00.

June 13 - I have a Selmer SA80 Serie II Tenor Sax for sale.

And I got in a new Lakey Apollo Ebonite Tenor Mouthpiece, as well as an Alto Mouthpiece.

Can you help identify this TENOR SAX?

June 7 - Okay double reed players...I do now stock "fish skin" for your reed making endeavours.
Okay...check me out here: "Fish skin" is used to make "bladder" pads for flute and clarinet. "Fish skin" is made from the lining of cow intestines...not the bladder of cows. "Fish skin" is also called "goldbeater's skin". Yes? Is correct?
HERE is a lovely (sarcasm) article about the manufacture of fish skin. Oh my.

Any while we're talking about double reeds...I have a Dudek on order. Photos will follow once it arrives.

June 6 - Selmer S90 Bari Sax Mouthpiece Repair

Selmer Mark 7 Tenor Sax Neck for sale

May 29 - Cannibal "Fat Boy" Neck.
Oops...no...I mean Cannonball "Fat Neck" for alto.

May 23 - Bettoney Metal Clarinet.

May 21 - I get a lot of questions about Vito, LeBlanc and Noblet MODEL NUMBERS.
I have stumbled across various snippets of info, but never really bothered to put it all together.
I put THIS TABLE together for your consideration.
If you care to suggest additions, corrections, etc....please feel free to drop me an e-mail Kim@DoctorSax.biz.
I will eventually add it to the Vito Serial Number chart.

May 17 - Here are photos of the Buescher branded, white tenor mouthpiece which was in the case with the Buescher 400 THC tenor.

May 10 - I have an excellent Buescher "Top Hat & Cane" Tenor Sax up for sale here at the shop.

Also got in a couple of the Otto Link "RG" mouthpieces for tenor sax. The RG-118 in hard rubber and the RG-108 in brushed stainless steel.

Apr. 28 - Couple of horns to cross the bench recently:
A late model Conn 10M Tenor and a
very early Conn "C" Soprano

Apr. 25 - High C Speaker Key on a Selmer Serie III Alto?

Apr. 7 - Mouthpiece Cafe "NY Cafe Bros" Alto Sax Mpc., their tribute to a NY Meyer mouthpiece.

Apr. 4 - Got in a couple of Mouthpiece Cafe Tenor Sax mouthpieces. Both modeled after vintage Otto Link Tone Edge Hard Rubber Tenor mouthpieces.
The Primo 8
The Bergonzi Slant Supreme 8

Continuing saga of LeBayle mouthpiece tip opening eccentricities.
I ordered and got in a brand new LeBayle Metal Tenor "Jazz" mouthpiece.
It is designated as a 7* tip opening, which is stamped right on the mouthpiece.
The LeBayle website shows the 7* as being 0.105 inch opening.
However, I measure it as being 0.089 inches.
Seems sort of random.

Mar. 20 - LeBayle "Jazz" 8 Bari Sax mouthpiece

Mar. 16 - I acquired a LeBayle LRII Alto 7* alto sax mouthpiece and the tip opening measured 0.080"
I sold it and got another LeBayle LRII Alto 7* alto sax mouthpiece and its tip opening measures 0.095"
The LeBayle website shows a 7* as being 0.087".
Not sure what I can say except "caveat emptor".

Wall-mount Sax Holder

Feb. 28 - Apologies, but I've got to hunker down a few days and get caught up on a backlog of work,
so I am closing the shop this Friday, Mar. 1 through Tues., Mar. 5
If you want to just pick up some reeds or something, drop me an e-mail or give me a call (608-279-9744). Thanks.

Feb.27 - Talking with the guy in charge of production at Runyon, he said it was a problem with the outfit doing their chrome plating. Runyon would install the bite patches and send them off to the plater's and they would come back with the patches gone. If they put the patch in after the plating is done, when they sand the patch down, it ruins the plating. or something like that.

Feb. 26 - Runyon stopped putting the inset bite plate into their "Smooth Bore" Bari Sax mouthpieces.
Here is a PHOTO showing the old one with the round black bite plate and the new one with no bite plate, just a mouthpiece patch stuck on it.
No change in price, no change in facing or baffle. I feel a sense of deterioration.

Feb. 21 - Mouthpiece Cafe "Primo" 7* Tenor Sax Hard Rubber Mouthpiece.
The Primo was modeled after the very best of early 1970's vintage Otto Link mouthpieces, but at a comparatively reasonable price.
You can go to eBay and search on: "early (babbitt, babbit) tenor" and look at the mouthpieces priced at $500-$600 before you come in and try this sleek black beauty.

Feb. 18 - I've got another 1934 Selmer Radio Improved Alto Sax in the shop for repairs.

Feb. 5 - Why no updates?
I've been massively busy with repairs, repads and refurbs.
Also please note the shop will be closed Thursday Feb. 7 through Feb. 11.
Catch ya on the flip flop!

Jan. 19 - Mouthpiece Cafe "Espresso" alto Mouthpieces.

Woodwind Co - NY "J5" Alto Sax Mpc.

Jan. 10 - Ida Maria Grassi Alto Sax in the shop for repairs.
Green rollers, green felts, green pads.

Jan. 6 - Selmer "Jubilee" alto sax.

Dec. 18 - Xaphoon

Dec. 14 - Price cut on this absolutely lovely Selmer "Radio Improved" Alto Sax! Limited time only.

Dec. 5 - Writing a page comparing the Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso Alto Sax mouthpiece to the vintage Selmer Soloist Shortshank.

Nov. 28 - I have just this one Lebayle LRII Alto Sax 7* Mouthpiece in stock.

And oh yeah, here is the Lebayle LR Alto Sax 7 Mpc.

Nov. 26 - "USA" Alto Sax - Made in Italy?

The Mouthpiece Cafe "Espresso" alto #5 mouthpiece has been sold. I will look to getting more in.

Carrying Lennie Niehaus Books

Nov. 23 - Recovering a surfeit of turkey.

Here's a photo of the baffle of a Runyon "Jazz" Clarinet #8 mouthpiece.

Nov. 22 - I finally and actually got in the Mouthpiece Cafe "Espresso" alto #5 mouthpiece yesterday, Wed.

Nov. 19 - I just finished reworking a Vito Model 35 alto sax with the LeBlanc Rationale System keywork, and it is up for sale.
This is not your father's alto sax...or maybe it is, what do I know about your father?

Nov 12 - Woodwind Company - New York - Mouthpiece Facing Designations
Photos to follow.

Nov. 9 - I moved the Selmer Radio Improved Alto Sax over to an eBay Auction.

The Pickup Ports and Plugs are now back in stock. Thanks for your patience.

Nov. 2 -
Just got in a LeBayle "LR" 7 Alto Mouthpiece. Excellent work. I measure it at 0.077" tip opening.
Still no camera, so pix have to wait. But it is here if you want to try it out.

Yipes! I forgot to pay the rent. I gotta get that done.

Okay...at ease...rent paid...good for another month.

I got in a Morgan Alto Sax Jazz 6M mouthpiece in. But my camera is MIA...it'll be at least a week before I get photos.

The Mouthpiece Cafe "Espresso 6 alto sax mouthpiece is no longer available.
Not to worry, I have a "5" on order.

Oct. 24 - Going to be in Chicago, or more precisely, Evanston, the next few days.
Taking the daughter to visit a couple of colleges and I plan to stop in and say Hi to Paul at PMWoodwinds.


Oct. 22 - Massively busy lately which is why no updates here for a while.

But I got in some new mouthpieces today. Towhit:
- A Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso Alto Sax Mpc. These are handmade by the "Mouthpiece Guys", Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen to give the vintage Selmer Soloists a run for their money...and a good job they did with it too.
- A Meyer "G" 7 Alto Sax Mpc. Made by Babbitt in Elkhart.
- And one of the new Rico "Reserve" Clarinet mpcs...an X5, which has a medium tip opening. They are trying to compete with the Vandoren mouthpieces.
Oct. 8 - Replaced stock Yamaha YTS-52 neckstrap ring with old style Sax Gourmet triple ring.
I don't like the new style Sax Gourmet triple rings as much. Les anciens sont plus élégantes.

Sopranino, C Soprano, and Soprano mouthpieces.
Same mpces, belly up.

Oct. 2 - Lebayle LRII HR Tenor Sax 7* Mouthpiece.

Sept. 24 - I finally got in the Rico alto sax Metalite mouthpieces. These are affordable high baffle mouthpieces. I have the new Metalite alto M5 (0.080" tip opening) and M7 (0.090") facings. I also have a vintage Metalite alto M11 (0.114"). All appear to be really large tip openings for alto sax, but the high baffle makes it play as though it was smaller.
I belive I have all the Metalites in stock...for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bari saxes.

Sept. 22 - Runyon Model 22 Tenor Sax Mouthpieces for sale.
These are larger tip opening mouthpiece that were special ordered from the Runyon Factory in Louisiana.
I gotta confess, I think I ordered them for a guy, but I am having trouble remembering who. Ouch. Sorry.

Sept. 16 - And here for sale, is a really lovely 1934 Selmer "Radio Improved" Alto Sax for sale.

Sept. 11 - Buescher TrueTone (1925) Alto Sax for Sale. Excellent shape.

Added a couple more left-hand pinkie keyclusters to the GALLERY.

And...and...and...I've got a great 1934 Selmer Paris "Radio Improved" Alto Sax in for sale. Beautiful buttery-gold lacquer, no dents, excellent condition pads.
I should have a webpage up for this already, but I botched up the photos and the webpage is giving me problems.
You are welcome to stop by and take a peek. It even has the original wooden body plug and lyre.

Sept. 10 - Now stocking Collins' Hand Made Cork Grease -
Collins Hand Made Cork Grease is the finest cork grease available. Don't trust the well-being of your instrument to any cork grease.
Collins Hand Made Cork Grease uses 7 different lubricating oils, including vitamin E, aloe vera, and beeswax.
I stock only the unscented variety and in the tubes (like chapstick).

Sept. 6 - And now for sale, a Conn New Wonder Series II Alto Sax.
Nickel-plated, rolled toneholes, fingernail file G#, microtuner neck.

Daniel Harris.

Sept 1 - September sounds so very Autumnal.

I have a brand new Selmer S-80 C* alto sax mouthpiece for sale at $120. Fabric ligature and cap included.
They are selling them for $145 at WWBW...no ligature, no cap. The $120 price does not include sales tax (local buyers) or shipping (out-of-area buyers).

Aug. 27 - Greg Fishman books for sale here at the shop.

Aug. 25 - Added yet another sax keycluster to the gallery.

Aug. 24 - Ponzol "Vintage 105" Stainless Steel Customized Tenor Sax mouthpiece.

Aug.23 - Ponzol "Vintage" Gold Anodized Tenor (105) Tenor Sax mouthpiece

Aug. 21 - "The Martin Alto" Committee III Neck Screw

Aug. 17 - SaxGourmet Alto Sax neck for sale. With the "Nodal nodules"

Aug. 16 - 1938 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor. I'm privileged to work on such nice horns. Makes up for the Bundy II's. :-)

Gold-plated Vito Model 35 Alto Sax.
The Model 35 has the LeBlanc Semi-Rationale key system. This may have well be a so-called presentation model with the gold-plate and additional engraving.

Aug. 14 - DEG Accubore Clarinet Barrels

Mikko Utevesky, recent East High grad, will be conducting the Madison Area Youth Chamber Orchestra in concert "A Celebration of Youth" this Saturday at 7 PM in Music Hall (925 Bascom Mall). The program includes Beethoven's Coriolan Overture, Schubert's Fifth Symphony, Ravel's Mother Goose Suite, and the world premiere of Nathan Levy's "Verberation". Admission is $5 for adults; students by donation.

Aug. 12 - Next up for sale...a lovely LeBlanc Symphonie 3 Bb grenadilla clarinet.

A 1930 Conn Alto Sax...all polished up.

Aug. 8 - Wow...I've got a Codera Tenor Sax for sale.
A German B&S horn designed by Wolf Codera. Most notably using Resoblade keys on the five lowest keys.
You aren't going to run across many of these. A stunning horn in great playing condition.

And another hard-to-find instrument, a McIntyre Clarinet

August 6 - "The Martin Tenor" - Committee III - tenor sax for sale
I don't expect this to last long at under $1000.

Lovely Selmer Model 55 Clarinet for sale. Not Full Boehm, but with additional keywork (articulated G#, forked Eb/Bb).

Aug. 5 - I can NOT get consistent results with different combinations of this equipment: two different pickups, 4 vintage and 1 new effects boxes.

August 4 - This Schiller alto sax has a linkage from the Low C# to the Low C that automatically closes the Low C when you open the Low C#. You don't have to use your right pinkie to close the Low C.
Those crazy German engineers!
Only problem is that it makes the Low C# feel horrible.

Aug. 3 - Buescher "Top Hat and Cane", 400 series, Model S-1 Alto Sax for sale.

Yanagisawa 902 Soprano for sale.

Aug. 2 - 1950's Bundy (Buescher) Alto Sax for sale.

July 31 - Selmer Series 9* Full Boehm Bb Soprano Clarinet.

Claude Lakey "Apollo" Alto mpcs. - Aluminum vs. Brass

July 30 - King Zephyr Alto for sale.

I've redone the webpage for this Vintage Conn Soprano.
It is Nickel-plated or chrome-plated instead of the normal silver-plated horn which is prone to tarnish.

July 28 - I'm gonna go over to the Atwood Street Fest at 3 p.m. today, Saturday which means....I am closing early.
Call me (608-279-9744) if questions.

July 27 - Otto Link "Super" Tone Master - Florida - 7* Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Can I recommend the following for fellow Madisonians?
Atwood Street Fest:
- Phox - Sat. 3 p.m.
- People Brothers Band - Sat. 6:40 p.m.

And OPA! GReeKFeST - East Washington
Sat. 3-9
Sun. 11-6

Check out the Butterflies at Olbrich.

July 23 - Early Yanagisawa Curved Soprano. Immaculate condition.

July 19 - 1930 Conn Alto. A refurb contender.

July 18 - Another extremely nice Yanagisawa Soprano.
I am guessing it is a model 902? Anybody gainsay me?

And early Beaugnier Soprano.

July 15 -
Selmer Bass Clarinet, goes down to Low C.
Selmer Serie III Soprano Sax in for octave mechanism repair.

July 14 - Just finished refurbing/repadding a Noblet "Plateau" Clarinet

July 12 - I have a good selection of Mouthpiece Bite Patches in stock.
I've been carrying the Runyon patches for years. I now have the HollywoodWinds bite patches. They come in 4 varieties: 3mm and 8mm thick, Clear and Black.
I also have Yamaha bite patches, as well as Vandoren.

July 8 - Working on an excellent Yani 880 Low A Bari Sax.

Stocking up on Harmonicas.

July 6 - First time I have seen what I assume is an original Martin Lyre for a 'The Martin Alto' (Committee III).

Vandoren Optimum (tenor, bari, alto) mouthpieces. In stock and ready to be testplayed.

July 3 - Vandoren V5 "Jazz" Alto Mouthpiece

July 1, 2012 - Got in a Jupiter Bari Sax neck. I got it because I was told it is a good replacement for a Selmer Mk VI neck. But alack, I do not have a Mk VI bari here to try it on. I will update this webpage as soon as I have the opportunity.

June 25 - Lovely early Yamaha YTS-61 pro tenor. A real pleasure.

June 22 - And here's a Selmer Super Action 80 Serie I Soprano

June 20 - Here's an early Selmer SA-80 Alto Sax. Very strong player.

My workbench overflows with repairs. Keeping me hopping...little time for the internet, but I wanted to get some photos of the Selmer alto up.

