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Pedler Bass Clarinet

Hard Rubber/Resonite


The pictures are below

Customer horn...not for sale. This puppy has been through the wringer. The thumbhook broke off taking a chunk of the body. Whoever glued it back on did a poor job. The bell engraving is very nice Art Nouveau (or is it Art Deco?). The heck of it though is the thing does play. Sounds good.



Picture 1. Lotsa engraving pix. Can you tell I like it?


Picture 2.


Picture 3.


Picture 4.


Picture 5.


Picture 6.


Picture 7.


Picture 8.


Picture 9. Thumbhook and post busted off.


Picture 10. Ain't pretty, but seems pretty solid...that's all I'm going to say.


Picture 11. The customer had to replace the screw rod in these keys. He used a rod with no threads. It works pretty well, but keeps working its way out. Ya just gotta push it back in periodically.


Picture 12. The octave mechanism always takes some thinking about.

Picture 13.

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