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Dec. 28 - It's never too late to learn an instrument.

Dec. 24th -
Wishing Friends, Relatives, Clients, Customers, Browsers and everyone else:

Dec. 20 - Sorry that updates have been increasing rare, but activity is getting more hectic as Christmas approaches. I am feeling that holiday COMPRESSION as time decreases and the number of things to get accomplished seems to increase. I feel some sort of mathematical formula brewing in my head...As in the number of days decrease and number of activities increase, plus the amount of snow to be shoveled, times the number of presents not yet bought (exponentially increased by the number of presents that needed to be shipped), divided by the inverse of the number of cookies unbaked equals stress times guilt.
In other words, nothing out of the ordinary.

I do want to mention that I have two nice tenors here in the shop.
A Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane (TH&C) Tenor and an...
SML 'Standard' tenor. I haven't taken pictures of the SML yet.
The TH&C is a relacquer, which means it can be gotten for under $2000.
The SML Standard is near the same as the SML 'Rev. D', just lacking a few of the features of the Rev. D.

Dec. 16th - My aunt's dog has picked up some bad habits.

Jazz Oboe (Youtube)

Here's Awesome Pix of Odd Horns.

Dec. 13 - My 13-yr-old is in matinee performances of Shakespeare's The Tempest today and Sunday. I won't be around my workshop much as a consequence.

Dec. 12 - This like-new Conn 86M Tenor Sax price cut to $495!

I've added a few to my collection of Sax KeyClusters.

Dec. 10 - Buescher Aristocrat Tenor - 1939.
This sax will be available for sale for just a few weeks.

L'Orchestre Symphonique de RDC ā Kinshasa performing Carmina Burana.

Dec. 5 - Making a Chalameau.
Making a Clarinet

Time to convert your bicycle to a 'snowcycle' or a 'bike-icicle' or a K-Trak.. And for those of you who live nearer the equator...it works equally well on sand.

Dec. 3 -Here's that Berg Larsen tenor mouthpiece I just got in.

Dec. 2 - I just got in a brand spanking new Berg Larsen HR Tenor 100/2 SMS - $149.

Nov. 29 - A couple months ago, I was wishing I had more Bueschers in da house. Well Virginia, wishes do sometimes come true.
I have a Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane tenor and a 1939 Aristocrat Series I tenor here, right next to me.
The TH&C should be available towards the end of December, whilst the Aristo should be ready much sooner.

Further, there is an SML tenor that should show up the beginning of 2009...a Rev. D in all but the name.

And even further...I just today received an "Elkhart" alto, made by Buescher. It is marked 'Model 20A'. It has a lovely engraving of the Elk inside a Heart on the bell. (Elk Hart...get it?)
It plays well, right out of the case, and sounds like a Buescher.
The low B spring is MIA, but the G# does the work of the missing spring and the horn works just fine.
I will replace the missing spring and undoubtedly spend some time tweaking the horn...but if you are looking for a Buescher alto under $500.....

Also, make note, the Bundy tenor is out being testplayed by a local BioChem grad student...you just might be too late to snag that great-playing, inexpensive tenor.

Nov. 27 - I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my clients and customers, friends and family, for making this all possible.

Nov. 26 - I've got someone looking for a NOS (New, Old Stock) or excellent Bell for his Selmer Centered Tone Bb clarinet.
Failing that, more generally, a bell for a vintage Selmer Paris clarinet.

Nov. 25 -
As the poet Rumi says:

Last year, I admired wines.
This year I'm wandering inside the red world.
Last year, I gazed at the fire.
This year I'm a burnt kabob.

Nov. 24th - One month 'till Christmas and we've gotten our first appreciable snow here in Madison.
By that I mean I had to shovel the sidewalks this morning.

Nov. 23 - I had the great good fortune to meet Damian Hand and Lee Badau, the sax players with the James Hunter band yesterday. A couple of hard-working U.K. blokes if ever there were some, doing yeomen's work as the horn section for James Hunter. One picture and another.

Nov. 22 -
Here's a list of some of the mouthpieces I got in.

Nov. 21 -
Here's one of the new mouthpieces, a Goodson tenor piece. This is the one I've heard described as an Otto Link on steroids. Love to have some local tenor players come by and give me their opinion..

I did not realize Fred Ho is in Madison.

Ghost Mouthpiece. 99 and 44/100's percent pure Ectoplasm.

I've got in some new (to me) mouthpieces:
-Topsax Tenor
-Goodson Jazz Tenor
-Yanagisawa Tenor
-Noblet Tenor
-King Alto
-Vito Alto
-Yanagisawa Alto
-Conn ShortShank Alto

Pixs and descriptions to follow this weekend.

I've also gotten several partial boxes of sax reeds, as well as individual reeds.
Prior to this I've tried to not 'break' open boxes and sell individual reeds.
Now I will be more apt to make available individual reeds if you don't want to buy an whole box just to try them.

Nov. 20 - Almost a full week since last entry. I've been trying to mellow out.

Nov. 14th - I bought some Alzheimer's postage stamps, but can't find them anywhere.

The King Zephyr Special Tenor has been sold!

Nov. 10 - She's a Brick...House!
In case you don't get the reference, go HERE.

Nov. 8 - I get to see the Cab Calloway Orchestra today!

I got corroboration on the Sax Collage in the S.F. Airport.
Here's some more pix:
Plus the picture below.
The artist responsible for the installation is Mildred Howard
Here's a thread on SOTW about them.

Nov. 6 - This picture was labeled 'San Francisco Airport'. Is it true?

Nov. 4 - The fellow selling the Selmer 10S Full Boehm clarinet has let me know that he is open to trade/partial trade of that horn for a Selmer 9 (not 9*) or Centered Tone standard Bb or A soprano clarinet. Looking for a horn that is in good physical shape, but may need repadding, etc. He might also consider a nice LeBlanc in trade too.

An associate/friend has some nice flutes for sale:
- Yamaha 684 Sterling, Pointed arms, B foot, open hole, EC head joint
- Armstrong 55 Sterling,Pointed Arms, B foot, open hole, Heritage II model
- Armstrong 80 Sterling, C foot, open hole
- Armstrong 290 Sterling Piccolo
- Hardy Plastic Piccolo
- Yamaha 32 Plastic Piccolo plated head
If anything strikes your fancy, drop me a line and I will put you in touch with him.

Nov. 2 - Now, a vintage Conn 424N big-bore clarinet.

Oct. 31 - Does anyone have a Selmer 10G clarinet in the key of A for sale?

Oct. 30 - I've got a friend/client looking to start a clarinet choir/clarinet ensemble. Here's the flyer with the info.
The first meeting is Sat., Nov. 22, 1 p.m.

Another client just traded in his Conn 424N for a Conn 444N. Consequently I now have a great-playing 424N for sale. I'm trying to figure out the price.

The owner of this vintage Buescher Bari Sax says he will entertain offers of a trade/partial trade of a bass clarinet for the bari sax.

Can you I.D. these lyrics without using the internet?
Well I thunk and thunk...
Couldn't think of anything better
I tried and I tried...
Tryin' ain't doin' me no good
I write choo everyday, what could be
My very last letter.
Come what may, I say

Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good, oh
Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good, people
Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good, no good

Well I thunk thunk thunk thunk
a lot about it
Realized my thunk is nuthin'
but a lot of funk
Bunk down on in my place
Only a dream (hum)
Only a dream (hum)
Only a dream (hum)

Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good no
Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good, people
Thinkin' ain't doin' me no good...no good

It's just an excerpt...I left out at least one stanza.
It's an atypically acapella harmony from this band.
OK. Here's the ANSWER.

Oct. 29 - Heard an interview of Jimmy Cobb on BBC last night. 50th anniversary of "Kind of Blue" coming up. He's the last surving member of the recording session.

Oct. 28 - Could this Holton Collegiate Alto actually be a model '666'? If so, does that make it the "Devil's Horn'?

Oct. 25 - By popular request, I have started a Picture Gallery of:
my favorite Sax KeyGuards and also, my favorite Sax KeyClusters.
Send me a nice photo of your favorite (plus mfg, model, etc.) and I will probably add it to the Gallery.