June 16 - Vintage Bundy Tenor neck.

June 9 -King Vox Ampliphonic Octavoice I Effects Box

I am such a DunderHead! This Holton Bari Sax truly is a Revelation. I sat there staring at the octave mechanism for at least 15 minutes before it dawned on me that it has THREE OCTAVE KEYS. I mean...I saw each of the three keys, but I never did the simple act of counting to realize there are three. Go figure. The Low octave key is open for D (bottom of lower stack) through G at the bottom of the upper stack. The Medium Key is open from A in the upper stack to C#. And finally the High octave key is open from D and up. Bingo Bongo.

A couple of nice Brilhart Bari Mpcs (with nice ligatures):
Brilhart Ebolin Spcial Bari Sax Mpc and
Brilhart Tonalin "2" Bari Sax Mpc.

June 5 - Holton "Revelation" Model 215 Bari Sax

June 4 -
Marquette Waterfront Festival is next weekend, Sat. and Sun., June 9 & 10.

June 2 - Rovner #4R "Bass Sax" Ligature.

June 1 - Runyon Mouthpiece Factory.

May 24 - LOCOPARASAXO. I just love saying that. LOCOPARASAXO

May 22 - I've been dividing my time between this website and the Doctor Sax facebook page.
Just not enough hours in the day to work on both.

Meyer-style hard rubber alto sax mouthpieces.

May 10 - I hadn't seen this before:

The information below provides an overview of the present and recent past neck offerings for Yamaha saxes. These are approximate and general descriptions. As with flute headjoints, mouthpieces, etc....the best way to know the individual differences is to play test and compare the necks at your local Yamaha dealer to fit your personal taste. Not all variations are still in production or in plentiful stock, but must can be ordered. Check with your local Yamaha dealer for pricing and availability.

G1 CUSTOM - The most open blowing, full-bodied tone with the most flexibility in the upper register. Standard on the current 82Z Custom saxes. Constructed from a sheet of "french style" brass.
G1 - Hydro formed version of Handmade Custom G1 (labled G1). It is a less expensive model standard on 62II and current Allegro models. The material is Japanese yellow brass made from a tube instead of a sheet. The sound is between the original 62 neck and the G1 Custom
G3 CUSTOM - Like the G1 with a bit more resistence, a warmer sound, and added upper register pitch control. Constructed from a tube of "French style" brass.
V1 CUSTOM - This model is close to the characteristics of the G1, with a more centered tone and added upper register control. Currently standard on the YAS-875EX. Constructed from a sheet of "French style" brass.
F1 CUSTOM - Provides more highs, projections and "punch". A more focused and free-blowing open feel (tenor and soprano only) Some people feel it has more flexibility in the upper register than the M1. Constructed from a sheet of "French style" brass. (Discontinued)
M1 CUSTOM - A nice focus with a well-defined and lively resonant tone, but with a bit smaller bore. Was available in alto or tenor only (original 875-type) Constructed from a sheet of "French style" brass. (Discontinued)
475 - (62 original) Annealed Japanese yellow brass. Known for an excellent, lively response and even intonation--installed now on the 475 model as a "Pro" feature. Constructed from a sheet of "French style" brass.
ADVANTAGE/23 MODELS/52 MODELS - This has excellent response and intonation, with a more straightforward (basic) tone than the Custom or Pro models. The material is Japanese yellow brass, made from a tube instead of a sheet.

GOLD-PLATED - More overtones/color to the sound and some people say darker. The process involves silver plating underneath the gold plating.
SILVER-PLATED - More clarity, quicker response and more highs for excellent projection.
UNLACQUERED - This has a lively, quick response with the least resistance and full spectrum harmonics. Some players feel less projection or focus. It supplies the most feedback to the player of all neck finishes.
BLACK LACQUERED - Dark, centered tone with some resistance.

It finishes by essentially saying all this is subjective. Duh.

May 9 - Some info on Winslow ligatures. Please let me know if you can gainsay any of the info I present here.
Upgraded sax neckstraps.

May 8 - Repair/refurbish Old Winslow Ligature.

May 5 - Just got in the Claude Lakey Apollo Aluminum Alto and Tenor mouthpieces.
I also have the Lakey Apollo Brass 7* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece.

April 30 - Guy Hawkins Alto Sax "6" (0.071" tip opening) Mouthpiece

Apr. 29 - Ponzol "Silver Line" Alto and Tenor Mouthpieces.

Apr. 25 - Starting to ramp up selection of Clarinet barrels.

April 23 - Custom Vito style oval LH thumb rest.

April 20 - A nice Winslow Bari Sax/Bass Clarinet ligature.

Ummm, I guess I need to stipulate that shipping is not included in the prices shown on this website.
If you come in and pick up the item, there is no shipping cost (though there will be state sales tax).
If you want the item shipped, you will have to pay shipping.
If you are overseas and your country assesses customs duties or VAT (Value Added Tax), that is not included in the price listed here.

Apr. 17 - Back from the NAPBIRT conference. Highly informative.

I got a nod from the Vox website.

Apr. 5 - I will working on this nice Yamaha YAS-21 Alto Sax.

Also have gotten in a Holton Model 666 two-tone alto sax for repair.

Apr. 4 - I am a poor and ignorant facebook user, but nonetheless, here is my Doctor Sax facebook thing.

Apr. 3 - I have a very nice Noblet Laureate (Model 45) Clarinet for sale. Il est tres agreable.

Mar. 23- Here are the photos of the Buescher True Tone Alto I have for sale. Check out the price.

Some local folks here have been telling me what I should ought to be doing.
I should ought to be updating my website more often.
I should ought to update my Doctor Sax Facebook acount.
I should ought to let folks know that I have the largest selection of reeds, mouthpieces, neckstraps, etc. of maybe any bricks and mortar store in the whole of the United States of America. Is that possible? All I know is that I got a lot of them.

Mar. 23 - Posts here on my website have been getting far and few inbetween. Apologies. I am still here...just doing a lot more repair work on horns than I am handling new horns for sale. For those of you local to Madison, WI...I do have a bunch of saxes and some nice clarinets and flutes too.

Pursuant to that, I just got in some very nice horns:
- Vito Tenor Sax
- Penzel-Mueller Full Boehm Wooden Clarinet
- Buescher Gold-plated True-Tone Alto Sax (s/n 204xxx)***No pix yet.

All of them aggressively, temptingly, beguilingly priced.

I am thinking about listing these and other things on my Doctor Sax facebook account. But it seems like a fair amount of my clients choose not to use facebook.
If I have trouble just keeping my website up to date, how much worse will I do when I also have to update my Doctor Sax facebook as well.
Frankly, I would rather spend my time working on horns rather than taking photos and posting on the internet.
Same reason I steer clear of SOTW (Sax on the Web). Easy to spend a couple hours a day there. And then there is eBay. What a time sink it all is.

March 8 - Throw out your tranditional, analog instruments...now, with a iPhone, the proper app and a BLOWAY mouthpiece you can step up to modern nusic making. As the inventor says: "Now everything makes sense."

Just got a call from a guy looking to get rid of a brass sousaphone. He called it a tuba, but from his description it sounds like a sousaphone. He says it is engraved "KINGS" (not "King") but he was a little iffy about that. He says that the recyclers will give him $45 as scrap brass. If anybody is interested, contact me and I'll give you his telephone number. If he doesn't hear back in a week, it's going out to be scrapped.

Feb. 19 - Parti-colored Sax

Feb. 12 - Price cut on this lovely Dolnet M70 Tenor Sax
A Valentine's Day Special for Sax Lovers.

For sale: Martin Indiana Alto Sax. Indian engraving, adjustable right-hand thumbhook, etc.

Feb. 9 - Ancia Saxophone Quartet performing at the Chazen, this Sun., Feb.12 at 12:30
"Sunday Afternoon from the Chazen"
Works by Ives, Glazounov, Mallonee, Albright, Absil
Chazen Museum of Art
800 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Free Admission and broadcast live on WI Public Radio

Feb. 8 - A Yamaha 450N Wood Clarinet for sale.

Feb. 7 - Who knows where the time goes?

Here's a bari sax mouthpiece new to the shop...the Rousseau "Jazz" JDX7 bari sax mpc.

Jan. 22 - Did I put up the pix of this Conn Connstellation 28M alto sax?
It is a honey of a horn. Needs some work, but it is well worth it.

Working on a very nice Amati tenor sax. I am tempted to retrofit adjustment screws on the linkage bar on the F# key that links to the G# and Bb bis.
It'd be way too uggggllly to silver solder a couple of small nuts to the bar and use small bolts as adjustment screws. Maybe I can move a Yamaha part over to the Amati that'd do the job, but not look too ugly.
I plan to take and post pix before the horn leaves the shop.

Jan. 17 - Okay, now we here in Madison are getting some snow.

I took new photos of this "The Martin Alto" Committee III alto sax.

And here are some more Bari Sax mouthpieces:
An Eric Greiffenhagen "Double Chamber" Hard Rubber 0.105" - 0.110"
[I measure it at 0.105", but it is marked 0.110"]
and an RIA 8 metal (0.124")

Jan. 11-
50-odd degrees and clear today.
20-odd degrees tomorrow and a blanket of snow.
Bring it on baby...long overdue.

Woo hoo! Sat. is Double Reed Day.

Why do these Yanagisawa alto necks have this little strip of metal on the underside? It can't be a brace can it?

Dec. 23 - Here are the lyrics of some of my favorite Christmas Carols as a .doc file.
I print them out and bellow them out at the least provocation...especially if I am all noggy and toddy.

Dec. 8 - Going to Sax Repair Seminar at NAPBIRT in Bloomington, IL this weekend. As a consequence Doctor Sax Woodwinds will be closed from Fri., 12/9, noon, until Tues., 12/13, 10 a.m. I will be back in town on Monday, so I will schedule hours by appt. on Monday as normal.

This Buescher soprano has more keys per inch on a single rod than any other horn that comes to mind.

Customer says: "Seems like the Low Eb is leaking."

Added a couple more keyguards to the KeyGuard Gallery

Nov. 21 - I have a lovely Yamaha YSS-675 Soprano Sax for sale.
As well as a Buffet Super Dynaction Alto.
Both "aggressively" priced.

Price decrease on this rare Dolnet M70 tenor.

Nov. 14 - Updated Left-hand pinkie Sax Key Cluster Gallery

Nov. 10 - To reiterate, I have a couple of Noblet Eb Clarinets up for sale on eBay:
One is a Noblet Normandy Eb Clarinet, and the other ...
Is an eponymous Noblet Eb Clarinet


Tomorrow is 11/11/11

Tuesday - November 8th, 2011
Turns out that doctor Sax Woodwinds will be closed Fri - Sat (11/11-13)
My apologies for the inconvenience.

Nov. 7th - The Theo Wanne mouthpieces will be here most all week...but the majority will head back to the Great Pacific Northwest on Friday.
The mouthpieces are listed below. One alto, two sopranos, four tenors. The Durga bari was strong...now we're checking out the Durga alto and tenor. Plus some larger tip openings on some of the tenors. Plus the Whatchamacallit soprano in 7 and 8 tip openings.

Look out...IT'S A BOMB!
Tiger Balm that is.

Anastrophically Yoda speaks.

November 5 -
Hey. Check out the season debut of the Middleton Community Orchestra.
Wednesday, November 9, 2011; 7:30 p.m.
At the lovely Middleton Performing Arts Center

The theme for their debut concert of 2011 is title "The French Connection":
- Berlioz - Les Franc-Juges Overture
- Debussey - "Fetes" from Nocturnes
- Faure - Pelleas and Melisande
- Chabrier - Espana
- Franck - Finale from Symphony in D Minor

Be sure to linger afterwards to say "Hi" to Larry Bevic and Mindy Taranto.

I have a couple of Noblet Eb Clarinets up for sale on eBay.
One is a Noblet Normandy Eb Clarinet, and the other ...
Is an eponymous Noblet Eb Clarinet

I am getting in a second group of Wanne mouthpieces to trial. They should be here most of the week, 11/7 - 11/11.
Here are the ones coming in:
Nov. 7 - 11, 2011
SATB ModeL Mat'l Tip Opening
SopranoGaiaHR7 – 0.065”
SopranoGaiaHR8 – 0.070”
TenorDurgaMetal9 – 0.120”
AltoDurgaMetal8 – 0.086”
TenorDattaMetal9 – 0.120"
TenorBrahmaMetal8 – 0.110"
TenorKaliMetal9 – 0.120”

Nov. 2 - THE COMMON COCKCHAFER [Melolontha Melolontha]

Cultural references:
Children since antiquity have played with cockchafers. In ancient Greece, boys caught the insect, tied a linen thread to its feet and set it free, amusing themselves to watch it fly in spirals. English boys in Victorian times played a very similar game by sticking a pin through one of its wings. Nikola Tesla recalls that as a child he made one of his first "inventions" — an "engine" made by harnessing four cockchafers in this fashion.

The cockchafer is featured in a German children's rhyme similar to the English Ladybird, Ladybird:

Maikäfer flieg...
Dein Vater ist im Krieg
Deine Mutter ist in Pommerland
Pommerland ist abgebrannt
Maikäfer flieg!

Cockchafer fly...
Your father is at war
Your mother is in Pomerania
Pomerania is burned to the ground
Cockchafer fly!
[Typical German childish frivolity.]

The verse dates back to the Thirty Years' War in the first half of the 17th Century, in which Pomerania was pillaged and suffered heavily. Since World War II, it is associated in Germany also with the closing months of that war, when Russian troops advanced into Eastern Germany.

Cockchafers also play a part in Hans Christian Andersen's version of Thumbelina (1835).

The cockchafer was the basis for the "fifth trick" in the well-known illustrated German book Max and Moritz dating from 1865.

In the novel The Siege of Krishnapur (1973.) by J.G. Farrell, the character Lucy rips off her clothes and faints upon being covered in a swarm of cockchafers. [This I gotta read.]

There have been five Royal Navy ships named HMS Cockchafer.

The binomial nomenclature Melolontha melolontha was mentioned in an episode of Bones (TV series)(2005) entitled "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" as Dr.s Brennan and Hodgins enter the lab, Dr. Hodgins said he came in (to the Lab) early to see if his Melolontha
melolontha had hatched.

Oct. 29th - Royal Steel Ball can address all your steel ball needs!
Be sure to inquire about their selection of miscellaneous balls:
- Ballizing
- Ballast
- Ornamental
- Slingshots

Still no source for brass balls, except of course, Alec Baldwin.

Oct. 17 - Early Autumn sunlight in the shop.

Oct. 16 -This "Artistic Savant" website looks interesting.
There's a lot of video there.

Checkout the one for this kid, Matt Savage who plays the piano.
The video is 5 minutes long and he doesn't get started playing until 30 or 60 seconds into the video, but once he does, I feel it is well worthwhile to sit through the entire 5 min's.

Oct. 14 -
Now in stock:
P. Mauriat Alto
P. Mauriat Tenor

Heute ist der erste des Monats Oktober!
That is what Google Translate tells me is German for "Today is the first day of October!"

I have the following Theo Wanne sax mouthpieces in for evaluation:
AMMA -- ALTO -- 5 -- HR
AMMA -- ALTO -- 6 -- WOOD
KALI -- ALTO -- 6 -- HR
Gotta figure if I want to keep any/all of them. As you probably know, they are far from cheap.

I've got a couple of brand new P. Mauriats in stock for sale...one alto and one tenor.
Both are the rolled tonehole models, with 'Cognac" lacquer.
Also got a very nice Yamaha YAS-52 alto sax for sale, but haven't taken photos or written a webpage for it.
Also have in a very nice vintage Conn nickel-plated (I assume. Couldn't be chrome-plated could it?) soprano sax. Serial number = 129xxx.

