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Selmer Mark VI
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number - 99720 (1962)

This Mark VI alto is on eBay now. The eBay "Buy It Now" price was $5,500...but it disappeared after the first bid.

Below is the verbiage that the owner provided.


I purchased this alto from Dave Hoskins (Junk Dude) in the summer (July) of 2003. I am the second owner of this horn. My good friend Doctor Sax in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin is selling this horn for me. Please direct your questions to him, or for more detailed questions, he will forward your email to me.

This horn was made in 1962 (99720) and is possibly one of the best playing altos you will ever play. This is a European, French engraved VI with a long bow, I believe. It has the distinctive French engraving. Likewise, the neck octave key has the blue background emblem, typical of European Selmers. And the faux crocodile-pattern case is also quite typical of the period.

The horn plays very FREE, full, powerful and spread (If youíve tried any VIís around 100xxx, you know what I mean). I prefer altos that sound deeper with more tenorish qualities. This horn has that. Iím mostly a jazz player, but this horn is also very well suited for classical music. I have used this horn on many recordings, including two albums recently recorded on ECM records. It is truly a player's horn that belongs to a player.

Here is the bummer. The logo is gone from the right side of the bell. Iíve included the horn description in 2003 from Dave at Junkdude. The description is more-or-less the same 5 years later although I'd rate the original lacquer more around 70% these days. I also added an epoxy key riser to the palm F key.

ďOriginal lacquer around 85%. Serial number 99720 dates this horn to 1962. This is a great playing sax which was professionally owned and maintained.
I picked up this horn from the estate of Dick Cauley who was a big band player, arranger and composer. He played in military bands in the 1960s and many different big bands all over the place through 2002. Dick purchased this horn new in 1962. The horn is in great playing condition. The body and neck have no dents or repairs. There is only one tiny ding and a small portion of the rim of the bell looks like it was straightened out. The engraving is down to the bottom of the bow. The neck is original but does not have the numbers stamped, but does have the last three digits of the SN written on the inside of the neck, which was a common practice. Now the bad news..for some reason, the Selmer stamp on the bell has been obliterated. The representative of the estate was a good musical friend of Dick and knew a bunch of history of the horns, but did not know why the name was burnished out. If you are looking for a horn to play rather than polish..this one may be it. Check out his matching tenor..1962, all original, with the same blemish.Ē

I might have two theories as to why the blemish happened:
1. Dick had to endorse another horn company and removed the Selmer logo in order to keep playing the VI.
     - OR -
2. Maybe there was something to do with import taxes since this was a French horn, possibly bought in Canada?
I havenít a clue, just wild guesses.

The good news is I have been in contact with the Selmer factory and they CAN re-stamp the bell, Thierry Doublon at Selmer told me they would have to "polish and re-varnish" the bell. Thierry suggested leaving the bell alone, which I agreed with him. I also asked if they could leave the bell bare brass, but he again suggested re-varnishing the bell. I'm guessing if you were peristent enough and speak French, you might be able to get them to just stamp the bell and leave it alone. Contact Thierry through the Selmer website if you're interested in pursuing this. His e-mail is: tdoublon@selmer.fr

The blemish never bothered me since the horn was such a fantastic player. If you are looking for a really great playing horn, this is the one.


That's the owner's write-up.
The pads are not new, but they are in great playing condition, sealing well. They've been replaced as needed.
The horn plays well from top to bottom. Easy to play...even the low notes at low volume.
With this particular Mark VI, the low notes have a particularly strong, full, resonate quality.
Key action and ergonomics are excellent. Intonation is very good.
Really, the only major fault with this horn is the obvious cosmetic issue of logo having been removed from the bell.
This is really a player's horn.

So...that's the story. Frankly, I DON'T want to sell it on eBay. I don't want to have eBay take a cut. I don't want to pack it and ship it. I want the eventual owner to play it first before he/she buys it. I don't want to ship it overseas where someone takes advantage of the weak dollar and favorable exchange rate.
But...it's gotta go, and eBay is probably the quickest way to reach the largest audience.

Selmer Mark VI Alto


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