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Martin Medalist Alto Sax

S/N 794xx (Doctor Sax stock #1005)


The pictures are below

Vintage Martin Medalist Alto Saxophone –

  This horn has been sold!

  Ready to play…new pads, corks & felts. Adjusted and regulated.

  This would be a great horn for a beginner.

Note: both the body and the neck have the same s/n on it, but the neck also has a “D” appended to it (794xx D). I have no idea what that is about.

All new pads, corks, felts. Fully adjusted and regulated.

Classic Martin features: adjustable thumbhook, ergonomic upper thumbrest/octave key. Characteristic Martin soldered-in beveled tone holes.

Easy bell key action…you don’t need a Hulk-handed left pinkie to get the bell keys to close, like some horns. For that matter, the entire horn has a snappy, smooth action.

The finish has a lot of wear, this horn has its share of use in the last fifty years, but for all that, not a bad-looking horn. Some dings and ripples in the bow and elsewhere, but nothing too bad. Check out the pictures.

Comes in a nice, green Bundy case. No additional charge to you for the green color. ?


Picture one.


Picture two...upper stack, neck.

Picture three...palm keys, neck

Picture 4 - thumbhook.

Picture five - Front of the bow.

Sixth picture - Back of the bow.

Seventh picture...lower stack.

Picture 8 - lower.

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