Just got in a Martin Lion and Crown (Committee I?) tenor (relacq.) and a Conn C Soprano in for consignment.
But both need some degree of refurbishment.

I've got in Vandoren V16 Alto mpces A5S, A6S, A7S.
I've got in two Rousseau Alto Jazz JDX6's and one Rousseau Studio Jazz Alto SJ5 mpces
I thought I had a Rousseau Studio Jazz Alto SJ6 mpce in stock, but I don't see it. Did I sell it?
I've got two Rousseau Studio Jazz Soprano mpces in stock, one SJ7 and one SJ8.
I got in a Vandoren B46 Bass Clarinet mpc.

I am in the midst or repadding a Martin Tenor and a Conn C-Mel.
Also a Yamaha YAS-61.

Things are hopping! There is no end to it.

Sept. 30th -Conn Factory Photos, Circa 1911

Sept. 26 - Melting Points of Metals

Sept. 22 - I've been waiting for the back-to-school rush of work to slow down, but it doesn't seem to be doing so.
Thank you one and all for your business.
I have just curtailed the hours I am open (see above) in the attempt to get caught up with work backlogs.
I need to make this and other changes in order to maintain quality and to decrease repair times.

Sept. 18 - Arrrgggh! Arrr-arrr-arrrr. Tomorrow, Monday, is "Talk Like a Pirate Day!"

Sept. 5 - Now that we've started the months with an "R" in them, it is none too early to remember that Mon., Sept 19th, is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!"
A scant two weeks! ARRRRR!

Sept. 1 -Okay, we've crossed over into pre-Autumn.

Check out the price on THIS LIGATURE.
This is going into the display case next to the Eddie Harris mouthpieces.

Aug. 28 - Now, a King 613 alto sax for sale.

Here is ONE PICTURE of the vehicle next to the shop.

And here is ANOTHER ONE.

The Tarantula Hawk

Aug. 17 - Yanagisawa 991/981 Tenor Sax Neck

Aug. 10 - In addition to the Ponzol SS alto mouthpiece... I just got in a Ponzol "Vintage" Gold-Anodized Tenor Sax 105 mpce.

Aug. 5 -
Yamaha YBS-52 Low A Bari Sax

Yanagisawa 880 Tenor Sax

Aug. 4 - I will be closed Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have in the Rousseau "Studio Jazz" SJ5 (0.069") tip opening alto sax mouthpiece. It's a great alto mpce...strong similarity to a Meyer.

Aug. 3 - Ponzol Alto Stainless Steel Mouthpiece.

Aug. 2 - A nice old guy brought in a 1920's Conn trumpet, hoping to get some info about it.
Anybody help me out? Is there a good website for trumpets...something like saxpics.com?

Aug. 1 - Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir - SWEET HOME ALABAMA
Nothin' unusual about that.

July 28 -
Greek Fest this weekend. Opa! Retsina for everybody.

Atwood SummerFest this weekend too.

July 27 - I need a couple of garbage bags full of syrofoam peanuts...so if you have some cluttering up your basement/closet/garage...I'd love to have 'em.

July 23rd - I bought a package of 100 single-edge razor blades.
The warning printed on the side of the package starts out: "CAUTION: These blades are extremely sharp. etc."

July 22 - NAUCC 2011 (North American Unicycle Convention and Competition) will be in town.

Photos of a lovely old Buescher Sopranino.

July 12 - An excellent interactive Color Wheel for selecting colors for color schemes.

July 11 - Are you interested in Peter Ponzol saxophone mouthpieces?
My distributor started carrying them. I am going to try something different.
Usually I order one or two and hope I get the right sizes in the right material for the right instruments.
This time I am going to let you order them from me and I will ship them direct from my distributor.
Usually, when I have them in stock, I check them out, playtest them, take photos and write a webpage.
But for these Ponzols, I will never see them, they will ship direct from my distributor to you.
You can take a look at what is available
If you want to order something, drop me an e-mail: Kim@DoctorSax.biz
I can send you a PayPal invoice. When you pay it, I will have my distributor ship the mouthpiece.
I am going to charge $8 shipping, in addition to the price listed.
If this proves to be popular, I will implement some shopping cart functionality to streamline it.
The down side? I have not checked these out for quality control or playability. And there are no returns.
The plus side? These look to be cheaper than most places I checked.
These mouthpieces have not been picked over like the ones you might order from WWBW and other places. It is very likely that those mpcs. have been shipped out for innumerable trials and the good-playing mouthpieces have been purchased while the poor-playing ones have been returned to be shipped out again.
You can go to the Ponzol website or other places if you want info.
But I have never seen these mouthpieces in person, so I don't have much to say about them.

July 6 - Mark your calendar for Steely Dane, August 25th.

July 5 = Here is a Dolnet M70 Tenor Sax. You're not going to see many M70's around. It comes from the near the end of the Dolnet production run. They had it pretty well figured out, all except how to make a profit and stay in business.

June 27 - The Selmer Serie II SA-80 Tenor Sax is still for sale at the low price of $2000. This price is good only until July 18th, after which this horn will no longer offered for sale! There have been a number of inquiries, but no one has made a committment yet.

There's an genuine Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mouthpiece up for sale on eBay.

I think I like THIS VERSION of Rudy Wiedoeft's "Sax-O-Phun" better than RUDY'S VERSION, though I am not sure...Rudy's somehow seems more "authentic", which is probably a stupid thing to say.

June 26 -
Just in: a sweet Yamaha YTS-34II "Allegro" Tenor Sax.

June 25 - Your basic ordinary everyday Weltklang Alto Sax.

June 24 - And now...a price cut of $500 (from $2500 down to $2000) on this wonderful Selmer Serie II SA-80 Tenor Sax.
Go to eBay and you will see these will be $1,000 - $3,000 or more than this.
You will not find a better value on a professional Selmer saxophone.
NOTE: This price is good only until July 18th!

June 23 - Another price drop on this excellent "Vox" "Duke" Beaugnier tenor sax.

June 18 - H.N. White "King" Cleveland 613 Alto Sax neck.

June 13 - Maybe you should ought to check out Madison Area Youth Chamber Orchestra .

June 11 - Turnabout is fair play.... homeowner forecloses on bank. June 4 - Wow, first I have heard of a Haynes sterling silver Thermoclarinet.
Here is ONE LINK and here is ANOTHER LINK.

Better hurry up and bid on this Octavin on eBay.

Professor of Hot Dogs at the Hot Dog University

June 1 - It's a beeyootiful day in the neighborhood!

How to receive in new Berg Larsen mouthpieces:
-First, wash out the mouthpieces since they don't bother to do so at the factory and they are full of nasty grey metal dust that turns neck corks black.
-Second, reglue any bite plates that fall off the mouthpieces when washing them. 50% fell off (one out of two).
-Third, check to make sure that the entrance into the bore, where the neck cork goes, doesn't have a sharp burr which will tear up the neck cork. If it does, break out the Dremel and do what ought to have been done in the factory.
-Fourth, check the tip opening to see how far out of specs they are. The 110/1 alto measures 0.106" and the 105/2 tenor measures 0.105" (gasp, it's a miracle!)
-Then, and only then, you can see how they play.

Up for your perusal and amusal is an excellent SML Rev. D tenor sax.
A strong player with that unique, dark SML tone.
When you come in to testplay it, you can contrast it with this lovely "Lucerne", SML stencil which is in beautiful condition.
And I have an SML Rev. C alto sax for sale of which I will be taking photos and putting up a webpage.

I bought a Stubbins system clarinet to refurbish.

The Buescher curved soprano has been sold.

Thog can make those pads seal!!

May 28 - How the heck can 8 or 9 days go by without an entry here?
The days flash by like I was Rod Taylor in the Time Machine.

Hey can anybody clue me in as to how to get Windows Media Player to display Artist, Song and Album really large on my PC monitor so I can see it from across the room?

Stupid MusicMedic keeps being out of stock on various pads in various sizes and putting them on backorder.
They do, however, take full payment for the pads ordered whether they send them right away or put them on back order
Their inability to take care of business makes it difficult for me to do so.
I am fond of comparing it to walking into a convenience store and finding they don't have any cola or chips for sale.
But while there are lots of convenience stores, all carrying the same products, that's not the case with sax pads.
If I were more paranoid, I would consider it a business strategy on their part to make me stock more pads here at the shop so I don't have to depend on them.
I guess I need to find an alternate supplier, but I don't want to fork out the money necessary to stock a whole 'nother line of pads in every size.

May 19 -
Price cut on Buescher Curved Soprano

May 17 - Oh my gosh! The North American DiscWorld convention will be held in Madison this summer. How did I not know this?

May 16 - Heckelphone Clarinet
It has nothing to do with Heckle and Jeckle.

May 12 -

Here's a video of Jukka Perko, a saxplayer from Finland. It looks like he is playing an old Martin "Imperial" from the 1930's. Near the end of the video, two ladies are joking about how someone can destroy a spiritual song like that (the tune is better known as a psalm or a hymn in Finland). They were hoping that children weren't awake to hear that.. quite a sarcastic conversation.

May 11 - Brand spanking new...Claude Lakey Apollo gold-plated brass tenor mouthpiece.
Here is my favorite photo.

Vintage instrument - 35,000 year old flute.

May 10 - I am planning to go to the Madison Community Orchestra Concert at Mitby Hall at MATC this Friday, May 13, at 7:30 p.m.

And don't miss the Middleton Community Orchestra Concert, June 1.

May 6 - One of the brand new, factory fresh metal Berg Larsen mouthpieces I got in had a sharp burr around the interior lip of the bore.
I rashly tried to put it on a sax neck and totally destroyed the cork.
If it was cheaper, I would have kept it as it was to use as a tool to strip corks off of sax necks.
But instead, I filed the burr off and then polished it.

May 5 -
Clay Lyons gettin' down to bidness.

Some postal rates increased unbeknownst to me.
Priority flat-rate small box is now $5.20.
Signature confirmation went from $1.95 to $2.45.
That means it cost $7.65 to ship a mouthpiece via that route.

Here in Wisconsin, Paramount Records produced a large percentage of recordings of African-Americans or so-called "race records" during the 1917 - 1932, in Grafton, WI.

May 3 - For sale - Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax serial number 723030 (1975 - 1980).
Plays well and easily. A far sight better than a Bundy II.
- $195 for just the horn alone, no case.
--- OR ---
- $245 for the horn plus soft gig bag, Graftonite mouthpiece, ligature, neckstrap.

Apr. 30 - Lyon & Healy, Wabash Ave., Chicago

Apr. 29 - I LOVE the Fortune Cookie fortunes I get from Wong's Garden.

Apr. 28 - Who's the Best in Midwest Music?

I really like this video of a Charlie Parker tune and some of the other similar ones.

Apr. 27 - Anyplace in town (Madison, WI) that sells Schweppes "Bitter Lemon"? How about "Tahitian Treat"?
Also looking for someplace that carries Retsina wine (Opa!). I called Wooodman's, they said they had it, but when I showed up....nada. Dagnabbit.

Apr. 21 - A client forwarded a link to me of someone playing a 1923 Buescher curved soprano
which I imagine to be very similar to the one I have for sale.

Apr. 13 - Oh my gosh...Friday the 13th came on a Wednesday this month!

Check out this svelte brass beauty, a Selmer SA-80 Serie II Tenor Sax.
Ready for duty.

April 11, 2011-
Clean off your computer screen.

Apr. 8 - Price decrease on Beaugnier "Vox" Made in France Tenor Sax .

Got in a beautiful condition Selmer Serie II Tenor Sax today. It'll be priced substantially under $3000. I'll be checking it over, doing any necessary tweaks and then it is off for a photo session, sound sample recording, write and host a webpage...that is, unless someone walks in the door and buys it first. I see one for sale in Evanston for $3195.

Apr. 6 -
Charlie Parker vs. Beatles vs. Elvis Presley
Parker vs. Monk vs. Miles

Decorah Eagle Webcam

Apr. 5 -
The History of Pitch Variations in Western Music

Pitch Standards from the Conn Loyalist.

Apr. 4 - Mark your calendars for the Madison Mellophonium Jazz Orchestra performance on April 15th. Woot!

Quite a performance by Raaf Hekkema
Here's his WEBSITE. I found his sax modification description to be very interesting. Among other things, they drilled some 20 holes in the neck looking for the right place, only to find none were correct.

Apr. 2 - I got no time for Jibber Jabber!

A really neat Shakuhachi Flute website.

Mar. 29 - There was a street festival here in Madison and there was a gal playing clarinet in a Klezmer band. The drummer was right behind her and all that her mic was picking up was the drummer...you couldn't even hear the clarinet. The solution? Dispense with a mic altogether and go with a pickup in the barrel of your clarinet.
Here is the Pickup and Cord
and here are the Pickup Ports and Plugs.

You are feeling sleeepy

Mar. 28 - Yamaha wrote back to me in regards to the YTS-2X1 tenor I am working on.

Mar. 27 - A brand new Venus Curved Soprano Sax

Mar. 24 -
I have two 1922 Conn C-Melody's up for sale.
One is Silver-plated.
The other is lacquered brass.

March 20 - Just got done giving a good going-over to a Selmer Super Balanced Action alto and it is now available for sale.

March 19 - Hey...remember that YTS-2x1 I mentioned a few days ago? I am repadding it. After I had all the pads off and was cleaning the body, I noticed that about half the tonehole chimneys were soldered-in while the other half were drawn. Crazy, hunh? I've never heard of a Yamaha with soldered-in toneholes. It really makes me think that it was a prototype for the YTS-23 horn.
The low D and low C tonehole chimneys were halfway unsoldered, so I had to solder them back in.
You can go HERE if you want to see photos.

Mar. 17 - Anders Svanoe's latest CD reviewed in All About Jazz.

Mar. 16 -
I just got into stock a lovely, great-playing Vito (Yamaha) Tenor Sax for sale.
I also have in a Vito (KHS) Tenor sax for sale. KHS is the company that makes Jupiter saxes.

March 14 - Ever seen a Yamaha YTS-2X1 Tenor?
Quite possibly more obscure than the YTS-31 I sold a while back.

Mar. 13 -
Sexy Saxman Serenade
Saxophone Hip Training
Trippiest Video Ever?

Mar. 11 - Sonny Rollins receives National Medal of Arts.

March 9 -
Here's my fortune cookie fortune from lunch today:
"Your sparkling eyes shed a healing light on those you meet."
It is a heavy burden to bear, but I will strive to be worthy.

Mar. 8 -
A pair of vintage Neumann Microphones for sale.

I have in for sale a Armstrong 3070B Baritone Saxophone made by Keilwerth.
The fellow who does the sound samples said this is the best sounding bari sax I have ever had for sale here at shop that he has played.

Mar. 7th -
Here is a Vito Soprano made by Yanigasawa

I now have sound samples up for the following mouthpieces:
Brilhart Alto Mpces:
- Tonalin 3
- Ebolin 3* -Poor condition, but playable
- Ebolin 3 "Designed by Arnold Brilhart", Great Neck
- Ebolin 2* Hard Rubber

Link ToneEdge Early Babbitt Alto Mpces:
- Early Babbitt Tone Edge 5*
- Early Babbitt Tone Edge 7*

Gregory Alto Mpce:
- Gregory Model A; 4A-18

Link Metal Tenor Mpces:
- 4**** Model
- "Super" Tone Master 5
- "Super" Tone Master 6
- "Super" Tone Master 7*
- "Super" Tone Master 9
- Early Babbit STM 8*

Berg Larsen Tenor Mpces:
- Vintage Berg Ebonite 95/0/M

This one is a new, factory fresh mouthpiece:
- Berg Metal Tenor 100/2/M "New" style (straight baffle)

Mar. 3 -
Get Your Freak On!

