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Comparison of Noblet Altos

Two similar Noblets, serial numbers less that 150 apart.
Engravings by different artists, different octave mechanisms.

My personal nickname for these horns is "The Face".
This is due to the face medallion appearing on the bell brace and neck.
Not sure who the face belongs to. Any help?

Here's a comparison of two lovely Noblet alto saxes. Both assumedly made in the Noblet atelier (usine?) in France. Proverbially just up (down?) the street from Selmer.
The first two pictures show them side by side
The next group is of serial number 8826
The last group is of serial number 8967

You may note that the engraving is markedly different between the two. 8826 is more profuse and floral, perhaps more Selmerish. 8967's engraving looks more typically Noblet to me...a little more geometrical and rounded, but still floral.

Despite the serial numbers being only 141 apart, you can also see that the 8967 horn (assumedly made later) has the tilting 'teeter-totter' style octave mechanism which is different from 8826
Finally, the side Bb and C linkage is of interest.

Both horns are for sale. I own the Noblet s/n 8967. It has new pads, corks, felts, etc.
The other horn (s/n 8826) is owned by a local musician. I replaced a few pads and tweak enough to play top to bottom, but it needs some more work...the low B and Bb are 'motor-boating'.
Both horns are very pretty and have great tone.

Compare Noblet Altos


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