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Olds Opera Tenor Sax

Buffet Dynaction Stencil

This is wonderful French-made tenor sax is a Dynaction in sheeps' clothing. Not to be confused with the other Olds French made saxes, like the 'Parisian' (Pierret) and the Parisian Ambassador (Beaugnier. This is identical to a Buffet Dynaction in every respect except the engraving.

Repadded top to bottom with premium Saxgourmet pads.
This sax has the original Buffet screw-in domed metal resonators, except for the high D# (3) key.
This means that the pads are not held in place by glue which makes the repad process a little more challenging. These days, most repair techs float the pad on a bed of glue. Since there is no glue in this case, it is critical that the pans which hold the pads are flat and level.
All new corks (natural, not synthetic) and felts.

Check out the pictures below

The serial number is 36xx which I believe dates it to the mid-to-early 1950ís.

I had a local pro play this instrument and he said: "Great tone, very similar to a Conn 10. Big, creamy core to the sound. Very good intonation."

Sold - March 2007

I am really, really hoping that someone local will come in and try this horn out and decide to keep it before someone from the coast snatches it up.
Do you want a sax made in France in the 1950's or do you want one made in Asia?

Orginal lacquer shows wear as you can see in the pix.
The low D# key and tonehole were pretty heavily corroded, so I had to buff them up. I took a lot of care around the tonehole to make sure I caused no harm. I lightly dressed the top of the tonehole with a tonehole file to give a smooth surface for the pad to sit flat. I took a couple of pictures, but you can't really see it. It is plain enough when you look at it in person, but it isn't glaringly obvious.

The front lip of the bell must have taken a whack. I got it smoothed out pretty well, but you can still tell.

Olds Opera Tenor Sax
Buffet Dynaction Clone


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