Feb. 22 -
From the 1950's, a very early Selmer Mark VI alto neck.

Some King Octavoice II gear.

Feb. 21 - I special ordered a Berg Larsen Tenor Stainless Steel Tenor Mouthpiece...in particular the so-called "New" tenor with the straight baffle instead of the bullet cutout in the baffle.
I ordered 100/2 M, but when I received it (after two and a half months) I measured the tip opening at 0.091" instead of the 0.100" it ought to've been. Most of the Bergs that I have ordered have run 0.005" to 0.010" larger than marked, so I was thinking this 0.100 might end up around 0.105" but it ends up 0.009" smaller.
To put it mildly, I find this very frustrating.
This is the measuring device I use and I get very accurate and consistent readings on the Babbitt products, like Meyers and Links.
What gives?

Feb. 16 - The moon is waxing gibbous.

The Middleton Community Orchestra will be performing next Wed., Feb. 23.
Liadov: Baba-Yaga, Op.56; Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Op.61; Saint-Saens and Bizet: Arias from Samson & Deliliah and Carmen; Liszt: Les Préludes.

A friend and client writes to me: "Another interesting saxophonist from roughly the same period who was head and shoulders above his contemporaries was the early Coleman Hawkins."
And he sends this YouTube link by way of example.
1929 would have put Coleman Hawkins at about 25 years old, playing with a famous roster of musicians.

Feb. 15 - I got a call from a client who informed me that the sax player on:
"Tank!" (minute 1:50)
is essentially "lip synching" the part...and that the fellow on stage is just pretending to play.
Shame on me for not paying attention.

Feb. 12 - I got in a new Meyer 7MM Alto Mouthpiece. But I sold the 6MM I had in stock. I will get another 6MM, but it will take a while.

My son turned me on to The Seatbelts. They did the music (all? some?) for Cowboy Bebop, a Japanese Anime series.
Here is "Tank!" the opening theme song being done live. Big band sort of think, might want to turn your computer volume down a bit.
And HERE it is with the animation video.

"Midtown" written by Tom Waits
Bad Dog, No Biscuits
Cowboy BeBop has some nice stuff in the soundtrack.

As long as we're wasting time on the Internet....
Barney Miller (Jack Elliott - composer)
Seinfield (Jonathon Wolff?)
Night Court (Jack Elliott - composer)
Sanford and Son (Quincy Jones)
Taxi ("Angela" - Bob James)
And of course....Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini)

Here are some more suggestions, some of which stray outside the "Jazz" theme:
Fat Albert
Bill Cosby Show
Route 66
77 Sunset Strip
Burke's Law
Perry Mason
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Saint
Mike Hammer (Harlem Nocturne)
Streets of San Francisco
Mission Impossible

Feb. 11 - Here I am, hard at work.
Or at least, that is how it feels.

Feb. 4 - I finnnalllly finished repadding this 1923 Buescher Curved Soprano Sax.

And I finished up a Yamaha YAS-23 alto which is available for sale at $375. Not sure what it costs to rent one...$35 or $40 a month?

Jan. 30 - Also got in Claude Lakey Alto and Tenor mpce. Also got in a Beechler white diamond alto mouthpiece.
I've got a refaced Sumner Acousticut alto that'll arrive next week.
And an Arbex alto.
Oh, in addition to the Runyon Smooth Bore Bari #14 (0.126" tip opening) I mention below, I also got in a Runyon Smooth Bore Bari #13 (0.120")
Frankly, I've gotten in so many mouthpieces, it is getting hard to keep track of them all.

Jan. 26 - A couple more new Baritone Sax mouthpieces in stock:

A Runyon Smooth Bore Baritone Sax #14 mouthpiece.

And a Berg Larsen Ebonite 110/0 SMS Baritone Sax mouthpiece.

Jan. 17 - Made an emergency repair over the weekend. A fellow with a lovely silver Selmer Serie III tenor had the B key pad fall out.
When I examined the pad, I saw that it had one large glob of shellac under one side of the pad. The other side had no adhesive at all.
Here is a PHOTO.
Makes me wonder how many of the other pads are the same.
I think most, if not all, repair techs heat the keypan, coat the keypan with shellac or hotmelt glue and press the pad in place, spreading the adhesive for an excellent bond.
Life is probably different in the factory.

Jan. 16 - A couple of new horns for sale...

A French Vito Tenor Sax, made by Beaugnier.

And a really nice Yanagisawa Elimona Soprano.

Jan. 9 - Updated my MOUTHPIECE INVENTORY (Jan. 9, 2011)

Sub-ContraBass Recorder

Jan. 5 - Adrian Rollini, better known for his bass sax playing is HERE shown play vibes. And at minute 2:00 he switches to tubular bells.
First time I have seen tubular bells in jazz.

Dec. 27, 2010 -
@ Restaurant Magnus (120 E. Wilson St)
Tuesday, December 28, 9 p.m.
Anders Svanoe – saxophones
Jon Irabagon – saxophones

Jon Irabagon, winner of the 2008 Thelonious Monk International Saxophone Competition and
Anders Svanoe, member of the Transatlantic Art Ensemble, The Roscoe Mitchell Big Band and more, perform their duo cd release.

December 22, 2010 -
I have just this one Morgan Jazz 8M Alto Sax Mpc. for sale.

Dec. 21 -
Orly dual clarinet case (Bb & A)

Here is the final list of the clarinet mouthpieces I have gotten in the last couple weeks...ten regular Bb clarinet mouthpieces and one Bass Clarinet mouthpiece...most of them are new or like-new Vandoren mouthpieces.
Have you ever wondered what these mouthpieces are like? How they play? The subtle differences???
Now, if you are local to Madison WI, you can just come in and try them:
Vandoren 2RV
Vandoren 5JB
(2) Vandoren M13 Profile 88
(2) Vandoren B40 Profile 88
Vandoren M13 Profile 88 Lyre
Vandoren M15 Profile 88
Woodwind Co. Educator K8
Selmer "Clarion" Crystal
Pyne "Signature" Symphonic "~B" bore
Vandoren B45 Bass Clarinet
All are in excellent playing condition. Some are like-new, having only been testplayed briefly.

Dec. 18 - In 1879 at Blaxhall in Suffolk lived a molecatcher by the name of James "Sparrowhawk" Smith who it is said caught 654 moles in 32 days- 20 per day - every day no easy task with the traps of that time.

Captain Beefheart died yesterday.
James Moody died Dec. 8th.

December 10 - In addition to the Selmer "Clarion" HS* Crystal Clarinet Mpc. mentioned below,
I got in some excellent Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces.

A client of mine is looking for a Trumpet in the key of C. Leads anyone?

Dec. 8 - Did you miss the Premiere performance of the Middleton Community Orchestra?
Well, this is your chance to catch their second performance, Wed., Dec. 22, 2010.
They will be performing:
Humperdinck: Dream Pantomime from Hansel & Gretel
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite excerpts
Anderson: A Christmas Festival
Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Greensleeves
Beethoven: Christ on the Mount of Olives; with Joe Chrisman and the Westminster Chancel Choir
Tickets for sale ($10) here at Doctor Sax Woodwinds, or at the door.

Dec. 6 - Here is a lovely, vintage Selmer "Clarion" HS* Crystal Clarinet Mpc.

November 22, 2010 -
Here is an inventory of the mouthpieces that I have in stock at the shop.

Nov. 11 - The Premiere performance of the Middleton Community Orchestra was great!
I particularly enjoyed "The Dance of the Hours" by Ponchielli.
Mark your calendars for their next performance, Wed., Dec. 22, 7:30 p.m. at the Middleton Performing Arts Center.

Nov. 8 - Entries here on my website have been few and far inbetween.
Repadded a Beaugnier Special Perfect Tenor...very nice.
Started repadding a lovely made-in-France Vito tenor.

A friend turned me on to this doublepluscool Eddie Harris cut.
Go to this webpage http://www.eddieharris.com/music-room.html
Then click on "Recordings" on the piano, and then click on "Eddie Sings the Blues" (second from the bottom).
Can you tell me what instrument he is playing? What instrument he is singing through?

Oct. 28 -Virtuoso ukulele.

Oct. 12 -The Premiere Performance of the Middleton Community Orchestra will be Nov. 10

Oct. 11 -
Doctor Sax Woodwinds has moved!
But don't worry, I'm just a block up the street.
The new address is 2100 Winnebago, Unit 105.

View Larger Map
This is the former Anderson-Thomas building, set back from the street. My space is sort of behind Ford's Gym.
The will be a Grand Opening, date to be announced later.

Sept. 19 - Have you heard Jon Irabagon's new album, Foxy?. It's a real barn burner.

Sept. 17 - Check out Stumpfest today. This is in front of Alchemy bar, 1980 Atwood, (Schenk's Corners).
Be sure to check out Patrick Breiner at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

A day in the life of a wedding band

Sept 15 - I received in, but immediately sold (I think) a Runyon Smooth Bore #14 (0.126") Bari Sax Mouthpiece.
Don't worry, I will get another one in.

To this Review of Wong's Garden I can add that they have a great $4.95 lunch special.

Sept. 14 - Hadley Caliman passed away.

Sept. 9 -
Busy, busier, busiest!
Just got in a Vandoren V16 Ebonite Bari Sax B7 (0.111") Mouthpiece.
Looking pretty Berg-like.

Aug. 19 -

Sorry there's been so few updates lately. Doing a lot of back-to-school stuff.
Have you seen the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger? Here's one picture and here's another.

Aug. 12 - Old Sugar Distillery Grand Opening this Saturday, 8/14, noon - 6.
Come knock back a couple shnifters of rum in the cool of the afternoon.

Aug. 10 - Things are pretty quiet, until you get about 30 seconds into this Balinese Monkey Chant , but then the pace picks up and it gets pretty frenetic.

Aug. 9 - I was supposed to have four new Berg Larsen Bari Sax mouthpieces in stock, but I have just three, with the fourth to show up soon.
Here's the webpage. Sound samples, hi res photos, tip opening measurements...the works.
Wait, I forgot, I also have a used 105/2 M Stainless Steel Berg Bari Mpc. in stock.

Aug. 8 - Here's a little more info about Eddie Harris Tenor Sax Mouthpieces.

August 5 - Here is the webpage of the Yamaha Japan Vito Alto Sax I promised.

Out of town - Fri., Aug. 6, 4 p.m. - Sun. Aug. 8

Aug. 2 - Finished refurbishing Harwood (Buescher) C-Melody Sax for a customer. I keep meaning to take "before" pictures, but once again I forgot.

Aug. 1 - And now, a very nice Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Sax.

July 29 - I've got a nice, barely used Yamaha YTS-23 tenor sax for sale.
I don't expect it to be around the shop for long with school right around the corner.

If this clip from Zorba doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. Oopa!

July 28 - Here is a Yamaha YAS-62 Alto for sale.

July 27 - I've got in a nice Vito alto sax made by Yamaha. I've done some work on it and it's playing well. $300.
If you rent one at $40 for a month for nine months...that is $360. But you know how to do math.
I haven't taken any photos yet.

July 18 - A writeup on "Pad Life" (by MAMCO) pad treatment

July 16 - I have at least 5 Selmer S80 Alto Mouthpieces here at the shop:
2 C*'s
1 C**
1 D and
1 E
The E is brand new, the others are used.

July 15 - Alto sax mouthpiece corked to fit a alto clarinet.
Why ask why? Why not ask why not?

Custom Keyguard for a Keilwerth New King.
Added it to my Sax Keyguard Gallery.

June 14 - For those of you local to Madison, WI and environs, I extend an invitation to see the Young Shakespeare Players perform "MacBeth".
Later this summer they will perform Midsummer Night's Dream.
Performances are, by the way, free of charge.
YSP Website.

Some of you may have heard of the game called mumblety-peg.
If you have the time, perhaps make note of the varient called "split the kipper".

July 9 - here is a J.W. York and Sons tenor sax, made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Vandoren V16 T55 Metal Tenor Mpc.

July 8 -
And here is a Borg Alto Sax for sale.
I'll just go ahead and say it: "Resistance is futile."

July 6 - I finally got my Magnahelic leak detector.

I am now carrying "Pad Life" sax pad treatment (mfg by MAMCO).
$6.95 for 2 oz. bottle with applicator top.
Here is the MAMCO "Pad Life" webpage.
I have just a small number of bottles to sell to walk-in customers.
If you want to have it shipped to you, best to buy it from MAMCO directly.

Also got in the MAMCO "Sax Diaper" to check it out.

July 3 - Here is a Kessler Tenor Sax for sale.

July 1 -
Here is a Yamaha YAS-23 alto sax for sale.

Have you seen the new Dukoff website?

June 25 - I have a bunch of Runyon Mouthpieces.

June 24 - Here is a great early (1954) Mark VI alto

June 23 -
Due to popular demand, a bunch of new Runyon mouthpieces are in stock:

"Custom" soprano - Amber 7, 8 and 9 facings
"Bionix" Tenor - Blue 6 & 7; Red, 9
"Bionix" Alto - Red 6, 7 and 8; Black 12
"Custom" Alto, with spoiler - Blue 6 and 7; Black 6

June 20 -
Yamaha YCl-220 Bass Clarinet

A really lovely LeBlanc Vito Tenor Sax, made in France by Beaugnier.

June 16 -
1923 Buescher Curved Soprano

June 13 - Selmer Air Flow "C" Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

June 12 - Selmer AirFlow Metal "D" Facing Tenor Sax Mpc.

June 11 -
And now, a vintage, refaced Runyon Smoothbore tenor sax mpc.

June 10 - Check out the neck octave vent for this 1925 Buescher tenor.
That really reminds of of the MusicMedic treatment of the neck octave vent.
Seems it would essentially accomplish much the same as the 1925 Buescher vent.

Just got in a Buffet E-11 Wood clarinet...excellent condition.
$395 if I sell it in the next week or two.
Otherwise I will take photos and write a webpage for it and sell it at a higher price.

Vintage Otto Link ToneMaster Alto #4 Mouthpiece

Killer tap dance number...especially starting around minute 2:28.

June 9 - Price drop on Martin Imperial Tenor Sax...now under $1000.
This is the great and rare Martin horn from the 1930's. It is one classy horn.

A very nice Selmer USA Tenor Sax Mpc.

An excellent Noblet Alto Sax

June 8, 2010 -
Here's a couple of Baritone Saxophones for sale:
A Conn 12M and a
Reynolds SX-08 (made by Keilwerth).

What am I doing wrong? My life doesn't seem particularly stress-free.

May 29 - Here's a lovely tenor mouthpiece: It's an Vintage Otto Link ToneMaster Metal 9* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece.

May 27 - I will be out of town Friday, May 28. I leave around 9:30 a.m.

I just checked, and the Bundy Bari Sax Neck I have in stock is a good replacement for a Selmer USA Bari Sax. I hope to get in a Buescher Bari Sax and see if it would work for that too.

Now in stock - Otto Link, Early Babbitt, ToneEdge (hard rubber) #5 (0.097") Bari Sax Mpc.

May 26-
This is totally cool...A Eddie Harris Tenor Sax Mouthpiece. Be sure to listen to the "Mean Green" sound sample.

I have gotten in some Berg Larsen mouthpieces:
New HR 100-2-SMS
Metal Scoop-bill 90-2-M
Metal Scoop-bill 95-2-M
Metal Scoop-bill 110-2-M

New HR 105-2-SMS
Metal 105-2-M

May 25 -
Memorial Day Weekend Special on this SML Tenor. Dramatic price drop.

