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Noblet Alto Sax
"The Face"

Serial Number 8826

Here's a similar Noblet Alto with new pads for sale.
Here's some comparison pix of the two.

SOLD - June 2008

The new owner says:
"I was able to get it out last night and play it for a while. What a nice horn! I haven't played all that many different saxes, but everything seems right where it should be. And I don't feel like I'm having to fight the horn, a new experience."
"Thanks and thank for the great work on the alto."

I did a quick play condition on this horn in order for customers to play test it.
It plays well through low B...the low Bb is a little uncertain, but can be played.
Has a great tone or timbre.
The playaction and regulation need to be addressed, and the hown could use a thorough cleaning.

I really like the little metal roller on the left-hand pinkie plateau. Ever since I broke my left-hand pinkie in a bicycle accident, I've had a little trouble getting back up from low Bb to low B. This little roller really helps.

Essentially, this horn needs a repad (except for the 4 I just replaced!)
Essentially, for $100 plus the price of a repad, you'd have an excellent, Made-in-France alto.

Check out the excellent engraving.
This horn could most likely be stripped of lacquer using just a hot-water bath. I am guessing it has nitro-cellulose lacquer which I have removed from other Beaugnier-built horns, simply by blasting it with hot water.
This would leave you with a beautiful, bare-brass horn. Check out the patina on the existing areas where the lacquer has been worn off.

This sax has an 'adjustable' right-hand thumbhook.
If your eyes are sharp, you can see that thumbhook is slighted dented into the body.
The bow brace (the spine at the bottom of the bow) has a dent. Looks like the brace did its job and absorbed most of the impact.
You can see the face emblem on the bell brace and the neck.
The original case is rather unique as well.

Noblet Alto


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