Oct. 24 - Cool...ask and ye shall receive. Earlier today I asked for someone to come in and help playtest some horns and lo and behold somebody did.
We did a whole bunch of stuff, but I think he was most impressed with the sound of the Holton tenor.
That's right, I said Holton.
He said: "That's a MONSTER horn. Sweet all the way to the bottom. The Overtones are awsome. My wife would KILL me if I bought this, but ....."

You're either on the bus or you're off the bus. Does any Merry Prankster out there have the actual quote?
Reminds me of Chef saying "Don't get off the boat" during his trip to the heart of darkness.

I've got a Yanagisawa "Whitehall" soprano sax that I would love to have someone who plays soprano regularly testplay for me. A guy was testplaying it earlier this week and said the low end (low C and below) was markedly sharp. And it sounded that way to me too at the time. But now, a couple days later, I am testplaying it in front of a tuner and it seems good to me????? I need a third party to weigh in. I've got 3 decent mpcs...a Selm

Also...I've got a Noblet/Vito made-in-France tenor that a guy in Florida is interested in. He wants a description of the tone/timbre of this horn and I need a second opinion on it.

And finally, I want to put a sound excerpt on the webpage of the Martin Imperial Tenor. I'd love to record someone playing a 30-second cut of some melody or another.

Oct. 22 - Vandoren V16 A6M alto sax mouthpiece.
A great jazz mouthpiece...centered, warm, expressive.

Oct. 21 - Presenting a Pre-Rudy Holton Tenor Sax.
A real silver-tongued devil of a horn.

The Gourdophone?

Oct. 20 - It's my Birthday! 55 and still alive.
Or as Pooh and Owl would say:


Okay...I polished the keys on the gold-plated Conn Cmel.

Oct. 19 - I couldn't resist...I took off the keys and polished the Conn C-Mel body. Now I've got to polish the keys.

Oct. 18 - All I want for my birthday is a nice hat.

Well...here is yet another Conn C-Melody.
This one is gold-plated and the serial number is only 310 removed from the one listed below.
I used the mouthpieces from the silver C-Mel to play the gold C-Mel.
I've probably had more fun playing these two C-Mel's than doing anything else this week.
Not sure if that says more about the C-Mels in particular or my life in general.

Oct 17 - Here are some of the Runyon Mouthpieces I just got into stock:
'Model 22' Alto Sax
'Custom' with Spoiler Alto Sax
'Custom' with Spoiler Tenor Sax
'Quantum' Tenor Sax
'Custom' Soprano Sax

Oct. 16 - Well, as Orwell's Boxer says: "I will work harder."

Here is the nicest Conn C-Melody Saxophone that you will ever be likely to see or hear. Some folks disparage C-Mel's, saying the tone or timbre leaves something to be desired. Well, this one comes with 4 different mouthpieces...2 are factory stock C-Mel mouthpieces, one vintage and one modern and the other two are customized mouthpieces that work amazingly well.
I 'inherited' a different C-Mel, a Martin Stencil, that has a electronic pickup hole drilled in the neck. I started a project to embed a electret condenser mike in the hole, run a lead out to a pre-amp, from there go through a guitar effects pedal and end up at a amp/speaker. The effects pedal I am looking for is a octave divider or pitch shifter or something like that. If anybody locally has one, please let me know...I'd eventually like to borrow it to see if it will produce the effect I have in mind.
That's all well and good, but the reason I bring it up is...this Conn C-Mel with the four mouthpieces probably has all the versatility that I might hope to attain on the Martin C-Mel by electronic means. It has at its disposal quite an arsenal of sounds. So click on the link to learn more about this Conn C-Mel.

And here's a Sonny Stitt LP that you might not yet have...$11 and it's yours. It has 'Constellation', 'Ghost of a Chance', 'Webb City', 'By Accident', 'Ray's Idea', 'Casbah', 'It's Magic' and 'Topsy'

Oct. 14 - I got in some new Runyon mouthpieces today:

Model 22 Alto #5 - White (.073) $27.50
Model 22 Alto #6 - White (.077) $27.50
Custom Soprano #6 - Amber (.055) $58.00
Custom Alto (w/ spoiler) #6 - Amber (.077) $70
Custom Tenor (w/ spoiler) #10 - Amber (.103) $75

I got in the white Model 22's because Charlie Parker supposedly played a white .075" Model 22.
And I've heard very good things about the "Custom" mouthpieces.
For now, you can check them out on the Runyon website.
Eventualllllllly....I will take pix and write a description.
I have just one each of the mpces listed above and I aim to meet or beat WWBW.com prices.
So...when they're gone, it'll be weeks before I can get in new ones.

Oct. 12 - Here's some pix and info on O'Brien crystal clarinet mouthpieces. It's not for sale...just informational.

Oct. 11 - Yet another fine instrument...a Selmer 10S Full Boehm Clarinet . Keyed to low Eb.

This just in...here's the Goodson Bari Sax.
Go ahead, take a peek...it never hurts to look.

Who else is having trouble sleeping?
I hung the clothes out on the line early this morning, before sunrise...I wanted to be at work that early.
Walking to the corner store for my Sat. morning pecan roll, I saw a couple of puffball mushrooms.
One was already knocked loose on its side, so I stomped on it to see the cloud of spores puff and drift.
The squirrels were everywhere, doing a frantic Autumnal dance.
Walked up Willy Street, crossed over the torpid Yahara River...didn't see no fishes.
At the hardware store they had a display of antique gas engines, puffing and chugging away.
Bought a Brat from a street vendor...kraut and mustard.
Back to work now.

Oct. 9, 2008 - Dropped the price $159 on the Martin Handcraft Imperial Tenor

Oct. 8 - I've taken pictures of the Selmer 10S Full Boehm Bb Soprano Clarinet. Next, I write a webpage for it.

Oct. 7 - If I don't ftp the updated HTML files to the webserver, you won't be able to see them.

Miscellaneous accessories for sale at Doctor Sax's Workshop.

The "Magic Tuning Fork" tenor sax. This great-playing, great-sounding tenor has an "artisanal" engraving on the bell. I really, really want to place this horn with a young local tenor player. In a way, it is an archtypal 'player's horn'. It has the 10M body tube (I think) with the student-grade keywork. Check out the custom Bb fingertouch. I don't have a clue about pricing.

Oct. 6 - First time I've seen 'Tilt-shift Photography'. What is tilt-shift photography? Simple, it uses the Scheimpflug principle.

Oct. 4 - Thought you've seen every make and manufacturer of sax?
How about this Angular Beauty?

Nearby PM Woodwinds has a D&J Rene Dumont alto for sale which is very similar to the Rene Dumont I also happen to have for sale. Their horn is in better cosmetic shape, but there is also a difference in price.

Oct. 3 - Got in a Vandoren Java T55 Tenor mouthpiece (0.098")today.
Not the Jumbo Java.
It's in excellent, playing condition...a little light wear on the beak, but the tip and rails are great.
You can buy them $109 new at WWBW or you can save some money and buy this one.

Sept. 30 - I'm excited and pleased to have just gotten in some very nice horns. They're all in good or better playing condition, but it'll be a while before I check them over and take pictures and write webpages, but here's a list:

- Conn big bore 444N Clarinet
- Selmer 10S Full Boehm Clarinet
- Holton pre-Rudy tenor
- King Zephyr Special Tenor Sax - Silver Neck
- Pan American Tenor Sax - 'Special' Engraving
- Steve Goodson Low A Bari - Like New

Sept. 28 - Here's that Yanagisawa "Whitehall" Soprano Sax I mentioned earlier.

I'll have two Martin Tenors up for sale on eBay starting 5 p.m. PDT today.

It's the time of year my thoughts turn to Waldorf Salad. Just something about the combo of apples and walnuts that says Autumn to me.
Waldorf Salad was created in New York City in 1893, by Oscar Tschirky, the maître d'hôtel of the Waldorf Astoria. The original recipe consisted only of diced red-skinned apples, celery, and mayonnaise. Chopped walnuts were added later to this American classic.