This sweet, professional Yamaha YTS-61 Tenor Sax was originally selected by Peter Ponzol as his personal horn

May 24 - I just got in a Bundy Baritone Sax neck. I am hoping it might also fit some of the Buescher horns, but that may be wishful thinking.

May 22 - Come see Dave Stoler Plus One next Wed., May 26, 7 - 9:30 p.m.

May 17 - Selmer "Tone_X" Metal Resonators

May 14 - Here are new pictures of the Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mouthpiece.

May 12 - "RayJason" gave me an incorrect e-mail address. I have no way of contacting you without a correct address.

May 9 - Thanks to ever-vigilant correspondents, I have added yet another awesome photo to the saxophone keyguard gallery.

May 5 - Have you ever seen a Selmer Soloist Mouthpiece without the scroll shank?
This one is a Bari Sax mouthpiece Marked "C**", but measuring 0.105"
I am calling it a Selmer Soloist Smooth Shank until someone educates me.

I now have in 4 new Otto Link "Vintage" ToneEdge Tenor mouthpieces...6*; 7; 7*; and 8.
Eventually I will get 6 and a 8* in too.

May 3 - Vintage Selmer Soloist Shortshank Tenor mouthpiece opened up to 0.102"

May 2 -
Runyon Bionix Alto Sax #12 Mouthpiece!!!

Goodness gracious! This is the first I've seen of the Rhueben Allen sax necks with adjustable weight system!

May 1 -
Here are photos and webpages for a couple of nice Runyon Bari Sax Mouthpieces I recently acquired:
The Runyon "Custom" #11 Bari Sax Mpce.
And the Runyon "Smooth Bore" #13 Bari Sax Mpce.
The "Smooth Bore" mouthpiece is very similar to a Berg Larsen metal Bari Sax mpce.

Apr. 29 - For those of you in Southern Wisc. and Northern Ill., check out the Worland Guitars "Handmade Music Exhibition" Their stuff looks really nice. Wish I could go, but I gotta stay here and work.

Apr. 27 -
Here's an excellent Vito Kenosha Tenor sax.

Single-reed Bassoon Mouthpieces are back in stock.
Also a Runyon Soprano Sax Amber "Custom" #10 (0.083")
Also a Runyon Alto Sax "Bionix" Black #12 (around 0.095 - 0.101"...It's a big 'un)
Also a Runyon Bari Sax Amber "Custom" #11 (around 0.109" - 0.112")
Also a Runyon Bari Sax Metal "Smooth Bore" #13 (around 0.117" - 0.120")
Also a Runyon Clarinet Red "Jazz" #8 (0.068")

And finally...I am starting to stock Zonda Hand Select Supreme Reeds.
Not the old, dried up ones in the flat boxes and the strengths like 3F and 3G, etc.
But the new ones in the orange packages with the more normal strengths like 3S (Soft), 3M (Med), 3H (Hard)
The Zonda reeds take their name from the hot wind that races through the Zonda Pass in the Andes Mountains.
The Zonda whips the growing cane back and forth, strengthening its fibers.
Under the stewardship of 2 generations of the Gonzales family, the Zonda cane is painstakingly cultivated in a pesticide-free environment, then aged and hand-selected for these reeds.

Apr. 26 - Here is a lovely wooden music stand.

Apr. 25 - Having trouble finding a baritone Ukulele here in Madison? I've got ONE.

Apr. 23 - A long-time client of mine has a very nice B&S Soprano Sax for sale.

Apr. 20 - Custom Painted Bundy Tenor Sax

Apr. 15 - Driving down to Illinois this weekend, leaving Friday afternoon, helping my buddy put in his garden. Will be doing some heavy-duty rototilling. Woot!

Did you see this sweet Conn 6M alto?

Apr. 9 -
New Sandwich Board sign:
Picture One
Picture Two
Picture Three
Many thanks to Patrick Matthews for his work.

Apr. 6 - Another price cut on this SML "Standard" Tenor Sax

Really neat Kingfisher photos.

Apr. 5 - It is finally really and truly Spring. I don't thing we have to worry about any more snow.
The trees are starting to leaf out, the daffodils are up, the tulips not far behind.

Sometimes, finding the right mouthpiece for a C-Melody sax can be a challenge. That is why I am pairing up this gold-plated Buescher "Lyon & Healy" C-Melody with a modified Brilhart Tonalin mouthpiece.

Mar. 29 - Ah...I was wondering where to find a medium reverse taper / venturi chamber bari sax mouthpiece.

Mar. 27 -
El Pais de los Saxos - 2008
Saxo Peruano

March 22 - SML "Standard" Tenor Sax price decrease to under $2000.

Mar. 20 -
Madison East Side History Club had their presentation, "Music and Dancing in Madison" today. It was a great meeting with a video presentation and lots of information about Larry Borenstein and Dance Bands and Dance Halls in the area. The meeting room was near capacity.

If an Otto Link Super Tone Master Alto Sax mouthpiece cost $49.50 in 1958, that amount, corrected for inflation would be $377.
See if the info below makes sense to you and if it looks accurate.

1958 Pricing, Corrected for inflation:
STM Alto: 1958-$49.50; 2010-$377
STM Tenor: 1958-$52.50; 2010-$400
STM Bari: 1958-$$61.50; 2010-$468

Current Pricing:
STM Alto: MSRP-$229; WWBW Disc.-$130
STM Tenor: MSRP-$246; WWBW Disc.-$139
STM Tenor (Vintage): MSRP-$389; WWBW Disc.-$249
STM Bari: MSRP-$284; WWBW Disc.-$160

Mar. 14 -
A few new mouthpieces:
- A vintage Selmer Soloist C* Tenor, a shortshank scrollshank.
- Used Vandoren Java A55 Alto Mpc.
- Used Meyer 5M Alto Mpc.
I also have new Vandoren Jumbo Java A55
and a new Meyer 6M Alto Mpce.

Mar. 4 - I repriced the Brilhart "Powertone" alto mouthpiece.
Saxquest has an unlabled tenor one for sale.
The alto Powertone on my website has been opened up to a little more modern tip opening.

Mar. 3 - Do you have to be a 'techno-geek' to appreciate this MusicMedic "Multi-Pip Saxophone Neck Experiment"?

Mar. 2 -
I got reminded why I don't use UPS.
Using the online UPS.com calculator I came up with a cost of $65 to ship a tenor sax from Madison to Seattle. That includes insurance for $1250.
When I got to the UPS Store, they came up with a cost of $81.48.
They said it was the same amount whether I ship from a UPS Store or a corporate UPS depot or whatever you call it.
I've also been told that insurance claims with UPS can be a problem unless you pay them pack the item.
Feels like 'bait and switch' to me.

And just this morning, I had someone tell me he would never use FedEx again.
He had shipped a bunch of mouthpieces to a reputable dealer. When they received the box, it showed evidence of having been opened and there was a $300 mouthpiece missing. He despairs of getting any satisfaction from FedEx.

I've been using USPS. They aren't perfect, but....

Rumour has it that Hanah Jon Taylor turns 60 today.

Saw a young man and woman holding hands while riding their bikes down the bike path. Awwww.

Feb. 25 - Madison's Eastside History Club is planning a presentation on Sat. March 20, 2-4 p.m. entitled "Big Bands and Madison Musicians Who Played with Them".
They will be talking about Larry Borenstein and "Buddy Marteen (aka Harry Vogts)"
I plan on attending.

I wanna gota Watapana

Who made this Reynolds SX-08 Bari Sax?
Looks German to me.

Feb. 21 - There's a gal that rides her pretty pink bike to work at the Taco Palace next door.
She parks it in the back, but more often then not, she doesn't lock it up.
At first I thought to myself, "What an idiot!"
But as the months go by and it hasn't been stolen, I've been thinking about it differently.
I will be sad if/when it does get stolen.

On the way to the corner store, there was a guy walking with his daughter down the bike path.
I overheard him say to her..."I always like the beginning of every season, it is the second half of the season I don't like."

The death of an old person is like the burning of a library.

Feb. 20 - Single Reed Mouthpiece for Bassoon

Feb. 19 - Got in some Brilhart Ebolins
Stop me if you've heard this...and by all means, let me know if I've got it wrong, but...
...with most mouthpieces, a "3" facing indicates a certain tip opening size...and then a 3* is essentialy a 3.5 facing...the tip opening is halfway between a 3 and a 4, etc. etc.
But Brilharts are different.
A "3" and a "3*" are the same tip opening, but they are different length facings...a shorter facing and a longer facing.
At some point the facing starts curving away from the plane of the table, where the reed sits. How close that curve is to the tip determines the facing length.

With the Brilharts, the * (star) indicates that the curve starts closer to the tip.
Conversely, the Brilharts without the * (star), the curve is longer, since it starts farther from the tip than the * (star) Brilharts.
The longer facing curve (without the * star), helps produce the lower tones.
The shorter curve (with the * star) favors the higher pitches.
In any event I got the following 6 Brilhart Ebolins in stock.
Tenor 5 - 0.075" - $45
Tenor 5* - 0.075" - $45
Alto 5 - 0.083" - $39
Alto 5* - 0.080" - $39
Clarinet 5 - 0.050" - $34
Clarinet 5* - 0.050" - $34

The Alto 5 and 5* should have measured the same, probably 0.080", but for whatever reason, I measured the Alto 5 at 0.083"
Mine is not to question why...

A Runyon "Jazz" Clarinet 7 (.064") came in today.
Check out the groovy facing on it.

Today's my son's birthday.

There was a gentleman in my shop yesterday who was a graduate of DuSable High School in Chicago and who took music from Captain Walter Dyett.
Here's the Wikipedia link and here is one from ChicagoJazz.com

In addition to a variety of stories about DuSable and Dyett, this guy related to me that Eddie Harris started out as a trombone player, but had some sort of dental problem which forced him to transition to reed instruments.
This seemed to tie in with the fact that Harris invented (?) the Reed Trumpet and Saxobone (bottom of page).

Feb. 18 -
And next up...a lovely Gold-Plated Buescher stencil C-Melody.

Feb. 17 - Check it out...a King Zephyr Alto Sax.

Feb. 16. - I had a very nice weekend, thank you.

Here is a Yamaha YAS-23 Alto sax.

Feb. 15 - The first of two pages of trombones.
The second page includes the Saxabone, which is the instrument I was searching for when I stumbled across the pages.

Feb. 10 - Not sure if anyone cares, but I will be out of town Fri. (Feb. 12) through Sun. (Feb. 14).
And...I will be booked pretty heavily on Monday (Feb. 15).

Xavier Perez has a Vito/Yanigasawa/VSP Low A Bari Sax for sale. Seems like a good deal, though I have not actually seen the horn.
If you go to the GALLERY portion of his website you can see pix under Items for Sale.

Feb. 9 - Steel-plated "Thunderneck"

Here's a Holton Model 232 Alto Sax

Info about Hadley Calliman's equipment setup.

Got in a YAS-23 Yamaha Alto Sax.

Feb. 4 - Added some soundbites of the Concord Artist tenor sax being played with a Conn Multi-Vider.

Feb. 3 - Matt Wilson Quartet at the Project Lodge, Thursday evening.
It was highly recommended to me.
...recommended highly?
You can listen to a concert on NPR HERE.

This performance in Madison is part of the Surrounded By Reality concert series here in town.

Any ideas on what to use or where to find a mandrel to put inside a tenor sax neck in order to burnish out ripples?
I've tried to track down the appropriate shaped blacksmithing 'stake' or 'hardy tool' or mandrel, but no luck yet.
I could use one for alto necks too.
Might have to be a purpose-built unit.

Feb. 1 -
An informative YouTube video about the effect of reeds swelling from moisture.
This may be old hat to some of you....

Jan. 29 - Just stopped into the Batch Bakehouse Bakery just up the street at 1511 Williamson.
Two thumbs up! Pesto and Gruyere croissant-like thingie...also a Monkey Roll sort of Morning Bun. Oh yeah!
(PS - They're closed Mon. + Tues.)

After I upgraded to a new computer and looked at my website, I saw that this "Recent Events" Blog was using a funky type font. I found it kinda hard to read, so I changed it to something more normal. I assume it has been this way for a long time, but it never showed up on my old computer. So apologies to those of you who have also found it difficult to read. Makes me wonder what my website looks like from a Mac.

Jan 27 -
BARI Woodwinds Hard Rubber Soprano Mouthpiece - .074 tip opening.

If you're looking for electronically amplified sax and effects box, you should at least check out this Concord Artist Tenor Sax.

Jan. 25 - New computer arrived a couple days ago. Configuring and installing software.
I want to apologize to people who have written to me the last few weeks and to whom I have not replied. It has been very chaotic. The new computer uses Windows 7 Operating System. As a consequence it takes me 3 timeslonger to do anything. I suppose Win7 is ok...just a matter of getting used to it. I miss MS-Dos (pre-windows) and command-line Unix, before they gussied it up with GUI's

I have a bunch of horns that need pictures and listing.
- SML "Lucerne" Tenor
- Dolnet "Jean Cartier" Tenor
- Dolnet "Jean Cartier" Alto
- Conn 6M Alto
- Selmer LaVoix Tenor
- Martin Imperial Alto (1930's)

- I have two Conn Multi-Viders...Conn's answer to Selmer's Varitone. Here's ONE and here's the OTHER.
- The Concord Artist Tenor comes outfitted with a pickup port installed in the neck and it works exceedingly well with a Multi-Vider. Heck, it play really well even without the Multi-Vider. Everybody who has played this Dutch-made Schenklaars horn has been very impressed. If you are looking to experiment with electronic music, this'd be an excellent starting point.

What else?
I've sold some stuff and haven't been able to update my website. Now I have sort of lost track of what needs updating.
I am focusing on getting the new stuff listed and then will try to get the stuff that is no longer available off the site.
I hate disappointing people when they see something on the website, but I have sold it.

Jan. 20 - I am going crazy here. I had hoped my new computer would arrive today...but it didn't.
I have an older style monitor and I don't think it will hook up to the new computer. I ordered an adaptor, but there is a 50/50 chance that it is what I need. And it will take a few days for it to arrive.
I ordered upgrade of Quickbooks...Quickbooks Pro 2010...but that will take a few days to get here too. But I gotta have it ready in time for my bookeeper. Microsoft is telling me that the Windows Vista loaded on my loaner PC is an illegitimate copy...that it is loaded on some other computer somewhere.
And on and on and on.

Jan 19 -I'm still here...just having computer problems.
Old computer gave up the ghost...working with a loaner PC right now.
New computer due to arrive in the next few days, then a matter of re-installing software, etc. etc.
In the meantime....I have great Dolnet tenor and alto stencils..."Jean Cartier"...great Conn 6M alto...and a kick-ass tenor complete with neck pickup and vintage effects box (Conn MultiVider) to get you sounding like Eddie Harris ( YouTube Video)...or at least it'll give you the equipment you need to do so. Actual results vary depending on the player.

Jan. 12 - "El Centenario" Harmonica
Tremolo harmonica in key of G.
Grito de Dolores

Jan. 6 - "A Love Supreme" in Claymation on YouTube.

Jan. 5 - What sort of horn does Hadley Calliman play?
Is it an old, pre-Balanced Action tenor? Looks like he's using a Selmer scroll shank mouthpiece in most of the shots, though it looks like a metal mouthpiece in the first photo.

Jan. 4 - Phyllis Diller's sax mouthpiece for sale on eBay

Phyllis Diller playing a vintage curved sop on the Muppet Show (starts about minute 3:45).

Dec. 28, 2009 - Here's an affordable student saxophone, an F.E. Olds NA62MN Alto Sax Good-looking, easy-playing, keyed to High F#.

Dec. 27 - Hope you all are having a good time.

