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Metalite Pictures

Want an idea what the Metalites look like?
Pictures are below.
I pose some unresolved questions about the Metalites here.
A CHART of Metalites (and Graftonites) is HERE

You can see the distinctive pebbly grey texture of the exterior of the mouthpiece.
I assume these are made of polycarbonate plastic, same as the Graftonites (and the same as my eyeglasses).
The baffles of the two mouthpieces have slightly different surface markings. I sssume the markings are tooling marks on the mold for each different facing that transfer to the mouthpiece. I further assume that these mouthpieces are straight from the mold, no finish work being done on them. This can be a good thing in that they should be very consistent.

I used two Bari Sax Metalites for the pictures, the smallest tip, M-5, and the largest, M-9.
The Metalites (and the Graftonites) have a sort of raised table or reed bed on the bottom (in playing position) of the mouthpiece where the reed goes.
I sort of expected to see a visual difference in that reed bed at the tip comparing the M-5 vs. the M-9.
But I didn't really see the difference.

Looking closer you can see that there are essentially 4 ramps that make up the baffle.
The hardest to photograph is the fourth ramp which looks like a little tab, almost looking like it is glued in there. But I don't really think it is glued in there, I think it is molded.

The mouthpieces do not come with ligature or cap, but they use the same size ligature as the Graftonite mouthpieces.

Rico Royal Metalites


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