Whyncha give Djako a listen...if you are in the mood for a little electro-lounge French Turkish et alia. Which is your favorite? "Asian Taxi Instrumental"?

Sept. 27 - Madison's Goodman Community Center Grand Opening today.

As soon as I find the chance I am going to put this Martin Indiana Tenor up on eBay.

It took 4 tries over a 3-week period, but I finally got a fingertouch for the Jupiter alto G# key.

I should have pictures for the Yanagisawa "Whitehall" soprano up tomorrow.

Sept. 26 - I'm trying to figure out what sort of electronic pick-up to install in the neck of a sax.
Does anybody have any advice to give me?
I've got this C-Mel that already has a hole drilled in the neck, so I figured I would start with that.
I kinda like the idea of installing the pickup in the mouthpiece, rather than the neck, but not sure of all the pros and cons.
I'm going to have to repad the C-Mel, about 5 of the screwrods were rust-frozen in place. I've got all but one, the lower stack rod, freed up and removed.
I've been reading about acoustic woodwind pickups. The old school Selmer Varitone, the Octavoice, the Mutlivider, etc.
Doesn't seem like a regular guitar pickup will do. There's 'condenser', 'dynamic', 'electret', 'piezoelectric', 'piezo film', 'Barcus Barry' on and on.
Trying to get ahold of a guy who installed a pickup in a Hohner Melodica.
The pickup may require a pre-amp.
I want to push the signal through a 'pitch shifter', 'octave divider' or such like. And the signal may or may not need some cleaning up.
From there, run it through an amp and see what is what...turn it all the way up to '11'.

Sept. 25 - Woodwind teachers in the Madison area.

sept. 24 - I am working on a Yanagisawa "Whitehall" soprano sax, serial number 10753xxx...getting it ready to sell.
I think that makes 1975 the manufacture date.
It is in excellent condition for a 30+ year old horn.
Yanagisawa sopranos are right up there with the Selmer horns as far as player approval.
It currently plays, but I am going to do some more work on this horn.
After that, I will take pictures and put it up for sale.
Unless someone comes in and buys it before I have a chance.

Sept. 23 - Tonight, 7-9 pm, at Restaurant Magnus
120 E. Wilson St., downtown Madison
Patrick Breiner - Tenor Saxophone
Fritz Schenker - Piano

Sept 22 - I got in a nice Bonade, inverted, nickel-plated ligature. While it is ostensibly for a soprano sax, it works well for the Runyon Quantum Tenor mpc. I think it also fits Bb soprano clarinet.

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I'll spend with you
These precious days I'll spend with you

Coming up this Thurs., Sept 25
Black Music Ensemble
Richard Davis, director
Morphy Recital Hall, 8:30 p.m.
Univ. of Wisc

Sept. 20 - Danish Sushi.

Do you find it hard to figure out what exactly what saxes I have for sale?
Well, I hear you. I have trouble with that exact same thing, so I took an inventory.
You can see that INVENTORY HERE.
This will be appreciated by those of you who don't have the time, patience or inclination to wade through my website.
As you can see, I have an array of affordable alto and tenor saxes.

Sept. 19 - I couldn't resist. I picked up a couple LP's this morning. One is Sonny Stitt's "Come Hither", Solid State Records (UA) SS 18057. The tunes look pretty schmaltzy....'Wichita Lineman', 'Gimme Gimme Good Lovin', etc. but under personnel, Stitt is shown as playing the "Varitone Alto Sax". Now...I just have to find my turntable (dang, it might be down in Illinois.) Also got another Stitt album "Constellation"...looks harder-edged...the song "Constellation" is a Charlie Parker tune.

I heard about the 'Chronophage' on BBC radio this morning around 3 in the a.m.

Turns out that Eddie Harris was born Oct. 20, same as me, except he was born in 1934.
I figured out definitively that the version of 'Listen Here' that I have is from 'The Electrifying Eddie Harris', Atlantic (SD 1495). It's 7:37 long.

Sept. 16 - Another mouthpiece...a Runyon Quantum Tenor "8"

I removed the Eddie Harris song from my website.
It was slow-loading and didn't play for everyone.
Better to look at this YouTube video.
It's nice, but not as groovy as the version I have.

A tip of the Kangol to browsers who identified the Eddie Harris song.
Here's a an edited version of some of the responses:

The song is "Listen Here" recorded on Atlantic in June 7, 1966 on the album 'Mean Greens', a 3 + min. version
Listen Here" is also on "The Electrifying Eddie Harris" April 20, 1967.
And then also in a live recording in 1968, also on Atlantic, 'High Voltage' a 7 + min. version.
Still later he did make a record called "Listen Here" but that was in 1992 on the Enja label.
"I think your recording is the live 7 min. version."
Sounds like you have a digital rendering of the original vinyl. [I do]
Always makes me feel super-groovey.
He's using a varitone octave divider in some parts of the song. [you can see this on the YouTube video]
Eddie also used an 'echoplex' tape echo machine.
Eddie was from Chicago..local talent man...

The Selmer Varitone.

Church Sign

A later-model Kenosha Vito alto for sale, all new pads with hand-fit oversized resonators.

Sept. 14 -
Here's a couple of questions:
Can you tell me the name of this Eddie Harris song?

Sept. 12 - "No matter how quickly I dig, I cannot get to the bottom of this hole"

If you buy this Vandoren tenor Jumbo Java T-95 mouthpiece before my aunt's birthday on Sept 20, I will let you have it for $5 off the asking price.

Sept. 11 - Cannonball Adderly, Jose Feliciano and David Carradine jamming on "Kung Fu".

Sept. 10 - Doctor Sax Woodwinds is located at Schenks Corners in Madison's Atwood Neighborhood
Hey! Lately Tex Tubb's Taco Palace on Atwood has added Chile Rellenos to the line-up. They also have Tamales handmade on site (I've seen them making both). I don't think they're on the menu, so be sure to ask for them. The deep-fried avocado taco is great. If you're more adventurous than I am, you can try the Daikon taco or the Smoked Duck Quesadilla.
Tell 'em Doctor Sax sent you! (I wonder if they'll know what you're talking about)

Sept. 8 - Next up, a Jupiter Alto Sax in great condition, perfect for the student who has proven interest in middle school and needs to step up to something reliable that will allow him/her to focus on the music, not struggling with a balky horn.

And take a look at this beautiful alto sax, gold-plated and engraved stem to stern and an excellent player. If you're looking to upgrade to an intermediate instrument, you'd be well-advised to check this one out.

I just read that Gerry Mulligan won the Down Beat magazine reader's poll for outstanding baritone saxophonist for 42 consecutive years (1953-1995).

Sept 6 - I've been looking to get a Bari Sax in stock and finally found one. A transitional Buescher Bari Sax.

I also have a Erik Greiffenhagen Customized Double Chamber Mouthpiece (thats a mouthful, more ways than one) for sale. If you buy it with the bari sax I knock $100 off the price of the mouthpiece.

I've also gotten a couple more altos in: a Jupiter model 767-769 which will take a few 'tweaks' before it is ready to rock, and....
A drop-dead beautiful gold-plated, fully engraved Gulf alto for under $1000. I'll get the pictures online before the weekend is out. Unless someone buys 'em before I can get them up...it happens more often then you'd think.

Sept 4 - Name this FLAG.
No, it's not the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.
Nor Freedonia.

Sept. 3 - I've always loved the look of these gold metal flake Bundys . This Bundy tenor is fully repadded, ready to play, under $500.

Here's a nice, new Otto Link ToneEdge (Hard Rubber) Soprano Sax "6" Mouthpiece.

Jon Hendricks with Caravan Gypsy Swing ...today, Jazz at Five, Madison.

Mama Digdown Brass Band - Family Picnic - Sunday Sept. 7th

Sept. 2 - Check out the Bundy "Adjusta-Pads".

Look out! Vartan Mamigonian is in town.