Just today finished repadding a Noblet "Standard" Alto Sax. Really sweet.

Dec. 22 -
Frankensax - an experimental 12 octave-vent saxophone created by Michael Brockman.

A normal Christmas Eve Party at Bob's house.
Polka as SlamDancing.

Dec. 20 - Who do you reckon made this "Monte" Alto Sax?.

Dec. 5 - No updates since before Thanksgiving...my apologies. I got sick and was behind in repair work which came first.

I happened to have a couple of 1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenors in the shop at the same time and noticed some differences, so I wrote a webpage to document those differences in case someone is interested. Here it is.

Nov. 18 - I got in some Runyon Model 22 "Specials", both tenor and alto.
Here are the Model 22-Special - Tenor Sax mouthpieces.

Nov. 17th -
I updated the Facing Chart for Graftonites and Metalites.
For you alto players who would like an alto Metalite, here is what they say:
"At this time we are not manufacturing the alto version. This could change, but demand did not seem to be there in sufficient numbers to warrants it's [sic] return at this time."
There you go.

Nov. 16 - I just stumbled across the Warburton Ultimate Sax Neck. Had you seen it already? Only $950!

Nov. 13-
The Thirteenth came on a Friday this month.

I got in another slew of mouthpieces...as follows:
(1) Dukoff Tenor - Not marked, probably an SPC, tip opening of 0.105" would make it a D7
(1) Dukoff Alto SPC D7
(1) Meyer Alto metal 7J
(1) Berg Larsen Tenor 90-2-M - Metal, very nice condition, minor wear to bite plate, not bullet chamber, with orig lig and box. Not a bullet chamber, looks like a "Scoop Bill"
(2) Selmer S80 C** Alto
(1) Vandoren Optimum AL3 Alto
(2) Eugene Rousseau Jazz Model JDX6 Alto HR

I've taken pictures, but haven't written webpages yet. Nor have I figured out prices.

Nov. 11 -
Susato Kelhorns...how cool are they?

I've got a brand new Yamaha YTS-23 neck complete with cork and octave key. Ready to be fitted onto your Yamana

Nov. 5th - A bunch of files got deleted from my website. I restored a bunch, but not sure if I got them all. Let me know about 'dead links' please.

I got in a TON of mouthpieces.
Very excited about the new Metalites. Same playbility, consistency, quality, durability as the Graftonites, but with a high baffle.
Here are pictures of the Metalites. All the Metalites are under $30.
Here are Musings on the Mysteries of the Metalites

Here is a CHART listing the Metalites and Graftonites, their tip opening measurements and other information.

And here are the new mouthpieces I just got in today:
Runyon Model 22 White alto sax mpces, tip openings #3, #4, #5 & #6
Runyon Model 22 Clear alto sax mpce #5
Runyon Model 88 Black Baritone sax #5
Runyon Custom Amber #8 (no spoiler)
Runyon Model 22 Clear Clarinet #5
Runyon Symphonic Red Clarinet #6 (no spoiler)
Runyon Bassoon single reed mpc.
BARI Woodwinds Soprano Hard Rubber 0.074"
Rico Metalite Soprano M-5 and M-7
Rico Metalite Tenor M-5 M-7 & M-9
Rico Metalite Bari M-5, M-7 & M-9

Someone already has the Metalite Bari M-9 out testplaying it and it came in just today.
And that's right...a single-reed bassoon mouthpiece. It is the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Nov. 3 - A Concord Artist tenor sax, complete with pickup port in the neck and matching Brilhart pickup.

Or a Milwaukee Tenor Sax

Oct. 31 -
How often do you get a chance to obtain a GOOFUS?

Oct. 28 -
And now, a brand new Blessing Alto Sax. Modern ergonomics and features.

I've added some photos to both galleries of:
Key Clusters
Key Guards
You'll find some familiar ones and a few that are less familiar.
Please feel free to send me pictures of something you deem worthy to be included. It may take me a while to get the pictures up and posted, but I will get 'er done in the sweet bimeby.

Oct. 27 - Here's some good info on Selmer Soloist Scroll Shank mouthpieces on Svanoe's website.

Mars Attacks! Here is a Martin Handcraft Committee I alto sax...aka Cityscape, Searchlights, etc.

Francois Louis "Pure Brass" Ligature.

P. Mauriat Saxes are made in Taiwan, right?

Oct. 26 - And now, a Martin "RMC" alto for sale.

Just finished up refurbishing (repadding, etc.) a Martin Handcraft Committee I alto sax...that's the one with the Skyline and Searchlights.

Hmmmm....a "Stealth - Power Barrel" for your clarinet.

Oct. 23 - Check it out, Conn "Pan American" Tenor sax.

And how many Penzel-Mueller clarinets in the key of "C" do you come across?

Oct. 22 -
Check out Anders Svanoe's new website.
You can listen to clips from his new CD

Oct. 21 - Made it past another birthday.
Stumbled across this - an ouline (PDF) of "Tips for Improving Your Saxophone Section"

Oct. 20 -
It's my birthday. Or as A.A. Milne would say:

Oct. 16 -
A very nice Emerson EF-1 Student Flute.
And an Armstrong 104.

Oct. 15 -
Price of "The Martin" Tenor cut $200.

The Irabagon/Svanoe CD will be released soon. Recording session was at Audio for the Arts.

Clarinet repair. Note the lock washer.

Oct. 9
First - I feel terrible for not having updated this in weeks!

Second - I am out of town Sat. and Sun. - Oct 10 & 11

Third - I have had so many wonderful horns through my shop lately...Super 20, 10M, Dolnet, Couesnon, SML...on and on, that I feel dizzy.

Fourth - I think I may have a solution to streamline things on my website. I've had and still have some excellent horns for sale, but haven't had a chance to take photographs and write webpages.

Fifth - I've got some wonderful mouthpieces in. E.G. Blue Vandoren Jumbo Java Alto; Selmer Soloist refaced by Ted Klum, etc.

Sixth - Wider selection of reeds and accessories than ever before.

As mentioned above, I am out of town for the weekend, but I plan on being hard at it come Monday morning.

Sept 21 - Interested in a revision of the "Universal Saxophone Method"?
Check out Neal Ramsay's Blog.
I believe he is looking for feedback.

Sept. 19 - I am happy to have a "The Martin Tenor" in the shop for sale.

Sept 16 - Here's a pretty little repair shop in Paris.

Sept. 15 - Dude...I have been seriously busy. I am so busy I don't have the time to tell you how busy I've been.

I've got a "The Martin Tenor" (Committee III) sax for sale here at the shop. Just finished going over it. Probably go for around $1500.
No time to take pictures or write a webpage...maybe tomorrow.

Rumour has it that I will have a really nice Armstrong Heritage alto sax (Keilwerth) in the shop for sale sometime this weekend.

I've got an excellent playing R13 clarinet for sale...quite inexpensive.

I finished the Beaugnier Vito Alto repad...that's one of the horns I need to pack and ship back to the owner.

I've got a sweet little Martin whatchamacallit alto...the Searchlight engraving...that has been waiting for months for a repad.

Sept 10 - Modern Otto Link "Vintage" Tone Edge (HR) Tenor Sax 8* (0.110") Mouthpiece

I've got a Martin "The Martin Tenor" Committee III in the shop, waiting to be tweaked and then it goes up for sale.
Also have a Martin Committee II (?) - Searchlights/Skyline alto...waiting to be repadded.

Sept. 4 - I will be out of town from 3 p.m. Friday, until Monday (9/7) morning.

Sept. 2 - Here is a excellent student clarinet, a Jupiter JCL631.

Sept. 1 -
Okay...time to start the months with an "R" in them.
That reminds me, I have Sat., Sept 19th marked on my calendar as "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!

Price cut on some special mouthpieces:
Clear Powertone Tenor Sax
Clear Powertone Alto Sax
Unique Britone Tenor Sax

Aug. 30 - New Jason Dumars Engraving site

Aug. 29 -
A Yamaha YTS-21 Tenor Sax.

And a Meyer 4MM Tenor Mouthpiece.

August 27 - Berkeley Flute for the beginning flute player...with an optional upgraded case.

Sticky Pads? Here is a LIST of sticky pad remedies and cures I have run across in the past.
Please don't try these at home. Or at least don't blame me if they go awry.

Aug. 26 - Here is a Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Sax, just in time for school.

Aug. 25 - The price on the Brilhart 5* Level-Aire Bari Sax mouthpiece has been slashed from $175 to $100.

Stumbled across a fascinating Living Music, a series of transcribed interviews of a wide variety of folks involved with music.

Aug. 24 - Is anybody making a "C" Soprano Sax? I see the occasional vintage one, but no modern C Sopranos.

I've got an Buffet R-13 Bb soprano clarinet for sale. If you were looking to upgrade, but didn't have the 'dough-re-mi', this could be your chance. It is inexpensive for two reasons: 1.) I took it in trade, and 2.) It has a professionally repaired crack in the upper section. The crack was pinned. Once a crack is pinned, I've never seen or heard of it cracking again. The clarinet plays well and sounds great. I am way max busy, otherwise I would have pictures up by now.

For that matter, I have a Jupiter student clarinet for sale as well. Plastic/resin body...just right for the student who is starting out. I haven't figured out the price yet (I've forgotten what I paid for it!), but it's got to be cheaper than renting one.

Briefly, I thought today was the 31st, not the 24th. Wow.
Metal clarinet in the Marquette University school colors. Yes, it is in playing condition.

August 21 - Here's a Buffet Dynaction Tenor which is stenciled as an "Olds Opera". I just finished repadding it. It is really nice.

August 17 - I've had the alto Powertone mouthpiece up for a few days...
but now I have a tenor Powertone mouthpiece as well.

Here's a 1939 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor that someone will snap up.

SaxGourmet replacement neck for Buescher Tenor Sax

Aug. 15 - The Britone Tenor Sax Mouthpiece goes up on eBay tomorrow, Sunday, 5 p.m. PDT.

Aug. 14 - It's been a week since my last entry.
I am soooo sorry. I'll try to write more frequently.

I've started a new financial austerity program...decided to buy a single $1.00 Wisc. State Lotto ticket every week.
Yep, that's right, I've elected to pay the "Voluntary Stupid Tax", consoling myself by saying, "If you don't play, you can't win."

Aug. 5 - $100 price drop on the Buescher 400 alto. From $750 to $650.

The Selmer Balanced Action Alto is up for sale on eBay.

Aug. 3 - Where to start?

I sold the new Otto Link "Vintage" Tenor 7* mouthpiece, but I now have another one in stock, sitting on the shelf, waiting for you.
I have a rubber "Vintage" Link on order.

I got in three really classy vintage mouthpieces:
A 1930's Otto Link "Master Link" metal tenor mouthpiece
A 1930's Otto Link "Slant Signature" HR tenor mouthpiece
A Brilhart "Carlsbad" Ebolin Tenor mouthpiece.
And, of course, The Britone Tenor Mouthpiece

- Selmer 404 tenor lig
- Rovner EVO-5 ligs
- Rovner Star Series alto sax lig
...along with a bunch of other Rovner ligatures.

July 29 - I hadn't seen this video of Sax Fabrication before.

July 29 - OMG! Look what's parked across the street from my workshop.
If I say the name Oscar, what do you think of?

Oscar the Grouch?
Oscar Madison?
Academy Awards
Oscar de la Renta?
Oscar Levant?

No, no, no....think BOLOGNA!

July 28 - Here's a Noblet alto that's been hanging around the shop for a while. I was tempted to price it higher because I like it, but.....

Here's a great LeBlanc "LL" Bass Clarinet

July 27 - I am proud to be able to offer for sale Larry Borenstein's 1938 Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone.

Here's some pictures from a Jon Irabagon / Anders Svanoe recording session.

July 25 - Here's an Olds "Parisian" Tenor sax made in France by Pierret.

Dropping the price of the Vox (Beaugnier) tenor by $201!

July 22 - Christian Gonsior

July 22 - Here is the webpage for the Buescher "400" Alto Sax.

Check out this mouthpiece BLING!

A couple other Brazilian mouthpiece makers:

I heard one objective of the Chinese in reaching the moon is to 'mine' (refine?) Helium3.
There is supposedly one million tons of Helium3 on the moon.
100 tons could suupposedly generate sufficient energy for the entire earth for a whole year.
That'd mean there would be sufficient for 10,000 years.
Easy, breezy.

July 21 - This seems to be an excellent website for Jazz Circa 1895-1930: RedHotJazz

Counterfeit Vandoren Reeds.

July 19 - Here is the sturdiest inexpensive tenor flight case I've been able to lay my hands on. It is Mt. Vernon brand.
By "Flight Case" I mean contoured, hard, clam-shell case.

July 18 - I've got a Buescher 400 Alto in the shop that will be coming up for sale as soon as I find the time to take the pictures. This one was made right after the Selmer buyout of Buescher, an early Series three horn (post Selmer), before it devolved into cheaper Series 4 and then still cheaper Bundy equivalent generic 400’s.
Great-looking lacquer. Bellkeys on the player's lefthand side. Underslung neck with dentwork evident. Amber rollers. Very nice engraving. Lacquer blemishes on bottom of bow and around the low D#. Some sort of property ID number engraving in a non-conspicuous place along the spine or brace at the bottom of the bow. Norton screw-in springs and and snapon pads...looks like all the snaps are there...new pads.
I don't get a lot of 'intermediate' altos in and this one qualifies, so I don't expect it will be around long.
JunkDude has a couple of similar ilk.... HERE'S ONE and HERE'S ANOTHER
Cosmetically, the one I've got here at the shop looks more like the first of those two

And now a new Otto Link "Vintage" STM (Metal) Tenor Sax "7*" Mouthpiece.
And don't neglect to check out this Runyon Quantum (metal) Tenor Sax "8" Mouthpiece.

July 17 -
Xaphoon modified by Dr. Jazz (...'tain't me Maw).

Primordial Mouthpiece from the 'Mists of Time'.

July 16 -
A correspondent reports that his parents bought him his Mark VI Alto new in 1969 for $680.

Starting today, you can buy a RepoConn T-Shirt! Limited supply!

I do have in a brand new Otto Link "Vintage" Metal Tenor 7* Mouthpiece.
I also have in a brand new Runyon Quantum Metal Tenor 8 Mouthpiece.
Also I have in N.O.S. (New, Old Stock) Sparkle-Aire Clarinet K9 (.052") Mpce.
And a Meyer G-Series "6" Alto Sax Mpce.
And a vintage Brilhart (?) Powertone .076" Alto Sax Mpce. in clear plastic.
And a Pugdog

July 15 -
Here is the information on Lawrence "Larry" Borenstein.
And here are pictures of his Selmer Balanced Action Alto Sax.

July 10 - I will be at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, so I will be out of town from Friday 3 p.m., 'till Sunday around 5 p.m.

POWERTONE Alto Sax mouthpiece. I believe it is a very nice vintage Brilhart made mouthpiece. Can you tell me different? I was experimenting with photography techniques. I probably just need to read the camera manual.

July 9 - I've been trying to put together a biography of Madison, WI native, Lawrence 'Larry' Borenstein. Larry was a clarinet and saxophone player, graduated from Madison West High School in 1937 and then graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Music in 1941. He played and toured with the Eddie Howard Orchestra, but some time after WWII he played in regional Midwest groups. Larry died in 1998.

Here is a WEBPAGE showing the information I've been able to piece together about him thus far.

And here are photos of Larry's 1938 Selmer Balanced Action Alto Sax which he played for some 50 years. It has a lovely engraving on the bell of a sailboat on a lake.

July 3 - I found THIS to be pretty funny.

