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"The Martin" Bb Tenor Sax

S/N 171279 (Doctor Sax stock #1013)

This horn has been sold!

The pictures are below

Green-Eyed Monster


“The Martin” Bb Tenor
SN #1712xx (1949)
Stock No. #1013
This horn is a monster (in a good sense). It is a great “The Martin” tenor with soldered-in beveled tone holes, adjustable thumbhook and all the rest of the great Martin features. A real solid Martin horn.

All new pads, corks and felts. Ready to play.
Ferree Rivet Pads treated with Sax Gourmet Teflon Pad Spray
(Sax Gourmet website says “We have used this amazing product on all of our overhauls for the last two years, and never have customer complaints about pad sticking.”)
The “Green-Eyed” business refers to two things. The first refers to how your friends will look once you get this horn. The other refers to the custom keyguard felt bumper holders. (The secret of the fabrication of these holders is a closely held secret.) When I got the horn it just had cork glued to the low C, B and Bb keyguards. It is the second one I've gotten like that. When the keys hit the cork they made a gawdawful ‘clunk’. Not Acceptable! I fabricated the pictured keyguard felt bumpers which work great and look really good (IMHO).

The lacquer is relatively good for a 50+ year old horn.

Now I list the idiosyncrasies of the horn:
- Slight crease on nearside of bell
- One foot of low C keyguard pushed in slightly and resoldered. Key closes just fine though.
- Minor ripple near high F key. High F key tone hole resoldered and relacquered
- Dent work has been done in the bow
- One foot of bell keys keyguard resoldered
- Other minor dings commensurate with horn’s age.

Comes with a sturdy vintage hardshell case. Exterior black, interior red plush somewhat soiled.

Now’s your chance to get that “The Martin Tenor” you have waited for so long.

Ready to play…new pads, corks & felts. Adjusted and regulated.


Picture one - Irish eyes are smilin'.


Picture two...entire horn.

Picture three...engraving.

Picture 4 - Top o' the horn to ya.

Picture five - Dentwork in the bow...ouch.

Sixth picture - Neck..."is solid, like hammer, yah!".

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