Aug. 29 - Pedler Metal Clarinet for sale. New pads, under $300.

Cool. Carbon Fiber flutes. I wish they'd show a picture of the whole thing...not just closeups.

Aug. 26 - Meet me at Hlava XXII Music Club in Bratislava, Slovakia for a shot of slivovica. NAZDRAVIE!

Aug. 24 - I sold the King 615 Tenor. Here's a replacement offering, a H. Couf Royalist II Tenor.

I was Googling Cal Tjader's "Ginza Samba" to see who the guitarist was (Eddie Duran) and I came up with this poem by Pinsky, also called "Ginza Samba".

Aug. 22 - Another in a series of excellent Kenosha Vito Alto saxes. . A great value for a great-playing alto.

Artistic rain barrels
Elephants can't jump, T Rex didn't run

Aug. 19 - I will be out tomorrow, 8:45 - 10 a.m., registering daughter for the Eighth Grade.

Here's another student alto sax, a very nice Bundy II alto ... all yours for a scant $313.

$150 price drop in this really nice Olds Parisian Tenor.
This is not the Olds "Parisian Ambassador", this is the nicer Olds "Parisian".

Aug 16 - Back-To-School Special - A nice Vito Alto for just under $300.

Here is the Malerne "Acme Artist" alto. Very affordable, refurbished....all new pads...it won't be around long before someone snags it.

This Vito Kenosha Alto has been sold.

Baby Zax Sax.

Aug. 15 - I said I would TRY to be more regular with my updates to this Recent Events log.
I have been making changes to the website, but nothing you'd probably notice.
I have added a lot to the Musical Instrument Reference Info page.
That webpage is begging for a reformat. I really should at least ALPHABETIZE the stuff, hunh?

The Martin Handcraft Imperial Alto is pending sale to a gent in Germany.

Sold a Bundy today and I think I sold the other Bundy I had a while ago and never updated the website to reflect that.
I do have yet another Bundy waiting in the wings. I'll let you know when it is ready to go.

I finished repadding an "Acme Artist" Alto Sax made by Malerene.
You'd like this one. I'll have pictures up tomorrow.

I also have a inexpensive Vito for the tyro in the family. More on that later.

August 12 - will TRY to be more regular in my updates.

I have obtained some replacement tenor sax necks which may be of interest to those of you whose necks have met with foul play.

Aug. 7th - Jeepers! Has it been almost a week since I made an entry. Rest assured I have been kept busy.

Have I put up a link to this Martin Indiana Tenor? Well, now I have.

Aug. 1 - Welcome to August.
I'll be out of town Fri., Aug. 8 thru Sun., Aug 10

The Selmer Series III Tenor has been sold. It was a pleasure to meet the purchaser and his family.
And the Noblet Alto has been sold to a gentleman in Germany.

July 31 - Voodoo Rhapsody.
Does the bandleader and the audience look a little 'edgy' to you too?

July 28th - Johnny Griffin died.

July 27 - Worried about potentially toxic materials used to make your musical instrument? Try THIS. (YouTube Video)

July 26 - Okie dokie...here is the Vito tenor Sax of which I so languidly spoke yesterday. Under $500.
This is a very Yamaha-ish Vito Tenor.

Berg Larsen Metal Tenor Mpce.

July 25 - I lost a day somewhere along the line...oh well.
World record 68-fooooooot bratwurst. They have their eye on a 90-footer next time.

6 p.m. on Friday. Just finished a "play condition" on a Vito Tenor Sax, serial number 000954, one of these extremely low 6-digit semi-Japanese Vitos. I guess it was made in 1971.
This one, s/n 000176 is pretty similar, if not identical. Neither says "Made in Japan" anywhere on it, but it is essentially a YTS-21, though with differences. If nothing else it has the ever-groovy Vito oval-shaped LH thumb rest. I think this sax was assembled in Kenosha from about 90% Japanese parts. I'll put pictures up tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe I will keep it hidden here at the shop for local folks who come poking around, looking for inexpensive tenors.

July 24 - Some lillies I picked this morning.

What? You don't have time to smell the flowers?
Okay...here's an inexpensive alto saxophone... an Armstrong, made in Elkhart, IN.

And an equally affordable, great-playing, American-made tenor...an H.N. White (King) "615" Tenor Sax.

July 22 - Here's a Martin Imperial sax marked "Kenosha, Wis" instead of Elkhart, Ind. Must have been made after LeBlanc bought Martin.

July 21 - A comparison of a Dörfler & Jörka vs. a Julius Keilwerth altos.

July 20 - A Renee Dumont Alto Sax built by Dörfler & Jörka in Western Germany. For Sale.

July 19 - I just finished up working on a Martin Handcraft Imperial Tenor...Martin's Pro horn from the 1930's.
It is for sale, you lucky dog.
These Imperial Tenors are really rare.
I've seen and worked on and sold the alto's...I actually have one for sale.
This Imperial Tenor has a true Martin vintage 'voice'.

Check out the neck on Guiffre's tenor.

This facsimile of a booklet about the Holton factory says (on page 19) that "French Brass" is a simple alloy of 67% copper and 23% zinc.
And be sure to check out the "Holton No Pressure Device" on page 24. I gotta get me one of them....don't want to "bruise and crush" my tender lip muscles...no sirree.

July 17 - I've got a great selection of Superial reeds in stock, "D.C.", "NY", "Classique" and Original.
Plus lots of Vandoren and Rico and other reeds.
Also got a good selection of Graftonite mouthpieces, plus Otto Link HR Tone Edge, a Meyer alto, Dukoff alto, etc. etc.
And all sorts of accoutrement...cleaning and care products, cases, etc.

July 16 - Getz playing soprano.

July 13 - Oops...Friday the Thirteenth came on a Sunday this month.

If you read this you'll know I've got a 'thing' for Theremins. Here's Monk's 'Ruby My Dear' on Theremin.

I'm working on a Martin Imperial (1930's) Tenor.

July 10th - Interesting article on calculating mouthpiece facing curves. I think I will have my 13-year-old check over the math. She'd do a far better job than I.

July 9 - This Vito Kenosha Alto Sax is a real head-turner and ear-pleaser.

July 8 - Here's a Feb. '08 NPR article on Taiwan sax manufacture..

July 4 - Happy Independence Day!

Freshly repadded Vito Model 35 Alto for sale.

July 2 - For you newbies...here's how you tell the difference between an Alto Sax and a Tenor Sax.

Neat pictures of the fabrication of brass parts.

July 1 - I've just gotten in a brand spanking new Meyer 6MM Alto Hard Rubber Mouthpiece.

I also have Otto Link Tone Edge HR Mouthpieces:
Alto - 5* and 6*
Tenor - 5* and 6*

The B&S 2001 Alto Sax has been sold.

More books... Sonny Stitt, Paul Desmond, Jimmy Dorsey, The Reed Guide....

June 30 - It's baaaack! The superlative Martin Imperial alto from the 1930's.

Just finished repadding a Vito Model 35 alto sax. This is the one that has the Semi-Rationale keywork...you get to use all the normal fingerings plus a passel of alternatives if you choose to use them. Repadded with MusicMedic Precision pads, I hand fit the flat metal resonators so as to get the maximum size resonator for each tonehole, better emulating the original French style pads. This is a very clean horn. I am doing final adjustments. Pictures and description coming soon.

Here's a 1923 Conn C Soprano I have been working on.

June 28 - Some new books.

June 27 - Will I have the discipline to update this Sax Measurement webpage as saxes cross my bench? I started it because I had some nice Selmers in my shop, but I am not limiting it to Selmers or tenors.

June 25 - My new case salesman. :-)
But seriously, here are some cases I have for sale.

June 24 - Jimmy Wallace playing outside Heimie's Haberdashery in Minneapolis.

June 23 - I am getting accessories in all the time:
I have some "H-Series" alto sax ligatures
And here's an Otto Link Mouthpiece Cap
And lots of reeds, mouthpieces, straps, 'PadSavers', etc., etc.
New stuff every week. And if you come in looking for something and I don't have it, I usually try to order two...one for you and one for the shelf.

