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Martin Imperial Tenor Sax

S/N 3003xx (stock #1020)


The pictures are below

New pads and corks…ready to go.
This is your chance to own a classic American tenor at a reasonable price.
Only $525
(Did you know a repad alone can go for $400 or more?)


SOLD to a local guy (Baraboo) August 2006
He also owns a Dolnet alto that he let me work on.

                    Engraving says:


Original lacquer Saxophone

Status –
    - All new Feree’s rivet pads treated with Saxgourmet “no stick” spray.
    - All new corks and felts…except for the neck cork which was fine. I didn’t want to replace it just for the sake of saying it has all new corks.
    - Adjusted and regulated
    - Good, original lacquer…some speckling…wear marks around strap hook and back of sax where it rubs again clothes.
    - Still…a very pretty sax – very solid with characteristic Martin soldered-in beveled toneholes. A lot more solid than most cheap imports.
    - Made in the USA
    - Assumedly original case (with Martin emblem). Emblem is bent, as though one edge caught on a shelf or something. Faux crocodile print. Poor cosmetic shape, but solid enough.
    - Very smooth positive key action.
    - Neck plug is white plastic with an “M” on it. May be original Martin neck plug?

General info about Later Martin Imperial
    This is NOT the Martin Handcraft Imperial made in the 1930’s, but rather a later Imperial made in the ‘60’s

Problems –
    - Dent between #2 keyhole and octave pip…it has been pushed out, but consequently a bump below it now.
    - Rollers on #18 & #19 don’t roll
    - Feet of the Low C (19) Keyguard were pushed in, but have been pushed back out approx. 90% of the way. I would have had to unsolder the bell from the sax to get it the rest of the way.
    - Other small dents/ripples elsewhere, mainly in bow and bell…all superficial

Return Policy – If you find this horn to be materially different from the description above, I will gladly refund the sale price of the horn. You will have to repack it and pay for the shipping back to me, but I will promptly reimburse you the final auction price of the horn (including shipping cost to you).


Picture one - Foot of keyguard looks worse here than it really is..


Picture two - To get a good picture of engraving, the scratches were also enhanced.

Picture three - See...scratches de-empnasized here, but brass color is too light.

Picture four - Good color, de-emphasized scratches, but looks like ripples in bell lip. Not true...reflection of overhead banks of fluorescent lights..

Picture five - The whole ball of wax.

Picture six - Flipside. See the strap ring scratches.

Picture seven - Dentwork in bow, looking worse than it does in person.

Picture eight - Close bow picture.

Picture nine - 'nother bow picture

Picture ten - Pinkie key cluster, neck & case.
Edge of case emblem is bent.

Picture eleven - Case emblem again.

Picture twelve - Neck, stack, palm keys

Picture thirteen - Sax, neck & case.

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