All right, all right...check out this Ocarina app for the Iphone.
It appears that that you "Blow into your microphone to play music; Hold down combinations of holes to change pitch; Tilt your phone to change vibrato rate and depth; Advanced users can change keys and modes, including C-Major and the new Zeldarian mode." That's right "Zeldarian mode".
Here's a guy on Youtube playing a song from Totoro.

Here is a Vito (Yamaha) "Super" Tenor sax.

July the First -
Back from vacation in Austin. Every day got to be over 100 degrees....107 at the max.

June 22 - Has your C-Mel been sounding a little dissolute? Try the Runyon C-Melody #7 (.092") with spoiler mouthpiece which I now have in stock.
I also have a new Sparkleaire Steel Ebonite "K9" clarinet mpce in stock.

June 21 - Happy Father's Day to those of you to whom it may apply!
Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the northern hemisphere.

Here is a very interesting Evette-Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon C-Melody Sax. Possibly from 1938. It has some unique mechanisms.

June 20 - 1952 Weinermobile Patent

June 19 - Patrick Breiner is scheduled to be on FM 89.9 WORT's "8 O'clock Buzz" this morning at around 8:30 a.m..
They may play some music from his trio's demo recording and possibly a live solo performance.
In addition to being over the radio waves, I think it is simulcast live over the internet at http://www.wort-fm.org/listen.php

Merengue! (Youtube) Thanks Tony.

June 17 -
Okay folks, I will slash $200 from the price of the SML Rev D. tenor.
Cutting it from $2100 to $1900.
This is an excellent pro horn, plays great...you'll regret it if you don't go for it.
The trickiest thing is....I am on vacation June 23 - 30, so if it doesn't get shipped Monday, 6/22, it'll have to wait 'till I get back and the price may be back to $2100 by then.

Also cutting $100 from both Goodson gold-plated horns.
The Goodson Tenor now only $850.
And the Goodson Alto is $795.
Both are like-new and that's a whole heck of a lot of horn for the money.

June 16 - There is a gentleman in Germany who has a lovely gold-plated Vito Model 35 for sale.
This is not your bargain basement Vito. It has the LeBlanc Rationale keywork (all the normal fingerings, plus some additional alternative fingerings). I understand it to have been a showpiece horn of a famed saxophone player.

June 11 - I carry the widest selection of saxophone reeds in Wisconsin. E.G.:
- V12 Alto
- Java Red Cut
- Superial, Superial DC, Superial NY, Superial Classique
- Rico Reserve Alto
- Rico Grand Concert Select
- Gonzalez
- Zonda
Plus all the more common reeds...Hemke, Plasticover, Rico Jazz Select, V16, Java, ZZ, LaVoz, etc.
If I don't have it, I'll track it down.

That page talks about the nature of ebonite.
And this page leads me to infer it is what Vandoren uses.

June 10 - The SML Rev. D Tenor is too nice to not have a good neck cork, so I recorked it today and took a couple new pictures.

The BARI Woodwinds mouthpiece Sales Exec will be in town today at 1 p.m.
If you want to see their full line-up of mouthpieces, contact me.

June 9 - I'll be on vacation June 23 - 30. Going to visit Auntie Lynn in Austin, TX

Still cool and rainy in Madison. My tomatoes are never going to grow!

My brother sent me this link to the Saint John Coltrane Church

June 4 - Here's that SML Rev. D tenor sax I mentioned a day or two ago. Excellent pro horn at great price.

MySpace Offers Rock and Jazz Classics

June 3 - Here's what the back of my Snickers bar says:
"More than 99 tons of peanuts go into making 15 million Snickers Bars..."
That's a lot of peanuts. But here's the kicker...it goes on to say:
"...every day."
99 tons of peanuts every day?
15 million Snickers EVERY DAY?
Say we are talking just 5 days a week...that's 260 days a year and take off another 10 days for holidays and whatever.
That's 250 days a year.
That's 3,750,000,000 Snickers bars....3 and 3/4 billion.
And that's 49,500,000 pounds of peanuts.
Did I do the math right?
If each Snickers bar is 4 inches long (measuring the one on my desk here), a year's worth of Snickers would be 236,742 miles if put end to end.
The distance from the earth to the moon varies from 239,000 to 253,000 miles.
The annual peanut production of the USA is approx. 1,500,000 lbs.
Does that mean the other 48 millions pounds come from overseas? China or ?
How many Snickers are manufactured overseas?
How many are eaten overseas?
Wikipedia had some info, but not enough.

Okay...one last stat.
If each Snickers bar is 240 calories and a human can survive on 2,000 calories a day...I figure that 1,232,876 peoples' ANNUAL caloric needs can be fulfilled by Snickers alone.

June 2 - Just hit the shop...a 1954 SML Rev. D tenor. Excellent condition. Pictures and webpage soon to follow.

I am backordered on the Vandoren V12 alto sax reeds.
I have just one box of the Java Red Cut Alto 3.0 reeds left, more alto and tenor on order.
I have in Rico Reserve 3.0 and 3.5 alto reeds.
Also Rico Grand Concert Alto 3.0 and Tenor 3.0 in stock.
Also a couple of boxes Francois Louis reeds.
Plus all the other usual suspects.
Oh, and I'm still planning on starting to stock Gonzalez Reeds.

June 1 - Here is the prettiest little Selmer Soprano metal scroll-shank mouthpiece in a "D" facing.

May 30th - And now here is a Steve Goodson alto to complement the Goodson tenor I have for sale. These feature-rich, gold-plated horns are a great value.
Last year I had a Goodson bari sax, but that is gone, gone, gone.

May 28 - Man! Where does the time go?
I just got into the shop a Steve Goodson alto sax...the little brother to the Goodson tenor. This is also a gold-plated horn, with all the features that distinguish the Goodson horns. I have just the one, and, competitively priced as it is, this sweet horn will not be available for long.

May 23 - I had the Runyon Custom Alto Mouthpieces priced at $70 on my website, but the ones I had on the shelf were actually priced at $53. Why? I don't know why. I must be going crazy.
As far as the ALTO "Customs", I have a Black #6 (.077") and an Amber #8 (.086") in stock and a Red #7 on order.
And it goes without saying the the black is dark-sounding, the amber is warm-sounding and the red is hot-sounding.
After I get the red one in...I will order a Blue one for those of you who want to play cool jazz.

May 22 - Wait! Is today Talk Like Yoda Day? Or was it yesterday?

May 19th - Here's a webpage for an affordable Noblet alto. I'm not sure what the price is.

May 16 - Here are some photos of the BARI brand "Hybrid" Tenor Sax Mouthpiece. The unfortunate choice of "BARI" as a brand name makes it difficult to Google or otherwise search for these on the internet...you'll keep coming up with "Bari' as in 'Baritone'. I was told on good authority that after Wolfe Taninbaum sold the rights to the "Wolfe Tayne" name (to Babbit I guess), he had to come up with a new name and used the first letters from his son and daughter's names...BAbara and RIchard...to come up with the "BARI" brand name.

May 15 -
The ANCIA Saxophone Quartet will perform at The Weisman Art Museum on the campus of the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis on Friday, May 15, 2009 at 7:30 P.M.
The concert will feature Jean Rivier’s Grave et Presto and Jeff Myer’s Tidtu, a single movement work based on the Kulintang gong music of the southern Philippines. The program also includes Chris Rutkowski’s Dervish - a musical exploration of the Sufi Whirling Dervishes, Ray Ricker’s Three Jazz Settings for Saxophone Quartet and David Milne's arrangements of jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea’s Children’s Songs.
Admission to the museum and concert is free and open to the public.
FFI: Visit the ANCIA Saxophone Quartet Online: http://www.anciaquartet.com
FFI: Visit the Weisman Art Museum Online: http://www.weisman.umn.edu/

May 14th -
The DNR says: "The spring Neotropical bird migration is in full swing across Wisconsin, with bird watchers reporting more than 20 species of warblers and 100 to 150 total bird species in a single day. Some of the warbler varieties being seen include chestnut-sided, magnolia, Cape May, black-throated blue and black-throated green, Tennessee, Nashville, yellow-rumped, yellow-throated, palm, cerulean and prothonotary. The upcoming week should bring some of the peak numbers of birds including some of the later warblers like Connecticut, mourning, Canada and many of the later flycatcher species."

May 13 - Oh oh...Friday the Thirteenth came on a Wednesday this month.

A correspondent from Germany sent a picture of the left-hand pinkie cluster of a Hammerschmidt Klingsor Sax. Many thanks.
I've added it to the Gallery of Keyclusters. It's the last picture.
Also changed the gallery so that if you hover the cursor over the thumbnail picture, the mfg/model appears.
And don't forget the Gallery of Keyguards.

May 9 - I sold the Harold Arlen Songbook, however I will be looking to get another copy in stock.
I added some YouTube links to the webpage, but maybe the most interesting one is where Arlen conducts the orchestra while Tony Bennet sings "So Long Big Time"

May 8 - Springtime at Doctor Sax's

Here is a
Mouthpiece Tip Gauge for measuring mouthpiece tip openings.

May 5 - Last week I heard Dave Stoler and Anders Svanoe play "Last Night When We Were Young" by Harold Arlen.
Written in 4, they played it in 3.
Got me to thinking about Harold Arlen. As a consequence, I now have the "Harold Arlen Songbook" for sale...over 300 pages. I also went to the library and got a biography on him and some sort of DVD which is a tribute to Arlen's music.

May 4 -
Here's the latest and greatest...a Steve Goodson Tenor Sax.
Gold-plated and with just about every modern innovation you could ask for.
If you are a regular browser on my website, you may have seen this pop up last week and then, suddenly, disappear.
Well...I just wasn't satisfied with the bottom end on this sax.
Like most saxes sourced in the Far East, quality control is what it is all about when it comes to getting a good, playable horn.
This Goodson is a well-put-together horn, but the lower notes just weren't happening...the pads weren't sealing well and the regulation was off.
I ended up taking all the keys off from G# on down...the lower stack, low D# and C, and low C#, B and Bb...and methodically reworking them. It is playing much better now...this is a horn that can turn heads and perk up ears.

Here's a Rousseau "2C" Tenor Mouthpiece

May 3 -
I DO have a couple boxes of Francois Louis reeds (3.0 Tenor and 3.5 Alto) in stock.
I also ordered some Vandoren ZZ Red Filed Cut (3.0 Tenor and Alto)
And some Vandoren V12 (3.0 Tenor and Alto)
Not sure when the new Vandorens will be in. If you want something different than the 3.0's, let me know and I can order those too.

I've got lots of Superials, Vandorens, Ricos, LaVoz, Hemke, Plasticover, etc.
Also some Legere, BARI and Fibercell reeds.
I just got in some of the new BARI "Star" synthetic reeds.
And while I am talking BARI...I do have in a BARI "Hybrid" Tenor Sax #8 (.110") mouthpiece.
Aaaand, I've been expanding my clarinet reed selection...not as extensive as my sax reed offerings, but it is growing.
Not much by way of oboe or bassoon reeds.

May 2 -
I've never seen this...have you seen this?
"The Musician List" from the Jazz Discography website by Tom Lord?

And this seems pretty weird to me:
Fuller Up, The Dead Musician Directory

Apt. 29 -
The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

Robert Frost - "Two Tramps In Mud Time"

Apt. 28 - Fresh from Elkhart, IN...an Otto Link Super Tone Master metal tenor sax mouthpiece, #8 (.110).

Frankie Manning, the King of Swing Dance, died Monday, April 27. One of the innovators of the Lindy Hop.
Here's his Obit in the LA Times

Apr. 26 - For those of you wondering: Ale Asylum's Hopalicious Pale Ale uses eleven separate additions of cascade hops to give its American pale ale its lush citrus aroma and bold hop flavor without crazy bitterness.

Some upcoming jazz performances.
It should be a real treat to see Svanoe(as,ts) and Stoler(p) in a duo setting.
And Castaneda's Latin Jazz is always high-quality. Sometimes the venue constrains them, but they always manage to sneak in some prime stuff.

Tues., Apr. 28th, 7:00 - 9:00 - Jazz Duo - Dave Stoler with Anders Svanoe at Restaurant Magnus 7-9
Wed., Apr. 29th, 9:00 - 11:30 - New Breed Jam playing the music of Joe Henderson at the Cabana Room
Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00 - Tony Castaneda at the Samba Grill
Fri., May 1, 5:00 - 7:00 - Progressive Party 100th Anniv., Tony Castaneda on the rooftop of Monona Terrace
Sat., May 2, 9:30-Bartime - Tony Castaneda at Restaurant Magnus

Sad News: Uncle Larry Passes

Apr. 25 - Here's some info on a 1930's Martin Troubadour. It has only two right-hand side keys, but ingeniously manages to produce three notes, the side Bb, the side C and the Hi E.

Apr. 20 - Double-belled, sax-shaped trumpet.

Apr. 14 - I've been contacted by a guy looking for a Selmer Model 35 or Model 37 Bass Clarinet.
If you have one for sale, please let me know and I will put you in contact with him, thanks.

Trying to build up my stock of Runyon mouthpieces...here's what I've got so far:
"Model 22" - White - 3, 4, 5 & 6
"Custom" - Black - w/ Spoiler - 6
"Custom" - Amber - w/ Spoiler - 8
"Model 22" - White - 4 & 5
"Custom" - Black - No Spoiler - 8
"Custom" - Amber- w/ Spoiler - 10
Next, I might try to get a "Quantum" or two, though I was also looking at the "SR"...

I also have in stock:
Otto Link ToneEdge (HR) - 5* & 6*
Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal) - 7
Meyer (HR) - 6MM
Vandoren Jumbo Java - A55
Selmer Super Session - D & E
Selmer S-80 - E

Otto Link ToneEdge (HR) - 5* & 6*
Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal)- 8
Berg Larsen (HR) - 100/2 SMS
Vandoren Jumbo Java - T95

And lots more.

Apr. 12 - Is anybody looking for mouthpiece storage tubes or Black Hexagonal Poly End Plugs?
I got the materials to make them to help organize the mouthpieces here at the shop, but I will sell them to you.
I had a heck of a time finding the end plugs.

Apr. 10- I got one jar each of sauerkraut and kim-chee from this guy

Received in the following:
Hercules "in-bell" Sax Stand (pretty cool)
Runyon Model 22 Alto     and Tenor Sax Mouthpieces
    ... all pristine white in color.
Plus other Runyon mouthpieces
Yamaha Tenor and Bari Sax mouthpieces
Almost every Rico Royal Graftonite mouthpiece made...for:
   Clarinet; and Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sax

April 8 - I've got two Selmer Super Session Alto Mpcs in stock, if you've been wanting to try one:
Super Session "D"
Super Session "E"

Apr. 6 - Price cut on Selmer Soloist "E" Bari Sax Mouthpiece

Apr. 5th - They are calling for a substantial snowstorm here in Madison today. Man...it wears me down.

The Rod and Reel shop next door has three signs up in front:
One says "OPEN"
One says "Back in 15 Minutes"
And one says "...Closed on Sundays..."

Apr. 4 - Have you seen this "Nazi" sax on eBay? You gotta scroll down past all the verbiage to see the pix.

Apr. 2 - Here's a lovely Selmer Soloist "E" Bari Sax Mouthpiece of the Scrollshank, long shank variety.

I've got a brand new SKB-440 hardshell contoured alto sax case for $120. Still in the plastic bag inside cardboard shipping box. These go for $150 on Woodwind and Brasswind.

Apr. 1st - Who da Foo?