June 22 - Ummm, how much do French Horns go for? I guess I am asking for offers.

June 21 - Summer Solstice?

June 19 - Hey, time to wake up. Take a gander at Shoehorn do his stuff in the Pacific Northwest. Here's one video (be sure to watch it far enough into the video to see where his tapping goes electronic, about 1:30 into the video) and here's another.
First I've seen of the "TAPPERCUSSION MARK VI e-tap instrument".

Jejune 17 - I've got a Theremin for sale. But here is the Heliophone ...a solar-powered Theremin in an Altoids tin. Maybe as we get deeper into summer, I can capture and train locusts to play a tune.

June 13 - Friday the Thirteenth! It's lucky for my daughter...yesterday was the last day of school. It is now summer break.

Hey, come on and check out the Red Quartet, next Friday, 5 p.m., UW Memorial Terrace.. Tony Bauer, the alto saxplayer will be out of town this summer...this'll be one of the last times to catch him before next Autumn.

June 11 - Here is a very nice Selmer pro tenor, a Series III, at a good price.

Here is a Yamaha Soprano, YSS-61, serial number 1859.
Have you seen a Yamaha with a 4-digit serial number? The foot under the G# fingertouch is way too short. I am wondering if it was some sort of prototype.

June 10th - Compare Frequency Analysis of three Selmer tenors.
This really doesn't tell you much. I used an Otto Link Tone Edge 5*. Fingered high, middle and low C (concert Bb) on all three. I had tuned them all using a digital tuner to Bb being 233 Hz (or 116 or 466 as the case may be)
It is difficult, using this software, to present the information in a meaningful way on my website. As presented, the information is hard to comprehend.
Wish I had more time to mess with this stuff.

June 8 - Monsoon season here in Madison.

June 6 - I got the okay to put this Selmer Reference 54 tenor sax up on my website for a few days before I put it on eBay.

Come on down and check out the ISTHMUS JAZZ FESTIVAL this weekend. I plan on attending Tim Whalen's "Art Blakey Tribute" at 4 and then Richie Cole at 8, today, Friday.

June 5 - I finally got fed up with everyone belly-aching about not being able to buy any theremins here in Madison.
So at long last, here is a Theremin to help you keep up with all those bent circuit phreaks.

June 4 - A friend obtained a really neat old Conn soprano in the key of C. Keyed up to Hi D#...no E or F. I think I will get a chance to work on it in a few weeks. There'll definitely be pictures.

The interesting Noblet alto sax, in the comparison page mentioned below, is for sale. I did a quick play condition, replaced a few pads, did some regulation...just to make it playable so that any interested parties can playtest it. It DOES need more work however, but it is a very nice horn that will pay benefits for anyone who buys it and fixes it up. Here's the webpage for the Noblet Alto.

May 31st - Here's a comparison of two Noblet alto saxes.

May 30 - I've got a very nice Selmer Reference 54 tenor that I will be putting up for sale soon.

The Martin Tenor has been sold.

May 29 - Check out this beautiful Conn Tenor that I am putting up on eBay

May 28 - The B&S Series 2001 - IV Alto Sax is ready for you. This is a Made in Germany, quality saxophone. Use the 'search' function on Sax On The Web (SOTW) to do some research on these horns.

I don't have a good list of the sax books I have in stock...I started doing THIS, but now that I have more, that is not a good format. I'll try to remedy that. In the meantime, I just got in:
---- "The Technique of the Sax, Volume Three" - Joseph Viola
"Jazz Tenor Solos - Masters of the Tenor Saxophone Play The Blues." Transcribed and Edited by Trent Kynaston
---- "Solos for Jazz Tenor Sax - Coltrane, Getz, et al." 'Carl Fischer'

The Conn-Selmer North Plant (Bach) will be on the Discovery Channel tomorrow: 5/28/08. Click the link below for the series Factory Made and find episode 2. Check your local listings for time and schedule. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-schedules/series.html?paid=1.9688.25770.35889.2

A friend of mine is selling her Jeep Cherokee. Tell her Doctor Sax sent you.

May 26 - The Mark VI alto is on eBay.

May 24 - BratFest BratFest BratFest! I gots to have my brats.

I'm selling someone's Selmer Mark VI alto for them. Have to move it quick, so it's going up on eBay tomorrow unless you contact me right away.

May 20 - I've received in a B&S Series 2001 - IV alto sax in very good condition. These German-made saxes have excellent 'fit and finish'. I'll be going over it thoroughly...cleaning it, making sure the pads seal, regulating it. It will be good as new when I am done. I'll keep you posted.

And now, a "The Martin Tenor", dating back to 1945. Is that possible? Probably all the factories immediately began the transition from the 'war effort' back to their traditional production at the end of WWII
While not directly related to saxes, HERE'S an interesting article about the impact of WWII on the production of musical instruments.
Conn was making compasses, altimeters, gyro-horizon indicators, and other related items.

Mar. 19 - Here's another link to that Buescher Aristocrat Bari Sax my friend is selling.

May 16 - Looks like a Klangbogen is designed to hang down from a Sax's lyre holder?
Here's the results in a frequency analysis.
And don't forget the Magic Thumb Hooks and Sound Expander

May 15 - A friend of mine is compelled to sell his Buescher "New Aristocrat" Bari saxophone. This is your chance.

Willy St. Bike Race this Sunday.

May 12 - You can follow 'Heidi' & 'Klaus' as they cross the USA

A 'Soprillo' Sax? Now that is a small sax.

May 9 - I'll be out of town from noon today, Friday, until Sunday afternoon.

This Is Your Brain on Jazz

Here's a neat PVC Instrument
Another One

May 5 - Cinqo de Mayo! Did I spell that right? Let's have a Margarita or Cerveza in celebration!

Busy, busy, busy. Oddly I just worked on two Yamaha altos with frozen lower stack screw rods.
Spent hours and hours freeing the up...a real struggle...but in the end, I did NOT have to break out the jewelers saw. Whew!
Both were nice horns, but I took pix of the YAS-855 Custom alto sax, just because I could come up with so little info on it. I wanted to archive it.

My Theremin came in. Can't wait to play with it.

Here's an Albert System clarinet for sale!

Vandoren Java Tenor Mpce - SOLD
SKB-450 Tenor Flight Case - SOLD ($127!)
I had only one tenor case at that price.

May 1 - I finally did it...I broke down and ordered a theremin.
This is probably the video that did the most to push me over the edge.

Looks like I am going to put this Soprano Sax up on eBay if no-one steps forward.

Apr. 28 - "Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo"
Translated means: "Every little master has his/her own little handbook"

Apr. 26 - Price cut on this like-new Curved Soprano Sax.

Have you been looking for:
"Advanced Jazz Conception for Saxophone by Lennie Niehaus"? or
"Daily Studies for all Saxophones - Scales, Arpeggios & Tuning Etudes by Kynaston"?
I've got 'em here.

Jimmy Giuffre passed away

Apr. 25 - Here's the promised Olds 'Parisian' Tenor.

Apr. 24 - I've gotten the sweetest F.E. Olds "Parisian" tenor sax, made in the Pierret Atelier. Really, really nice shape.
It won't be around long. I hope to take pix tonite or tomorrow and get them up on my website sometime this weekend.

I'll be at MATC (Madison Area Technical College) repairing bicycles from approx. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. today, as part of an Earth Day event.

Dandelion website. Noxious weed or harbinger of Spring?

Here's my little tribute to "Earth Day"

The First Dandelion -
Simple and fresh and fair from winter's close emerging,
As if no artifice of fashion, business, politics, had ever been,
Forth from its sunny nook of shelter'd grass--innocent, golden, calm as the dawn,
The spring's first dandelion shows its trustful face.
Source: "Leaves of Grass," by Walt Whitman

Apr. 23rd - A couple of top-notch, professional sax mouthpieces:
- A Meyer 6 Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece blue-printed by Doc Tenney
- A
Berg Larson 135/1 SMS Hard Rubber Bari Mouthpiece, also perfected by Doc Tenney.

