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Martin Handcraft Alto Sax

City Skyline, Searchlights

S/N 122xxx (Doctor Sax stock #1001)


The pictures are below

Vintage Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone

  Made in Elkhart, Indiana

  Repadded...ready to play

  This one is a relacquer. It is a high quality relacquer and it looks like it has never been played since it was relacquered.
This has the great Art Deco engraving of City Skyline, Searchlights, Airplanes...
...also heard it called "Mars Attacks" engraving. Not sure why...something to do with Martin/Martian?
My notes say this was made in 1937, but I want to double-check that.
It can't be made the same year as the Old Imperial w/ s/n 111xxx, can it?


This Horn has been sold, sorry.

The lacquer looks new...only marks are fingerprints from handling it.


Picture one .


Picture two


Picture three.


Picture four.


Picture five.


Picture six.


Picture seven.

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