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LeBlanc Rationale Alto Sax

The owner of this horn has done some detective work and determined that:
LeBlanc probably added the lefthand F# between s/n 223 and s/n 430
And, they probably replaced the high F key with a pearl key somewhere between s/n 4xx and s/n 532

The top two rows of pictures are of the horn before I started working on it, using my new Nikon and photography lighting system and tripod.
The rest of the photos are while I am doing a play condition...regular lights, handheld camera.
I decided to do a play condition first, just to see what it sounds like.
Not sure how your browser works, but there is enough detail in the photos to see the green grunge around some of the toneholes and the dustbunnies under the keys.
Can you find the spring that worked itself loose and is halfway out of the post?

LeBlanc Rationale


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