Apt. 21 - My daughter turns 13 years old today!

Look....they've re-introduced the Diana Camera.

Apr. 19 - Sometimes when I am recorking a sax neck, I grab a mouthpiece to test the fit of the cork while I sand it down. I have been unpleasantly surprised and not a little frustrated by the variation in the size of the aperture or Inside Diameter (ID) of mouthpieces. I try to sand the cork so that it is a straight cylinder even though the neck underneath is a partial cone, which means the cork starts thick at the opening and gets thinner as it goes back, to offset the increasing girth of of neck underneath the cork.
This morning I measured a couple of handsful of mouthpieces to get an average I.D. of the aperture. The results are HERE.

Apr. 18 - Bundy Alto Sax for sale.

Tool Envy - Part I
Tool Envy - Part II.
View From The Inside

Apr. 17 - The venerable Yamaha YTS23 Tenor Sax.

I've got a couple of extremely nice SKB tenor sax flight cases. Both are in very good condition...I wouldn't be going out on a limb to say they are 'like new'. One's a little nicer than the other, one's $135 and the other's $115.
Prevention is the best cure.

Apr. 16 - I have a very nice Selmer 10G Clarinet up for sale.
I sold one of these a year or so ago to a gentleman in the UK and he loved it. When I was regulating and adjusting the lower joint, I reversed the spring on the F-C Lever to help balance the spring action. Some pros swear by this modification.

Apr. 15 - Happy Tax Day! Watch the Bush Administration put your hard-earned tax dollars to work!

I am getting a wider supply of saxophone and woodwind accoutrements.
Sax Cases - I have a couple of nice SKB flight cases for Tenor sax and one for Alto sax...reasonably priced. Frankly, I'd make more money if you or your kid drops a horn down the stairs in gig back or poorly fitting case...so I am a little conflicted about selling such nice cases so cheaply.
Mouthpieces - Link, Brilhart, Tenney, Northway, RIA...the list goes on...
Ligatures - Olegatures, Francois Louis Ultimate ligatures, Rovner ligatures, etc. I can even dig up a couple of Harrison ligatures if you are interested.
Mouthpiece Caps - I think I have all 8 sizes/types of Rovner caps, plus a wild assortment of others.
Padgard Sax swabs
Reeds - Go to Superial website and check for dealers who stock Superial reeds in Wisconsin.

Apr. 14 - Looking for a horn/mouthpiece/reed/embouchure that gives you a 'DARK' sound?
This article is about clarinets, but it might 'shed some light on that dark sound'.

Reminds me of a guy who wanted to know what Johnny Hodges setup was, because he wanted to sound like Johnny Hodges. That's a estimable goal.
I asked some questions around as to what Hodges played and this was one answer I got:
"...my understanding is that Hodges first used a [Conn] 6M until about 1942, then played Bueschers, mainly Aristocrats and later maybe a 400 with an Aristocrat neck, until he switched to Vitos in the mid sixties. Early he was supposed to have played a Tonalin and later a HR Berg. Reeds I don't have a clue and have never read anything about his choice that way, although some kind of Rico would be most likely from that era. "
So, if that is true, Hodges sounded like Hodges regardless of whether he played Conn, Buescher or Vito. Regardless of whether he played Tonalin or Berg.
Kinda points to the embouchure as being the source of the distinctive sound.

Apr. 13 - Finished my taxes and e-filed 'em. Whew!

I had never seen these single-reed mouthpieces for the bassoon until today, when I was perusing the Runyon site. And here's a discussion on the SOTW website.

April 12 - Taxes, bookkeeping and accounting...Yuck.

Here's a cool Charlie Parker website.
I had trouble getting to this webpage of Bird's sheet music
using the webpage navigation.

Apr. 11 - I've got an F.E. Olds Parisian Ambassador Alto sax parts horn, serial number 041997 (kind of hard to read). No neck. Missing one keyguard, missing a key, a couple other things. The bell and bow have already been claimed by someone, but if you need pivot screws or keys or .... ? You can drop me a line. Heaven knows how I am going to price this stuff. It'll be something like $2.50 for a pivot screw...plus shipping. Sorry, but otherwise it's not worth the trouble for me. The keyguard screws are unusual. I assume a lot of this stuff would work on a tenor as well. The neck receiver screw is bent. Whatever.

Looks like this guy at SteamerSound.de cuts off the shanks from mouthpieces and replaces them with a brass fitting. Anybody read German?
I had 'BabelFish' translate the website. Here's a couple of quotes;
" The Steamer was examined for heart and kidneys."
"The Steamer is particularly suitably for parabolic saxophones, it here on the saxophone is crosswise placed, (s.Lester Young) can it the Leadstimme in the saxophone set be! Also the beginner can produce in the exit port 2.35mm a violent sound."
I think something was lost in translation.

Apr. 9 - Got in more mouthpieces. Having trouble finding the time to take pix and write webpages for them all.

April 7th - Sweet and Beautiful...the price on this Evette-Schaeffer, made in France, alto sax has been cut $150!

Apr. 5 - I'll be closed most of this weekend.

Stan Getz mouthpieces.
What sax is Zoot Sims playing here?

Apr. 3 - H.N. White or King Saxophone Models.

Apr. 2 - Dropped the price on the Antigua Winds Soprano.

Sax Mouthpiece Materials

Mar. 31st - It was just a couple weeks ago that I realized that Sheldon Brown passed away, Feb. 3rd.
His was perhaps the best-loved internet source on bicycle repair information.
But he was quite the all-round renaissance man.

Mar. 30 - Brand-new Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mpce.
And while I have some Bass Clarinet reeds in stock, I don't yet have a ligature for this bass clarinet mouthpiece.

And a great-playing Antigua Winds Straight Soprano

I've gotten in a bunch of "Olegatures", Francois Louis "Ultimate Ligatures", Rovners, and an increasingly wide variety of other ligatures.

Mar. 29 - You can watch Mikole Kaar reface mouthpieces. It's somewhat of an advertisement and a little hard to follow at times, but definitely worth watching.

Mar. 28th - I've added some links to the mouthpieces below.

Mar. 26 - Youtube video of a G soprano
It's handmade by Peter Jessen.

Just got in the following mouthpieces:
- Otto Link HR Tone Edge Alto Sax 6*
- Otto Link HR Tone Edge Tenor Sax 6*
- Vandoren Jumbo Java Alto Sax A55
- Vandoren Jumbo Java Tenor Sax T55
- Yamaha Bass Clarinet 4C
- Modern C-Mel Sax
Some of these are hard for me to keep in stock.

Mar. 25 - Here's a couple of white mouthpieces.

Also here's a Bundy alto for sale.

A bodacious RIA 8* Bari Sax mouthpiece.

Mar. 24 - Madison finally broke the 100-inch snowfall threshold. 50 inches is about average. More snow on the way this week.

Today is the last day of Spring Break for the Madison Metro School District. Therefore I will be in and out, checking on my daughter.

I've gotten more of the other mouthpieces up for sale on this website...
Ernie Northway Custom Alto
Ernie Northway Handfinished Alto
Otto Link Slant "Doc" Tenney 7 Tenor
Larry Teal Scroll Shank alto
Larry Teal Scroll Shank Tenor
Vandoren Java T55 Tenor

There are more to come.

Mar. 21 - Here's a beautiful made-in-France alto sax.
Evette-Schaeffer, this is an superior quality alto made by Malerne/SML.

I've got Deluxe SKB flight cases in for alto and tenor saxes. The tenor case is a real deal.

Mar. 20 -First day of Spring...Yay!
It's supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow...Boo!

I've gotten some very nice mouthpieces on consignment.
The first two are Ernie Northway alto pieces...a "Hand Finished" and a "Custom".
I'll try to add a couple more every day.

Mar. 18 - My distributor informs me that pricing for all Vandoren products will go up over 10% effective April 1st (no joke). If you want to order Vandoren reeds, mouthpieces or other products, drop me a line as soon as possible so I can make sure I either have them in stock or get them ordered. Not sure what happens if product is backordered with distributor.

