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F. E. Olds & Son
Parisian Alto Sax

Serial Number 24370

The pictures are below

Vintage F. E. Olds & Son Parisian Saxophone
Made by the Pierret Co. in France.

The engraving says:                              


Made in France by the Pierret Company.
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The "Parisian" horns are more sought-after than its later sequel, the "Parisian Ambassador" which was somewhat simplified, (e.g. lighter gauge brass was used for the body, posts instead of strong brackets in places, plastic buttons instead of mother of pearl) with the exception of the engraving which became more elaborate.
Compared to the later 'Ambassador' horns, these earlier 'Parisians' are a sturdier, more professional model.

This is a sweet-sounding, easy-playing alto sax. Made with French craftmanship, this sax was made in the Pierret factory by their skilled craftsmen for F.E. Olds & Sons of Los Angeles.
I was told this is a stencil of the Pierret "Competition" alto.
These Pierret horns are increasing in popularity.

I sold one of these the summer of 2008 to a Frenchman from New Zealand living in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
Here's what he had to say:

"I have received the Saxophone yesterday ...I am over the moon !!! This is exactly what I was looking for !..just perfect !!! I had a try this evening and after few couacs I have been able to get some very prometting sounds!..this is Love !...My week end is going to be very busy doing my first scales..can't wait! Thank you so much for your diligence and for your very friendly help...and for the "medical " care that you give to the sax and its shipping! ..I am so pleased!"

You can see that it currently resides in a green Bundy case with, yes thats right, orange shag carpet inside the lid.
While this case works find, I am looking for a replacement case that would better suit this horn.

Also, after I took the photos, I noticed that I had neglected to photograph the upper leg of the low D#/Eb keyguard which had been resoldered. I took a quick snapshot and added it to the very end of the photos.

Olds Parisian Alto Sax


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