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Pan-American Alto Saxophone

No longer available, sorry

Here's the story. A fellow started to repad this sax many years ago, took off all the keys, took off the springs and screws. Put the springs and screws on a dresser or something. The kids go running through the house and knock the springs and screws off the dresser, down the cold-air register. Long story short, this sax has 3 long screw rods (I am guessing for the stacks and the bell keys), 1 short screw rod (for the Bb key, in place), and only 3 pivot screws. The flat springs are still on the keys, but all the needle springs are gone gone gone.

Lots of tarnish on the silver plate, but in good condition. Very few dents. Neck in very good shape. Gold wash bell.

Marked: 'A' for Alto; s/n P19177; 'L' for Low Pitch

Pan-American (Conn) Alto Sax


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