March 16 - Here, for your perusal and amusal are a beautiful French alto sax and a modern curved soprano sax.

I've had pictures of this Antoine Courtois Alto Sax on my website for a while. Now, the owner has regretfully decided he must part company with it.

I haven't had any sopranos for a while, so I was overjoyed to get this great-playing, modern LA Sax curved Soprano. It is very much "like-new"...I am hard-pressed to find any blemishes at all. It is ready-to-play.

I've mentioned before that I have been adding to my in-shop stock of sax reeds. Most recently I've been building up my supply of Superial reeds. These are great reeds.
Additionaly, I have started carrying SKB deluxe flight cases for alto and tenor saxes. I don't keep many in stock, but I will happily order more.
Also Hercules sax stands.
And all the other sax accoutrement...straps, mutes, mouthpieces, ligatures, caps.

Mar. 15 - My brother was in town from L.A., so I essentially took a couple of days off. But now, back to the 'grindstone'.

In the last week I've received shipment of 4 saxes:
1) Martin "The Martin" Tenor
2) Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor
3) LASax Curved Soprano
4) Selmer (Paris) Series III Tenor
I'll be taking pictures, working up descriptions, finguring out pricing as quickly as I can.
I'll be likely adding to this page throughout the day.

Mar. 13 - Got my hands on a Martin made by Yanagisawa today.
Not for sale...just to repair...well, tweak really. Just a sticky Bis Bb is all. Nice piece of work.

Mar. 11 - King Super 20 tenor mouthpiece.
Right now it is a display piece...an artifact from a the jazz age.

How the vocal tract affects sax playing.

Mar. 8th - It's been a couple of days. I guarantee you I've been real busy. "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop."

Veseliyka - Balkan Music Ensemble is playing March 9th.

March 4th - For those of you who asked what kind of music we're talking about below, here's the answer:
Big Mouth - jazz, every other Monday at the Cafe Montmarte.
Nuggernaut - instrumental jazz, fusion, funk... play orginals as well as classics from the likes of Scofield, Headhunters, MMW.
Vibe Syndicate - R&B, soul - mostly originals and funky covers... featuring vocal talents of Carolynn Black.

Sorry folks, I already sold the Vito Tenor...only had it up for sale for a couple of days and someone snapped it up. I must have had it priced too low.

Sold the Meyer 7J Alto mouthpiece.

Looking for that Phat Sound?

Mar. 3 - Okay, this coming Thurs., Mar. 5, 9:30 - World Premier of Nuggernaut at Alchemy (formerly Wonder's Pub)

Sat., Mar 8 - Alchemy Bar Grand Opening (w/ Vibe Syndicate - 9:00)
Wonders Pub is now under new ownership and the name has been changed to 'Alchemy'.
Located at 1980 Atwood Ave., Schenks Corner, across from Doctor Sax.

Vibe Syndicate is playing the grand opening on March 8th so make sure to get out for that.
Also, March 6th a new band, Nuggernaut, will be playing there three Thursdays a month with Vibe Syndicate playing the other Thursday.
No cover charge. Come on in and feel the funk.

Mar. 2 - The price on the Conn 86M tenor has been cut another $100. This is the last price cut. The fellow is leaving town and if it doesn't sell at this price, he is taking it with him.

Both Yamaha altos have been sold. The YAS82Z and the YAS34II. He who hesitates....

Next up...a Vito (Yamaha) tenor, only $350.

Feb. 28 - Rahsaan Roland Kirk playing his flute to the zoo animals (starts around minute 0:43).

Feb. 27 - Tom Lachmund might play his contrabass clarinet at Mother Fool's on March 15 at 8 p.m.

Feb. 26 - Here's a fine Yamaha YAS34II intermediate alto sax which I got just yesterday...very good condition.

Why pay a sax teacher when you can earn money BEING A SAX TEACHER?!

Yet another mouthpiece, a Yamaha 4CM Alto Sax Mpc.

Feb. 25 - The Red Quartet is still at the Mercury Lounge, but instead of Thursday nights, they are playing Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Some of the reasons I like the old YAS-21's.

Repair to neck of Selmer Signet Tenor Sax.

Feb. 24 - Also I have a Dukoff D5 Super Power Chamber metal alto sax mouthpiece.

Feb. 23 -I've just put some mouthpieces up:
Brilhart Ebolin Alto Sax "5"
Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal) 5*
Selmer S80 Soprano Sax C*
Selmer-Paris Clarinet C*

I've upgraded the Exploded Sax diagram on my Musical Instrument Reference webpage. You can click on the diagram on that page and it will take you to a fairly high resolution PDF of the image. Or you can click HERE and go there directly.

The Yamaha YTS-31 tenor has been solde. Told ya so!

Feb. 22 - The Yamaha YAS-82Z is now in "pending sale" status, which means you are too late, that boat has sailed...or at least, the lines have been cast off and it is ready to sail.

The B&S Alto is still available.

Here's my newest saxophone test gear. Only problem is that it keeps removing the lacquer from all the horns.
What? You'll have to speak up, I can't hear you.

Feb. 21 - I'm sure you know someone who needs to read THIS.

Feb. 20 - I took off all the keys from the Buescher alto sax, polished them up as best I could, put new cork on 6-8 of the keys, cleaned the body, reassembled and adjusted it and now it is ready to go.
$285. Why $285? Because $285 plus Wisc. State Sales Tax is $300 total, if my calculations are correct. Or maybe it was $284.xx or something. Why quibble? If you are out-of-state, think of it as helping to cover some of the shipping cost. I can take pictures as soon as I can clear off a spot on one of my workbenches. It won't win any beauty contests, but it is a good-playing horn with a lot of new or near new pads.

Another $50 price cut on the Conn 86M Tenor

Here's a couple of cool Japanese mouthpiece webpages:
Alto Mpces
Tenor Mpces
...or just go to the Homepage ... there's a cool bamboo (I assume) mouthpiece pictured there.

Feb. 19 - The B & S company in Germany stopped making saxophones a year or two ago, so there aren't going to be any more and they are on their way to being a collector's item. But that makes it sound like they are display pieces. Well they aren't. These are great-playing horns that have found a lot of fans.
This may be your only chance to get this like-new B&S alto for under $1000.

I love this RPO poster.

Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax. Sudent horn. S/N 602044. Got it at a pawn shop in Austin, TX. Going to take the keys off, polish them. Clean the inside of the body out, Re-assemble it. Yours for 300 Semolians.

Feb. 18 - This is the last week to buy a raffle ticket for the Selmer Ref. 54 Alto Sax being given away in conjunction with the Freedom Fest. $5 per ticket or $20 for 5 tickets. It's a worthy cause aaaand....I think the odds are pretty darn good for you winning the alto. Don't ask me what the odds are though, nor how many tickets have been sold. I don't know. Drop by my shop and buy a ticket.

Feb. 16 - Harpguitar playing Baba O'Reilly.
And another Harpguitar video.

Feb. 15 - Hey Patrick, I finished repadding your Buescher C-Mel.

The owner of the Conn 86M Tenor sax has cut another $50 off the price.

Feb. 14 - Hello Young Lovers, however old you are.

Here's a YouTube video of a "Keyed" Didgeridoo. When I play the video, the sound and pix are out of sync.
The slow-motion footage of his lips reminds me of the Guild Mutants that pilot the spaceships in the "Dune" movie.

While I'm at it, here's another video of a Triple Ocarina.

Feb. 12 - Woo-Hoo! Madison has set a new all-time winter snowfall record. And it's still snowing. And maybe another 6 inches later this week. And who knows how much more later this winter.

The owner of the Conn 86M Tenor sax has cut $100 off the price for Valentine's Day.

Hey come on folks. Buy a raffle ticket to win a brand new Selmer-Paris Reference 54 alto saxophone...and help support Freedom Fest her in Madison.
I am selling tickets here at the shop...$5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.

