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Olds Parisian Alto Sax

S/N 241xx (Doctor Sax stock #1027)

This refurbished horn costs only $xxx.00

Sold - June 2008

The pictures are below

Vintage F. E. Olds & Son Parisian Saxophone –

  Made by the Pierret Co. in France.

  Ready to Play

  The engraving says:



Made in France!

Serial number is #241xx.

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This was a sweet-sounding, easy-playing alto sax. Made with French craftmanship, I believe that this sax was made in the Pierret factory by their skilled craftsmen for F.E. Olds & Sons of Los Angeles. I was told this is a stencil of the Pierret "Competition" alto. These Pierret horns are increasing in popularity.

This was sold to a Frenchman from New Zealand living in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Here's what he had to say:

"I have received the Saxophone yesterday ...I am over the moon !!! This is exactly what I was looking for !..just perfect !!! I had a try this evening and after few couacs I have been able to get some very prometting sounds!..this is Love !...My week end is going to be very busy doing my first scales..can't wait! Thank you so much for your diligence and for your very friendly help...and for the "medical " care that you give to the sax and its shipping! ..I am so pleased!"

One foot of the Low C (#19) guard was loose and I had to resolder it. There were some scratches there from where the loose foot rubbed against the body. And the top foot of the low D# was resoldered by someone else.

The strap ring had a groove in it that was worn by a metal strap clip. I unsoldered the ring and turned it upside down. You can see a diamond shape in the original lacquer around the foot of the ring where this was relacquered as a consequence. If you use a plastic strap hook, the repair should last indefinitely. I relacquered the area afterwards.

There was a couple of ugly lacquer scabs at the bottom of the lower stack. I used the Dremel to buff off the nasty lacquer. I relacquered my resolder work and where I did the spot buffing with Nikolas lacquer.

I cleaned up the keys. There is some “brassing”…that is to say, some places where the nickel is worn through to the brass. I recorked all the keys and the mouthpipe (neck). Put on new felts (green!). And put in Feree’s riveted pads.

I pushed out some dents. There are some ripples remaining in the bow and side of the bell. You might not have noticed the one in the bell if I hadn’t told you. Or maybe you would have.

The sax comes with plastic neck plug and lyre (no idea if original or not). There is no mouthpiece. Case is included. It is an old hardshell, vinyl (I don’t think it is leather) cover case. Nothing special there...hinges, handle and latches work. The inside is not bad. I’ll pack it well and send it UPS if shipped.


This is a used instrument. Look at the photos and read the description. If it is substantially different from my description, return the horn within a week, in the same condition as I shipped it, and I will gladly refund your purchase price.


Picture one.


Picture two...engraving.

Picture three...another photo of engraving.

Picture 4...The bow.

Picture five - Upper stack.

Picture six - Strap ring turned upside down.

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