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"The Martin" Baritone Saxophone

Veteran of the front lines

Sorry...this Martin Bari has been sold.

This is a "The Martin" or Committee Baritone sax. It has the Martin soldered-in toneholes.

This horn has been relacquered.

They said this horn played when they sold it to me, but it had a lot of problems. I put a ton of time into this horn...extensive solder repairs, etc. It plays like a champ now, a bottom end that won't quit.

This one is serial number 214244. The neck has the matching serial number. That dates this horn to 1962. It was made in Elkhart, Indiana. "The Martin Baritone" is engraved on the bell.

The neck and the upper part of the horn, where it loops around is in good shape.

The case has been through the mill. It has a stencil on it as you see in the picture. Some of the case hardware has been replaced. It is pretty solid, it would work fine if the horn is just sitting around. It would probably work lugging the horn to gigs, but eventually it will have to be replaced.



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    Picture 15

    Picture 16 - The keyguard foot on the left in this picture has been resoldered.

    Picture 17 - This post was resoldered

    Picture 18 - Both feet of the low C guard have been resoldered.

    Picture 19

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