Can anybody tell me:
- What modern case does a 12M bari sax fit into? Customer's looking for something under $500.
I've left messages at SKB and Protec. I guess they either don't know or care what horns fit in their cases. Or maybe they aren't trying particularly hard to sell them.
- What does a modern Brilhart Level-Air mouthpiece look like? The description says: "supplied with two interchangeable plastic baffles which can be adjusted to creat a full traditional or bright contemporary jazz sound." Are the modern Level-Airs entirely different from the vintage ones? Does someone have pix of the baffles they could show me...wondering if they are like Runyon spoilers? Heaven forbid that Selmer/Brilhart could provide that information. You'd think they'd want to sell the things. I suppose they can't be bothered.

Mar 31 - Received info about Avanti Scholarships. $2,000 scholarship open to all graduating high school seniors and undergraduate college students

Mar. 27 - Pretty interesting, at least I thought so...
Post-Industrial Double Bass & Boot, etc.

Cigar Box Guitar pictures

Mar 24 - What could be more Wisconsin-y than Quattro Formaggi a local saxophone quartet. They'll be playing at Zion Lutheran Church, 2165 Linden Ave., Sunday, March 29th, 7:00 pm

Mar. 23 - Hey...I hate to seem spacey, but did I loan the Metal Berg Larsen 95/1 SMS Tenor mouthpiece to testplay?
Or for that matter, did I sell it to someone? If not, it is hiding somewhere here at the workshop.

Mar 20 -

As mentioned...I am out of town this coming weekend, starting today, Friday at 3 p.m.

Got in a brand spankin' new Vandoren Jumbo Java T95 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece.

Mar. 19 - I will be out of town this coming weekend (Mar 20 - 22).

The Selmer Super Session Alto "E" mouthpiece is now gone.
Here is the Super Session Alto "D" Mpce.

I received the following information on Very Good Authority about Kadri Gopalnath's saxophone:

"Not sure what Kadri uses. I think it’s an Indian saxophone actually!
He has a pro Yamaha and a Super Action 80 but he only uses those when he poses for photo shoots as far as I can tell.
Not sure of the mouthpiece or reed. The reeds seem to be ancient though. Maybe Rico regulars for the orange box?
I heard the rubber band story as well. [Using rubber bands in lieu of springs] If that was ever the case, it certainly is not now.
His action is very light though. He does have the pads built up i.e. They are convex instead of flat which does allow him to create full sound even when the keys are partially open.
Most of what he does with ornamentation and bending though is done with his embouchure more than with the keys."

March 16 - Bernouli? Yes.
But Kármán vortex street"?

The Shakulute headjoint for flutes.

Mar. 14 - Made it through another Friday the 13th.
Waiting for Spring.

I have gotten in a couple of Selmer "Super Session" Alto Sax mouthpieces...a "D" and an "E".
At one source I found that the C* tip opening is .067", the D is .075" and the E is .078".
But I found this information at http://www.sax.co.uk/selmer%20mpcs.htm:

"If you do a straight metric to imperial conversion it appears that Selmer do a range that goes from extremely close to medium with no open models. This is rather misleading and Geoff Lawton (an internationally renowned expert) uses the following comparisons:

Alto Sax
Selmer C = 4/5 =70
Selmer C* = 5* =75
Selmer C** = 6 = 80
Selmer D = 6* = 85
Selmer E = 7 = 90
Selmer F = 8 = 100
Selmer G = 8* = 105
Selmer H = 9* = 115

Tenor Sax
Selmer C* = 4* = 80
Selmer C** = 5 = 85
Selmer D = 5* = 90
Selmer E = 6/6* = 95
Selmer F = 7 = 100
Selmer G = 8 = 110
Selmer H = 8* = 115"

The "Super Session" is Selmer's jazz mouthpiece...a small rollover right behind the tip and the chamber floor is raised to make a modest baffle.
In addition to the Alto Super Sessions, I also have a new S80 "E" alto mouthpiece.

Also will be getting in a Vandoren Tenor Sax Jumbo Java T95 mouthpiece next week.

Been working on more flutes than usual.

Mar. 7 - Here is that Meyer 6MM Alto Sax mpce.
This mouthpiece is the pathway of choice for a large percentage of players who are serious about playing.

Mar. 5 - Kinda hungry this morning, think I will rustle me up a BACON EXPLOSION for breakfast.

Mar. 3 - Exceptionally busy here. I received in a new Meyer 6MM Alto Sax Mouthpiece today. Also received in a Rovner EVO-5 Alto Sax Ligature.

Feb. 28 - Finished moving, letting the dust settle, getting back in the saddle again, trying to get caught up on stuff put on hold.
I've got some new projects I am hankering to start, but I gotta clear the slates first.

Read an article in the New Yorker about Rudresh Mahanthappa.
Here is Mahanthappa's website

Some very interesting stuff about Kadri Gopalnath
As the New Yorker article (Mar. 2, 2009) says "Gopalnath...has perfected something that jazz saxophonists have been attempting for decades; moving beyond the Western chromatic scale into the realm of microtones, a feat harder for wind instruments [vs. violin for example] whose keys are in fixed positions.... Using alternate fingerings and innovative embouchure techniques, he maintains faultless intonation while sliding in and out of the chromatic scale."

Feb. 28 - The Jfar Coretet will be in town March 29th, at the Frequency.

Feb. 26 - The move is going well...thanks to all of you who inquired. Thankfully got the bulk of it done before the icy rains set in today.

Wanted to mention that the owner of the Buescher Bari Sax dropped the price today.
Since the pictures were taken, he had me add a guide for the lower half of the side Bb key. It is a long key and there was some side-to-side flex in it which is why he had me do the work.

Feb. 23rd - Well, I am moving my residence this week, so my shop hours will be somewhat sporadic.
Be sure to call ahead.
Should be back to normal next week.

Feb. 20 -
Don't miss one of the coolest east side events ever...the fifth annual ". . . And All That Jazz" dinner-dance! featuring the East High Big "BIG" Band, East High jazz combos, and the Harley Street Brass. All ages welcome..Fun guaranteed!

$30 buys you dinner and the dance--$10 for adult dance-only tickets--$5 student dance-only. Tables of 8 may be reserved as a group.

Hosted by the East High Bands Parent Association, this event has raised over $40,000 in the last four years for the direct benefit of East High Bands. Funds raised buy instruments & instrument repairs, up-to-date computer technology, and help students pay for lessons and class trips.

Area businesses and friends of East High Bands have donated art, jewelry, vacations, clothing, sports tickets, and more to our silent auction and raffle. Bid high and make East High Bands a winner!

To buy tickets: Download the form at http://eastweb.madison.k12.wi.us/ Or send your check to EHBPA (payable to EHBPA) and mail to: And All that Jazz, c/o Kathy Last, 613 Stang Street, Madison, WI.
You may also call Kathy Last, 244-7006.
To donate items or services, call Sheryl Trumbower at 608-279-2117.
Thanks for supporting East High Bands and school music

Feb. 17 - I am frustrated. Can anyone tell me where I can order endcaps like THESE ? I am looking for a just a couple dozen in quantity. The only places I have found has a minimum of a quantity of 2000!

Check out the band, Basement Magic!
The press is abuzz! "Basement Magic conjures jazz innovation, perfection." - The Baltimore Examiner
Both shows are free.

Wednesday, February 18
7-9 pm
The Brink Lounge
701 East Washington Ave
(After the gig we'll be running straight over to Samba for the New Breed's weekly jam. 9-11:30 pm)

Friday, February 20
120 East Wilson Street

Feb. 16 - Have you been looking for a Flutophone?
Or a Conn Song Flute?

That can't have nuthin' to do with Syeeda's Song Flute. Who is Syeeda?

I've been informed that the liner notes say:
"Syeeda's Song Flute" has a particularly attractive line and is named for Coltrane's 10-year old daughter. "When I ran across it on the piano," he says, "It reminded me of her because it sounded like a happy, child's song."

Feb. 13 - Don't talk to me about Friday 13th.

It's been a while since I had a bass clarinet in stock. I'm happy to have this LeBlanc 400 Bass Clarinet for sale.

Okay, here're the webpages for the mouthpieces I mentioned yesterday:
- Selmer S-80 'F' (.091") Tenor Sax
- Selmer 'Jazz' (metal) 'D' Tenor Sax
- Wolfe Tayne '7' (.105") Bari Sax (metal)
- Arnold Brilhart metal Bari Sax 5*
- Selmer S80 "E" Alto Sax

Here's a neat little NPR Fresh Air Episode about Booker Ervin, Ike Quebec and Leo Parker.

I'm not one to tell you what to do, but go to HERE on the NPR website and scroll down to Cal Tjader's Ginza Samba and click on the "Listen" button.
I double dog dare you not to hop around like Snoopy dancing in a Charlie Brown Special....a great, swinging, ensemble piece.
This is the self-same song the Tony Casteneda uses as a theme song for his weekly WORT FM show, Eight O'Clock Buzz, on Thursdays, 8 a.m.

If you've got the time, check out Jimmy Giuffre's use of chalumeau register on that same NPR webpage.

Feb. 12 - Mouthpieces have been flying around here like bats at dusk.
In addition to the new Selmer S80 'E' Alto I mention below, I also got in:
- Selmer S-80 'F' (.091") Tenor Sax (used)
- Selmer 'Jazz' (metal) 'D' Tenor Sax (vintage)
- Wolfe Tayne '7' (.105") Bari Sax (metal)
- Arnold Brilhart metal Bari Sax 5* (duck-billed, high step baffle)

Here's that LeBlanc Rationale Tenor Sax.
A truly remarkable instrument.

Feb. 11 - Madison broke the record for warmest Feb. 10 yesterday...set back in 1876.
Received in a LeBlanc Rationale (Semi-Rationale) Tenor Sax yesterday...what a beautiful horn! Pictures to follow.

Feb. 6 - Just in...a Selmer S80 "E" Alto Sax Mouthpiece . That is a .078 tip opening compared to a C* tip opening of .067" If you've been on a C* for a while and you've been playing regularly, it might behoove (is that spelled right?) you to check this out.

Here is one paper about the materials mouthpieces are made of and here is another one. I don't know about you, but I have trouble reading such things on the computer, so I am going to print them out and read them later.

Feb. 3 - I've added to my collection of interesting saxophone left-hand pinkie keyclusters. Some are pretty obscure.

Feb. 2 - Happy Groundhog Day!
Who's a fan of the Bill Murray Groundhog Day movie?

Here are the promised pix of the Vito Model 35 (LeBlanc Rationale style) alto sax.

Feb. 1 - Two days of above freezing temps. Yay! Premonitions of Spring? Too early yet.

Here is the Selmer Artys "A" Clarinet

And another Selmer Bb clarinet, a Selmer Series 9 * (star)

I have taken pictures of the Vito Model 35 Alto (LeBlanc Rationale style keywork) that I just completed repadding. I used thin, firm MusicMedic Precision pads with oversized flat metal resonators. I still need to write the webpage for that one.

Next...taking pictures of a LeBlanc 400 Bass clarinet.

Jan. 29 - Received in some very nice clarinets...very nice indeed.
- A Selmer 9*
- A like-new Selmer Artys, key of A clarinet
- And a LeBlanc 400 Bass clarinet
I plan to take pix this weekend and put them up on my website.

jan. 26 - Anbody seen my nasenflote?

This Dolmetsch website looks really cool.
Try the 'Music Dictionary' to the right of the guy holding the recorder.

Jan. 25 - I hadn't seen a Conn 25M alto sax until a customer brought one in the other day for a 'tune-up'.

Jan. 23 - Spring can't come soon enough this year.

>Jan. 21 - Here are some neat sax case racks for those of you that have a few more than is manageable.

Jan. 20 - Look at this neat Eddie Harris Reed Trumpet Mouthpiece on eBay. Dec. 17 - Received in today a nice Otto Link Super Tone Master "7" Alto Sax Mouthpiece.

Jan. 16 - What I am finding out is that there was King Sax Multi-Voice and Octa-Voice units, but additionally there is this Beaugnier-built, Vox stenciled Sax.
Anybody tell me if I am correct in assuming that Vox Ampliphonics kitted out both King saxes and LeBlanc/Vito/Beaugnier saxes with pickup, effects boxes, amps and speakers?
Also wondering if the Selmer Varitone came out first and other sax mfgs got Vox to electrify their horns as well?
I would love to see one of these OEM pickups in person.
Jason DuMars' Varitone webpage talks about the development and placement of the Varitone Electro-Voice (EV) pickup/mike.

Here is quote from Otto Link:
"Each year many new (?) Mouthpieces blossom out overnight and fade just as quickly."
Or at least it is a quote from the Otto Link Company, assumedly before the early 50's...before they moved to Florida.
HERE is the ad and full text.
But Theo Wanne's website has a ton of good info.

Jan. 15 - Here is that Vox Tenor Sax I mentioned a few days ago. It is a Beaugnier "Duke", stenciled (engraved) "Vox" and sold (I assume) by Vox Ampliphonics as a companion to their Octavoice or Multivoice sound effects units.

And now a King (H.N. White) Cleveland 615 Tenor Sax ready for you.

The Olds Parisian Tenor has been sold.

A fellow on the East Coast contacted me this morning saying he had a couple of Selmer 10G clarinets that would come available in the next couple of weeks. Keep watching this space and I will have contact info later on.

Jan 14 - Quite possibly the coldest day of the winter and the furnace is not working here at the shop.
I may stay at the desk all day with the space heater toasting my toes.

I got an inquiry from someone looking for a 14-key, Bb, Albert system clarinet or a reputable dealer who sells them. Suggestions?

Greetings to Kari T. of Finland, writing for repair parts for a Noblet sax.

US Navy Band Saxophone Symposium

Jan. 13 - Baby, it's COLD outside.

And now, here's a Buffet Model 13 Bb clarinet.
This is NOT an R-13, but rather a Model 13, which preceded the R-13.

Finishing up with the "Vox" branded tenor...made by Beaugnier.

Bicycle Evangelist.

Jan. 8 - Thanks to the alert reader who took the trouble to let me know I misspelled Francis Wolff's name.

Here is a SML 'Standard' Tenor for sale. Made the same time as the Rev. D, it has a few less frills, but still delivers that SML big-bore sound.

And next, a very nice "The Elkhart" by Buescher alto sax.

Jan. 7 -
Blue Note Records turns 70.
Alfred Lion
Francis Wolff
Rudy Van Gelder

Jan. 5 - I did a little more work on the Buescher Top Hat & Cane tenor and rewrote the webpage.

I was forced to get a new cell phone...I'd had the old one for 4 or 5 years which, these days, made it ancient. It didn't even have a camera. I am a phlip-phone phanatic, so that's what I got. While I was setting up the various rings, I got to thinking about all the rings, beeps, bells and chimes we hear day-in, day-out. The first to come to mind was the micro-wave beeps. The beeps you hear while punching the 'buttons' and the beeping when it is done. The latter is a specific pitch and cadence, designed to convey something to the user.
I set up my phone to beep when I flip it open. it reminded me of THIS SOUND. Do you recognize that? ...especially the beeps at the end? That's right, a Star Trek communicator being flipped open. That's not one of the 'canned' sounds on my phone from which I can choose. I might have to figure out how to download it. HERE'S a bunch more Star Trek sounds. If you're not a fan, it might not be relevant to you, but it certainly is to me.

Jan. 5 - Off to the dentist this afternoon...I'll be gone 1-3.

A correspondent (my son) brought the Odd Instrument Site to my attention. There are the Pyrophones and Explosion Organs and Daxophones (be sure to listen to the sound sample) and many others.

Jan. 4 - Here's a Olds "Parisian" Alto Sax, made in France by Pierret.

Jan. 1, 2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Note to self:
- Archive 2008 'Recent Events' (not so recent anymore)
- Update website in general

Strange Sax Pictures
And for those of you who missed it: Bebopper's Home Page - Weird Woodwinds and Jazz.

2008 "Recent Events" Archive.

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