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Noblet "Standard"
Alto Saxophone


This is a particularly sweet Noblet alto.
Handmade in France at the Beaugnier Atelier for LeBlanc, this horn is marked as their "Standard" model.
This is something that gets lost in translation. Instead of "average", think "Standard of Excellence".

First off, cosmetically, it is exceptional. The original lacquer has some minor flaws and virtually no play wear.
The nickel-plated keys show no wear.
I think you'll agree that it is a very pretty sax.

This Noblet came to me with the original factory pads which have the stock oversized flat metal resos.
(In fact, I feel comfortable saying this horn came with the original neck plug, lyre, Noblet "N3" mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature and case.)
The pads weren't in too bad of shape. To start, I replaced the lowest 5 pads, from low D# on down, and the side C key. It played well, but many of the rest of the pads were sticky and dirty, so I changed horses midstream and replaced ALL the pads.
I used Music Medic Precision pads and hand-fitted oversized flat metal resos on them, the better to match the original factory set-up and the better to cover the maximum surface area of the pad with a resonator.
I did use black kangaroo-hide pads on the G# and Bb to forestall any future sticking.
You can see the black Bb key pad HERE.

It has the original gold (colored) springs and has a light, fast key action.

The G# does have a sliding plate on the underside of the G# fingertouch that would allow you to disengage the articulation between the bell keys and the G#. Right now it is set to the standard default of having it so that when you press the low, C#, low B or Bb, the G# fingertouch is also depressed, so that the G# key opens unless held closed by the lower stack keys.
You can unscrew and loosen the plate, to slide it up and disengage the linkage to the G#.

Modern 'teeter-totter' octave mechanism.

As mentioned it comes with the original neck plug, lyre, Noblet "N3" mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature and case...as pictured. The case is sturdy and in good shaape, but it does have rust on the hardware (latches, hinges, etc.)

Noblet "Standard" Alto Sax


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