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Here is my CHART of Metalite and Graftonite mouthpieces.
It gives tip opening measurements and other information.
The measurements are all subject to verification.
I carry them all, but I sometimes sell out of a particular facing.
Pictures of the Metalites are here.

Maybe you can help answer some questions about the Metalites.
The first picture shows the Metalites I got in, except for the one Bari Sax Metalite (M7) that is out being play-tested.

The Soprano Sax Metalites come in M5 and M7 facings.
The Tenor Sax Metalites come in M5, M7 and M9
As do the Bari Sax Metalites...M5, M7 and M9

And so, to the first question...why no alto Metalites?
If they can make soprano and tenor, why can't they make the one inbetween?
Or do they? I was told that they do not make alto Metalites.

The next question is:
What are the actual tip opening measurements of the Metalites?
And going deeper down a level...why should it be so difficult to find out what the tip openings are?
Is Rico/D'Adderio trying to make it a secret? Shroud it in mystery?
Shouldn't I be able to go to Google and type in: "Metalite tip opening measurements" and have the information I want show up in the first page of Google results? I mean...come on!
Here is my CHART of Metalite and Graftonite mouthpieces.
Isn't this something that Rico or D'Adderio should be providing?

Next question.
I think I can guess why they don't make a soprano M9.
But the next two pictures pose a different sort of question.
The second of the three pictures below, THIS ONE, shows that the original wording on the back of the box is covered by a sticker with new verbiage.
The NEXT PICTURE, shows the revisionist sticker peeled back enough to reveal the original wording on the package indicates that originally stated that the soprano Metalite boxes original said there were 3 facings for the soprano.
I got to assume this was some sort of snafu at Rico. I would hazard the guess that someone or some group in marketing messed up.
But there might have been some complicity in the production department. And if that is true, that means some executive type is not doing his job.
But I am "talking through my hat" here.

I wonder if the whole absence of alto Metalites is just another, different snafu.

But the mystery deepens...when I measure the tip openings of the soprano M5 and the soprano M7, they both measure 0.065".
This is despite the fact that each of the two soprano mouthpieces is embossed with the facing designator..."M5" or "M7".
I will grant you that my mouthpiece tip measuring gauge is accurate to +/- 0.002". And that if I use it carelessly I can get wildly varying readings. But I have measured these two soprano Metalites, M5 and M7, many times and keep coming up with .065.
So...what's up with that? Am I missing something?

The next mystery is...why did they choose such washed out colors and photographs to adorn the box?
Hard on the heels of that, comes the question, why are they changing the box graphics for the Graftonites?
Once again, I assume the marketing department is wasting money to fix something that isn't broken.

I am going to try to find out.

Also, I will soon take actual pictures of the mouthpieces so you can at least see them.
I know...it don't mean a thing if you don't have the chance to play 'em, but it IS nice to be able to see them.

December 10, 2009 -
Just read an advertisement for the Metalites where they state that Metalites "offer a medium-small chamber and come in 3 tip offerings - 3-short, 5-medium and 7-long ..."
This leads me to believe that the M3, M5 and M7 designators specify both tip opening and facing length.
I think I need to try measuring the facing length of these puppies.
The advertisement goes on to say: "Soprano are available in short and medium [facings]."
That being the case, I'd think they'd designate them as M3 and M5 facings instead of M5 and M7, which is what they are labeled.

Added some pictures of the old alto Metalites, which are not currently available.
They came in the following facings:
M5 - .080
M7 - .090
M9 - .100
M11 - .110
Rather large tip openings.

One correspondent told me:
"After reading somebody on the SOTW forum who said "this is the loudest mouthpiece ever", we did a test using a sound pressure level meter, and for each one of us, the metalite was a full 4 or 5 db louder than any other mouthpiece we had."

Modern (2000's) Metalites


Old (late 1980's) Metalites


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