Feb. 11 - I've got a wonderful, professional alto in. Check out this Yamaha YAS-82Z Custom Alto.
Bare brass, G1 neck, etc. It doesn't take a backseat to any horn.
The Otto Link mpce. below would go very well with this horn.

There's a Yanagisawa T901 for sale in Mt. Horeb, WI.

Feb. 10 - I've got an Otto Link Super Tone Master 5* Alto Mouthpiece for sale.

Also a King 613 Alto Sax for sale

Feb. 9 - Wheels for Winners continues the move process. Feel free to stop by (229 S. FairOaks, the corner of FairOaks and Atwood, around in the back) and check it out and/or lend a hand.

Presenting a Noblet (Vito) made-in-France tenor, for your approval.

Feb. 7 - I said it last week and I'll say it again this week...
Go out tonight and see Tony Castenada at the Samba Grill at 8 p.m. or the Red Quartet at Mercury Lounge at 9:30.
Be there, don't be square!

Is it true that the Yellowjackets will be playing at the Napierville Jazz Festival this summer?

I have an Aquilasax C-Mel neck for sale. Silver-plated, underslung octave key. It is straight instead of curved. If the geometry of your curved C-Mel neck makes it awkward to play, you should try a straight neck.

I know you don't come here for weather reports, but we got 12.5 inches of snow here in Madison, WI yesterday. That puts us at 73.6 inches for the season. Looks like it will be an easy matter to break the record of 76.1

I am building up my stock of Alexander Superial reeds. I'm trying to get Zonda reeds, but I keep getting back ordered!

I do have lock nuts for King Cleveland and King 613 saxes.

Feb. 5 - I find it hard to believe that these saxes are made in England, but that's what they say. Any chance the parts are made in Asia and they're assembled in England?

Feb. 4 - Here's a beautiful, old (1935) LeBlanc Rationnel Alto Sax.

Feb. 3rd -

Started the move process at Wheels for Winners

Here's some neat modern ocarinas.

Johnny Hodges playing his Vito sax on YouTube.
And another of Hodges.

Feb 1st, 2008 - Already?

I'm going to be gone sometime this afternoon, helping to unload and stow 2x4's and other lumber at Wheels for Winners' new location, 229 S. Fair Oaks Ave., the corner of Fair Oaks and Atwood, around in the back. We'll be building workbenches and bikes racks....doing some plumbing, electrical work, etc.... tomorrow, Sat. Feb. 2, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And the Sat. after, Feb. 9th, we'll be moving bikes and tools from old location to new. Stop by and check out the new space, lend a hand (if so inclined) or just some moral support.

These folks have a nice Kimball console piano for sale. Eastside Madison.

Have you seen the Samba Brazilian Grill yet? The stage they have set up for music is fabulous. Tony Casteneda's group was sublime. Seemed like I'd stepped into a deluxe New York night club.

And the Red Quartet was cooking last night at Mercury Lounge. The only problem? It was too dang crowded.

Jan. 31 -
Okay, I know it is cold out there, but whyn't ya get out and partake in some live music tonight?

The Red Quartet is at the Mercury Lounge at 9:30 on Thursdays. No Cover! Check out Tony Bauer on Alto.

Tony Castenada is at Samba Grill at 8:00 tonight. Again...No Cover! Check out Anders Svanoe on sax. If you're lucky, he'll play bari sax.
Who here likes Cal Tjader's 'Ginza Samba'? It's the theme music on Tony's show on WORT radio.

Jan 30 -
I have a very nice Conn 86M tenor sax in for sale. This is a newer, good-looking, clean horn. Keyed to high F#, tilting spatula bell keys, et. Easy to play, good tone.

Here's a cool, old-school Franz Metronome.

Jan. 29 -
Slide-Sax article by Paul Cohen

I have a very nice Conn 86M tenor sax in for sale. Pictures and description will be up eventually, but it is a newer, good-looking clean horn. Keyed to high F#, tilting spatula bell keys, et. Easy to play, good intonation.

Freedom Fest will be at the Overture Center for the Arts, Feb. 22, 2008
Rumour has it that Archie Shepp will perform.
They will be raffling off a brand new Selmer Reference 54 Alto Sax!
$5 per ticket or $20 for 5 tickets.
I have tickets for sale here at my workshop.
If you buy one ticket, you have a chance of winning.
If don't buy any tickets, you have zero chance of winning.

Jan. 28 - Here's a couple for Vito/Beaugnier fans.
First up, a lovely Kenosha Vito Alto Sax stencil, branded "Baldwin".
And second, a Beaugnier Bari Sax stencil, branded "SML".

Jan. 26 - Odd Music Gallery

Some Books I have for Sale.

Jan 25 - In my mind, this guy's rendition of "Stardust" evoked a crocodile at the water hole, killing time, humming 'Stardust', waiting for a zebra to stumble. I loved it.

Jan. 24 - Here's a great Yamaha Alto Sax (YAS-23) for the tyro in your life.

Jan. 23 - The Joe Allard Project.. One fellow says: "Joe allard is actually one of the most famous saxophone teacher[s] in the jazz world (people like Coleman Hawkins, Dave Liebmann, etc had lessons with Joe)."

Jan. 22 - Another 9 inches of the white stuff here in Madison.

Here's some pix of a neat Beaugnier alto. Extra trill keys, rimmed tonehole chimneys, micro-tuner neck.
Ce n'est pas le saxo de ton pere.

Jan. 20-
What do you think about this new scroll feature for 'Recent Events'?
If nothing else, it will make my Homepage fit on a single screen or two.
If it doesn't display properly for you let me know. It works okay for my web browser.

Here's an newspaper article about an essay on Sonny Red written by local sax player Anders Svanoe.

Jan. 19 - I am looking for a Yamaha EWI WX-11 and WT-11...the pair of 'em for under $500.
Any help out there? Or can someone repair the LCD on a WT11? Lemmeno.

Jan 17 - The Ambassador tenor sax is for sale. New pads, corks and felts.

Jan. 15 - I know, I've been remiss. Still trying to figure out how to rewrite my website.

Here's a very nice BundyII alto sax for the aspiring hornplayer.

Quoted from "The Golden Memories of a Saxophone in Houli"
"This unique half-worm, half-beast musical instrument extrudes royal elegance from its delicate lines on its exterior. Its bent mouthpiece likens a swan with beautiful curves; its flared horn likens a lily that is silently releasing fragrance. The entire saxophone leaves us with the impression of being both active and quiet at the same time."

Bloomington, IL - The Daily Pantagraph "How Time Flies" section:
75 years ago
Jan. 15, 1933: Harry Ploense, 24, was in the right place at the right time to save two boys. John Slava, 5, and Ronald Holm, 6, had fallen through the ice at Miller Park Lake. Mr. Ploense was out driving when he saw the boys in trouble, and pulled them out. All are reported okay.
John Slava was my dad.

Jan 10 - Just finished repadding a Buescher 400 Special clarinet.

Jan 9 - Who made this Ambassador tenor sax?
No mention of F.E. Olds, just "Ambassador USA".

I've got in an Otto Link Tone Edge Alto Mouthpiece...a 8*, for anybody (local) who wants to try it. Open, round chamber. Scooped-out sidewalls.
I will be getting in a Jumbo Java alto and an Ebolin alto soon, both fairly large tip openings, all are brand new pieces. So you alto players, take notice.

Jan. 4 - Recognize all of these cats on this 15 min. B&W video?

You can buy this Armstrong Heritage II Flute for $1050 direct from me. Open-hole, B-Foot, Solid Sterling Silver. New pads on the body. Ready to go.
I am putting it up for sale on eBay later today...probably at $1100.

Jan. 2 - Alto Sax neck genesis. Doesn't look all that hard.

Armstrong Heritage II Flute. Open-hole, B-Foot, Solid Sterling Silver. New pads on the body. Ready to go. I just don't know what the price is!

Jan. 1 2008
Check out the upcoming
Musical Instrument Museum.
All I know is that they will have at least one genuine Adolfe Sax saxophone.
Their goal is to actually open in Autumn, 2009.
Can anyone tell me where they have a good display of saxophones?


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