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Noblet 40 Clarinet

S/N 386xxx (stock #1022)

Sorry, this has been SOLD.

The pictures are below

You can now own a quality
Noblet 40 Grenadilla clarinet
For under $400

The cheapest new LeBlanc wooden clarinet, the Normandy 4, is $849 (discounted).
A Noblet 45, new, costs $1,249, discounted from list price of $1,749.

The instrument is a very nice, dense grenadilla wood. No chips or cracks. All new double skin white pads (from Feree’s), except for register key which is padded with new cork pad.


The nickel-plated keys were taken off the instrument and lightly buffed with chamois wheel and Nickel Key buffing compound. This removed the cloudy dull grey from the keys. There is a little of this left in various crevices, but I was more interested in using a light touch. None of the key finger touches have ‘brassing’ or nickel plate wear-through. There is small (3 mm) fleck of nickel plate missing from bell ring. There might have been another small place too, but I didn’t write it down and now I can’t find it.


The body was then cleaned by hand and treated with Alisyn Bore Oil inside and out. There are a few minor scratches here and there on the wood. All four pieces of the clarinet are marked with the Noblet symbol, “Noblet PARIS” in the television screen shaped box with an “N” in a circle sitting on top. The upper and lower sections both have the matching serial number “386xx"


The bell ring was loose. It was tightened using a special clarinet bell ring press.


All tenons have been recorked and fitted.


The keys have been recorked and repadded with Feree’s white double skin pads. Except the register key which has been repadded with a cork pad. Keys have been adjusted and regulated. I try to make the key travel heights a little low, thinking the cork will compress a bit over time. Action feels good to me, but I am (if anything) a sax player. Your local repair tech should be able to make any custom tweaks you might prefer with little difficulty.


Original (assumedly) Noblet Paris “2V” mouthpiece…tip and rails appear in very good shape with no blemishes. Minor scratches on bite plate and some wear (as from ligature) elsewhere. Mouthpiece has been recorked, ready to go. Ligature may not be original and mouthpiece cap definitely is not original.


Original case in very good shape. Has Noblet nameplate affixed to the outside. Exterior is in excellent, minor soil, very good metal reinforced corners. Good latches, handle and hinges. Red plush interior is in very good shape. Some soiling of upper compartment cushion where barrel joint and some of the keys/toneholes have made an impression in the upper cushion. Some minor soiling in the cutouts for the bodyparts. Upper music compartment lined with red vinyl is very clean.


Frankly, I do not know how to verify this is a model “40”. It was sold to me as a model “40” and it has the original Warranty certificate indicating it is a model 40. The certificate also bears the matching serial number “386xx”


If you find the instrument to be substantially different from description...like a crack in the wood or the pad I will gladly refund the purchase price upon return of the instrument in the condition you received it.
This is a used instrument so while it will not be pristine, it is in great shape.


I have put clear blue plastic tape on some of the corked joints...just to keep the cork clean.


The case is in good shape

It is too dark to see much of the clarinet here...just wanted to show the certificate.

The mouthpiece has been recorked and and fitted to the barrel. The cork here is covered with the clear blue plastic tape.

The usual suspects

Red case lining

Here is the seventh picture

Here is the eighth picture

Here is the ninth picture

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